ACUHO-I Foundation Regional Cabinet Regional Cabinet Representative Position

ACUHO-I Foundation Regional Cabinet Regional Cabinet Representative Position Description
Last Reviewed: March 2014 Originally Approved: April 2013 Last Revised: April 2014
The ACUHO-I Foundation Trustees, working in concert with the ACUHO-I Executive Board, realigned its structure and operations to more actively engage the ACUHO-I membership in fundraising efforts. The Foundation is looking for individuals to represent each of the regional associations on the Regional Cabinet.
WHAT IS THE TIMELINE Regional Cabinet Representatives will serve a minimum of one two-year term. Regional representatives may serve additional terms should leadership of both the Regional association and Foundation trustees support reappointment. Regional Cabinet Representatives are nominated by regional association leadership by October 1. Foundation Trustees make appointments based upon nominations during their October board meeting. Vice Chair of the Regional Cabinet will work with regional leadership to notify appointed Regional Cabinet Representatives. Regional Cabinet Representatives terms of service will begin on January 1 of year one and expire on December 31 of year two. Information regarding meetings can be found below.
WHAT IS NEEDED FROM THE REGIONAL CABINET REPRESENTATIVE A sincere interest in helping the ACUHO-I Foundation advance its fundraising efforts. A strong network of connections to members and corporate partners from within the region. A record of lifetime giving to the Foundation of at least $250 or more along with an annual contribution of $100 while serving in this role. Previous fundraising experience is helpful, but not required.
WHAT YOU WILL DO AS A REGIONAL CABINET REPRESENTATIVE Regional Cabinet Representatives serve as liaisons of the ACUHO-I Foundation at their region’s annual conference and engage in educational and fundraising efforts to support the ACUHO-I Foundation. Regional Cabinet Representatives will work at the regional level in an attempt to raise at least $2000 at their regional conference.
o A $125 budget is provided for each Regional Representative for use at their annual regional conference. These funds may be used for a raffle gift, prize basket, decorations, candy, etc. There is an expectation that raffle proceeds will exceed the amount of money spent.
o Representatives will be required to have a call with a member of the Central Office at least two weeks prior to the regional conference and all funds collected must be reconciled within two weeks following the regional conference and a follow-up call with Central Office staff must be had to verify all reconciled amounts.
o An after action report is due to the Vice Chair of the Regional Cabinet within two weeks of the completion of the regional conference.
o Requests for additional fundraising may be requested from the Foundation trustees based upon specific needs and campaigns (i.e. 25th Anniversary Campaign) Regional Cabinet Representatives meet quarterly via conference call to discuss upcoming conferences, best practices in regional outreach, and discuss unification of efforts. Regional Cabinet Representatives attend two board meetings per year. One meeting is held in late January at a site that is determined each year. The other meeting requires early attendance at the Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE). Travel and lodging expenses are paid for by the individual (or institution/region when funds are available) with the exception of meals provided during meeting times. Regional Cabinet Representatives, as good stewards of the Foundation, will contribute at least $100 annually while serving on the Cabinet. Regional Cabinet Representatives will participate in the Annual Conference and Exposition silent auction through scheduled work hours, personal donations and/or solicitation of gifts.

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