Advisor Checklist

So you’ve signed up for Central RAP?

Well then get ready for a fantastic experience of fun and leadership! Before you join us make sure to go through this Central RAP checklist. It should answer just about any question you might have, but if it doesn’t please do not hesitate to contact us!


Visit the registration page for more info:



Check out the Central RAP 2017 Facebook Page! Have your delegation “like” the page.

  • Once the website goes live we will post it on FB!
  • We will use this page to send information to your delegates.
  • Say hi and announce your institution.
  • The video competition will be taking place on it too (see below)!
  • Have delegation members submit a program proposal to present their programs at Central RAP.


Program Submissions

Visit the Presenter Proposal page for more info:

  • Program submissions are due on October 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM.
  • Notifications for accepted proposals will be sent out on November 6, 2017.


Spirit Guidelines

More info coming soon!  Please visit the Spirit Guidelines page at


Best Practices from Advisors Before You


  • Determine what funding is available to you. 
    Be mindful about what you can and cannot pay for and what all you should consider (ie: meals not included at conference, snacks, transportation, philanthropy, etc)


  • Be realistic about the amount of people you register.  There may be people who drop at the last minute.  
  • Pay attention to registration deadlines so that you can be sure to plan accordingly.
  • You will need to have your registration payed for by the time you attend the conference. 


Delegation Meetings

  • Set up delegation meetings to discuss needs, spirit guidelines, and conference overall
  • There is often not a lot of time from when students sign up and when the conference takes place.
  • There is a lot to prepare before you attend and you will probably need multiple meetings with your student delegates.
  • You will want to have a list of deadlines and tasks to complete so you can delegate this amongst the students attending.


Social Media

  • Check out the Facebook page as this has a lot of information you will need and is frequently updated by the pro staff who are coordinating the event. 
  • Some of the spirit points come from SM, so be active.
  • You will submit things on SM, so stay up to date.



  • Determine what your transportation needs are: cars, vans, bus, etc.



  • Lunch and snacks are provided at the conference
  • On the day of the conference, you should provide the delegates with a light breakfast (i.e. cereal, granola bars, water/juice boxes, etc.)
  • If you have room in your budget it is good to get small snacks for the students for the bus ride or throughout the day. L
  • It’s a long day, so food is good.



  • Get/make shirts for your delegation if you are interested.. Once you know your budget and how many students are attending then you can place an order if budget permits. Be sure to get sizes from each student attending. Shirts are considered part of the costume and part of the overall spirit competition. However, the students may also want to attend other accessories to extenuate this.
  • Get SWAG. Schools give away items of SWAG to other attendees.
  • Make a video. This is based on the year’s current theme and other guidelines are outlined by C-RAP committee. Details and submission deadlines are on the Facebook page.
  • Philanthropy – Each year the conference identifies a charitable cause/organization as part of a philanthropic effort. Considering your budget, timeline and student interest you will be able to determine how/what you are able to contribute. For example, in 2011 it was a Women’s/Family shelter and they requested toys for donation. Up to date information will be outlined on Facebook.
  • Program Submissions – Not all students will take advantage of this opportunity, but you should let them know that they can submit an applicatio to present a program at the conference.