Executive Director, Housing, Dining, Hospitality Services, University of California San Diego

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Executive Director, Housing, Dining, Hospitality Services, University
of California San Diego

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The Executive Director for Housing, Dining, Hospitality Services is
responsible for the administration of the campus’s six colleges
undergraduate housing, graduate, married students, and faculty housing
facilities; the dining services at each of the residential colleges,
medical school, and Campus Catering; and the related maintenance and
repairs and custodial services of all housing and dining facilities.

The housing facilities accommodate 11,000 single undergraduate and
2,700 graduate/medical students, 400 faculty/staff for rent housing
units, and over 1,000 dependents (400+ building and 5,700,000+ ASF of
facility space) in a 24/7/365 day work setting.

The dining services facilities provide 33,000 meal transactions per
day (10+ million transactions annually) to students, staff, faculty,
visitors and conference attendees. As a self-supporting operation (no
State or Federal Funds) marketing and customer service strategies must
be applied to generate sufficient income to cover $168M in expenses
and debt services which in part comprises 700+ career and 800+ student

The Executive Director is responsible for planning and implementation
of the short, mid and long term housing and dining plan for UC San
Diego in support of the vision and mission of UC San Diego and its
leaders. Indirectly responsible for all services purchased from campus
and non-campus support services including but not limited to
residential life, purchasing, data services, mail services, security,
grounds, and both new construction and on-going renovation of housing
and dining facilities.

Qualifications and Experience
Please see job description on UCSD Jobs.

Institution/Department Description
UC San Diego, one of the world’s leading public research
universities, located in beautiful La Jolla, California, is currently
searching for an Executive Director for Housing, Dining, Hospitality
Services (HDH). The Executive Director will report directly to the
CFO, have a strong working relationship with the Chancellor, and be
expected to provide overall leadership and strategic direction for a
large and complex organization responsible for creating a
transformational living-learning environment.

Moving away from a traditional housing and dining program, the
Executive Director will grow the portfolio from 15,000 to 25,000 in 10
years and to deliver a unique experience through mixed-use activated
building, innovative programming, campus-wide partnership, and
exceptional customer service to 35,000+ students and broader
university community. This is a unique opportunity to build and shape
what will be the largest university housing portfolio in the country,
and an integral piece to the $2B total growth investment that will
change the face of the campus for generations to come.

Housing Dining Hospitality (HDH) is a self-funded, large and complex
campus department consisting of 7 divisions, with more than 700 staff
employees, 700-800 student employees and an annual operating budget of
$150 million. HDH provides housing for approximately 15,000
undergraduates, grad students, faculty, staff and their families in
over 400 buildings and approximately 5.3 million sq. ft.

Currently, HDH houses 38% of UCSD’s enrolled students with a goal of
housing 67% within 10 years and creating a vibrant living and learning
community. This means that HDH is in the midst of an unprecedented
expansion, adding on average over 1,000 beds a year in world-class
facilities as part of a $2 billion expansion that will see the unit
double in size. HDH also provides maintenance and repair, contract
meals/meal plan management, as well as retail food service, conference
services and catering services to student residents, faculty, staff,
and campus visitors.

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