Executive Committee

Tyler Miller

Tyler Miller

UC Santa Barbara
President – president@wacuho.org

Dave Keller

UC Santa Cruz
President-Elect – presidentelect@wacuho.org

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Jen Novotony

Cal State Monterey Bay
Vice-President – vicepresident@wacuho.org

Jenna Hazelton

San Diego State University
Treasurer – treasurer@wacuho.org


Melissa Silverman

University of California San Diego
Secretary – secretary@wacuho.org

Rachel Stice

University of the Pacific
Member at Large – North – northmal@wacuho.org

Steph Kaneen

Cal State Northridge
Member at Large – Central – centralmal@wacuho.org

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Kate Hsieh

UC Irvine
Member at Large – South – southmal@wacuho.org

Crystal Lay

UC Berkeley
WACUHO Task Force on Equity and Inclusion, Chair- equity_inclusion@wacuho.org


Christopher S. Young

UC Santa Barbara
Senior Technology Coordinator – tech@wacuho.org

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Erica Sherese Little

Scripps College
Junior Technology Coordinator – tech@wacuho.org

Todd McGregor

University of California, San Francisco
Marketing & Communications Coordinator –communications@wacuho.org


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