Institutional Membership Registration

WACUHO Institutional Membership 2017-2018 

The Western Association of College and University Housing Officers invites you to renew or consider initiating a new membership with WACUHO for the 2017-2018 academic year.  We are managing our membership through RegOnline again this year.

You can renew by clicking here or browsing to

WACUHO’s Purpose

WACUHO is dedicated to supporting regional campuses in providing exceptional collegiate residential experiences by promoting meaningful connections and providing innovative, relevant professional development and services to our members.   Membership in WACUHO provides access to all functions and conferences of the association at a discounted member price.  Your institutional membership supports WACUHO’s continuing efforts to produce quality programs, provide incentives and scholarships for participation in WACUHO programs, and to acknowledge outstanding achievement and potential through regional awards.  To achieve these aims, your institutional membership supports our many committees and task forces in addressing the needs and issues of our profession, including:


Northern RAP
Southern RAP
Central RAP
New Professionals Connections

Mid-Level Managers Connections

Women of WACUHO regional drive-in conferences
WACUHO Annual Conference


Click here to see a full list of WACUHO Committees.

Important Membership Registration Instructions (Please read carefully):
1. Membership is INSTITUTIONAL, not individual.  Each campus establishes only ONE membership per year.  The only exception to this is for private housing programs which are not operated directly by the campus; these programs must establish their own membership separately from the institution.

2. Anyone may use RegOnline to establish/renew WACUHO membership.  However, please use the Chief Housing Officer’s (CHO) name when registering your institution for WACUHO Membership.  Use of the CHO’s name allows us to maintain a voting list and prevents duplicate membership registrations from the same campus. If you are not the CHO, there are additional fields at the end so that we can capture your contact information.

3. WACUHO prefers check payment for membership and programs, but payment may also be made with a credit card through RegOnline’s secure payment portal.  Those who pay with a check may print an invoice to use when submitting a check request to their university finance office.  Those who pay with a credit card may use the invoice to document their credit card expenditure.

4. WACUHO has attempted to include all colleges/universities who have been members or may be members in our institutional drop down menu.  Please search for your institution name on the list and select it with your registration.  This helps us to avoid duplicate registrations for each campus.  If your campus or program is not listed, please email the Treasurer at so your institution may be added.

5. Click the “JOIN NOW” button located at the top right corner of this page to begin! (You will need your RegOnline password used to register previously for Institutional Membership or WACE).

Prices are based on the number of occupied spaces you have for Fall 2016

0-1000 beds $100
1001-2000 beds $200
2001-4000 beds $370
4001-6000 beds $550
6001-8000 beds $750
8001 beds and up $900

If you encounter difficulties, please contact our treasurer, Jenna Hazelton at 619-594-8717 or

Jenna Hazelton
WACUHO Treasurer

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