WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color

The WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color (WNPOC) is proud to work towards also creating influential spaces and opportunities for professionals of color within the Association, amongst many otherobjectives. While strides in the direction of equitability has been a commitment for the Association, along with its executive leadership, the work must continue and must be prioritized as a top priority as the new executive team enters their volunteer roles. Therefore, I am seeking support to expand a new network
within the Association. The proposed network would be tentatively called, WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color. The Network would serve as the premiere intentional space for professionals of color to maintain a strong voice at the table within the Association and in turn create spaces for the multiple intersectional identities that professionals of color within the Association authentically bring to
every environment.
This network is inspired by the Women of WACUHO (WoW) and the strides they have made from its inception to today. Although the WoW supports and advocates for a marginalized population, but with any space participants of color within WoW still struggle with their validity within those spaces. The WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color will be a committee working for the full inclusion of professionals of color within the Association, the Division of Student Affairs, and Higher Education,
while also affirming and committing space–through affinity subgroups–for queer and trans professionals of color, womyn and all along the gender spectrum, professionals of color with disabilities, and undocumented professionals of color. The Network centers itself for those that are marginalized within Higher Education.

2017-2018 Committee Chair:

John Rodriguez

The WNPOC committee values collaboration and will need other Association committee representation,
updates, and voice, in order to effectively attain its goals. Therefore, we will be looking for involvement,
partnership, and collaboration from the following, but not limited to: President’s Task Force on Equity
and Inclusion, Women of WACUHO (WoW), and Equity and Diversity Awareness (EDA).
WNPOC Goals:
● Providing necessary and adequate spaces for professionals of color within WACUHO;
● Respond proactively to national news and combat the trickle down outcomes that impact the
Association’s professionals of color;
● Develop and mentor professionals of color within the Association;
● Create opportunities to advance professionals of color to leadership roles within Higher
Education (similar to Escaleras initiative from NASPA);
● Ad-Hoc to the Executive Committee/Board reporting straight to the Association President;
● The committee serves as a member(s) of the Association’s Executive Committee/Board;
● Operationalize a sustaining budget as an Association’s annual Fiscal Year line item;
● Report directly to the Association’s sitting president;
WNPOC Next Steps:
1. Submit a formal request to the Association’s President, Tyler Miller, to officially create the
WACUHO Network of Professionals of Color (WNPOC).
2. During the time the Association’s Executive Committee will take to meet to vote on the proposed
committee, the WNPOC Co-Chairs will recruit committee members.
3. Establish the committee’s first conference call with the President’s Task Force on Equity and
Diversity, WoW, and EDA.
4. Establish the committee’s first conference call for the committee members. During which time,
the committee will goal set and create action steps for the year.
5. Begin implementation on the first drive-in conference opportunities. The goal is to have each area
within the region hold drive-in opportunities to ensure Equitability.
6. Begin implementation of establishing webinar opportunities;
7. Submit formal request for the initial $400.00 with the goal of operationalizing the committee’s
8. Seek alternative funding sources as needed;

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