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Fall 2011

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Letter From the president


It’s amazing how fast time flies with another academic year already upon us. For semester schools, your students have hopefully settled in, while students at quarter system schools are in their first few weeks. Just a few months ago, we were celebrating our 55th anniversary of our WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition (WACE) hosted by University of San Diego. It’s even more amazing to know that our 56th WACE will be upon us in 5 ½ months!!!

For those new to the region and association, I want to officially welcome you to WACUHO where “we are all family.” If you haven’t attended a WACE, I would highly encourage you to consider attending WACE 2012 so you can experience the professional development and networking opportunities WACUHO offers to its members, and even more, feel the family-like atmosphere and WACUHO spirit so many appreciate and have come to love. If you aren’t able to attend WACE 2012, there are many other opportunities for you to connect and get involved such as attending Western Training Institute (WTI) and Pacific Management Institute (PMI) which are usually 1-2 day conferences.

The WACE 2012 Conference Committees are quickly getting up to speed for the conference April 1-4, 2012 in Pomona, CA hosted by the University of Redlands and Cal Poly Pomona with the theme, “Redefining Basics: WACUHO at the Fair.” Conference Co-Chairs Kris McPeak (Chico State University) and Laura Dorfman (Cal Poly Pomona) have been hard at work meeting with the Conference Committee chairs to prepare for WACE 2012. In the coming months, information will be sent out regarding both WACE registration and program session opportunities. I hope we can make WACE 2012 an event we’ll be talking about for years to come!

Additionally, we have our RAPS occurring in the fall targeting our student staff and student leaders. Northern RAP will be hosted by University of Nevada, Reno on Saturday, November 12, 2012. Central RAP will be hosted by CSU Channel Islands on Saturday, November 12, 2012. And Southern RAP will be hosted by Soka University on Saturday, November 19, 2012. I encourage our WACUHO institutions to support these programs by sending a delegation of student staff and student leaders from your university.

It’s not too late to get involved on other WACUHO committees as well. Simply visit and then fill out the 2011-2012 Committee Appointment Request Form. You’ll be contacted by Josh O’Connor, Vice President, letting you know who the chair(s) are and how to contact them.

Finally, ACUHO-I is coming to CALIFORNIA! The ACUHO-I Annual Conference will be held in Anaheim, CA on July 7-10, 2012. If anyone is interested in participating on a committee (your choices are: Local Arrangements, Exhibits, Host, Programs) please send me an e-mail at to let me know which committee you would like to be on, and I will forward your request on the appropriate person.

I’m looking forward to an exciting year for WACUHO, its members, corporate partners, and vendors! There will be many opportunities for you to get involved and contribute to WACUHO’s success. Here’s to a great 2011-2012 year!!!


Dr. Dana Pysz
WACUHO President

Photograph of Dr. Dana Pysz, WACUHO President

Letter from the vice president

Get Involved! WACUHO needs YOUR help!

Hello WAUCHO Association:

I am pleased to inform you that as of the beginning of October 2011, we have 197 volunteers serving on committees! However, some of the committees need more help!

We have 4 committees without chairs:
1. Conference Services
2. Food Services
3. Support Services
4. Substance Abuse

Would you be interested in stepping up as a chair?

The following committees need more members:

1. Conference Services
2. Facilities
3. Food Services
4. Island RAP
5. Nominations
6. Placement
7. Support Services
8. Substance Abuse
9. Sustainability Issues
10. Technology and Information Systems

For more information on each of these committees, please visit To sign up for any of these committees, please provide your information via the Committee Appointment Request Form. As always, WACUHO continues its strong traditions through volunteerism. Thank you so much for your continued service to WACUHO.


Josh O'Connor
WACUHO Vice President


This year’s conference theme, “Redefining Basics: WACUHO at the Fair” reflects our desire as an organization to focus on what really matters in our work and in the Association. With the development of our new WACUHO Strategic Plan, we have redefined the basic foundations of our association: professional competency, resources, meaningful connections, leadership development, and volunteer service. Reflecting this in our conference theme conveys a focus on how to be great at the work we do and how to find satisfaction and balance within that very important work. WACUHO is a unique family that can have fun together and learn from each other, and we want to strike that balance with this conference.

We are very excited to go live with the Call for Programs on December 15, 2011. In keeping with the theme, we want to encourage presentations that Redefine the Basics of what we do. We are especially interested in sessions about best practices, theory-to-practice, professional competencies, efficiency, morale, and job satisfaction.

The Host Committee is working on getting the conference registration up and running so we can launch it with our fabulous website in late November! The conference is at the Sheraton Hotel at the Pomona Fairplex with excellent accommodations and meals. We are still looking for more committee members – here is what you would have the opportunity to work on:

  • Registration
  • Food/beverage
  • Social activities
  • Accommodations
  • Hospitality Suite
  • Liaisons with New Pros committee
  • Volunteer coordination

Interested? Submit the WACUHO Committee Appointment Request Form and select "Host Committee".

We are so excited to be able to “Host” you April 1-4, 2012, so SAVE-THE-DATE!!

Our conference committees met October 10th at the site to begin planning this monumental event! Stay tuned for more updates and check the website periodically for new postings!

Laura Dorfman and Kris McPeak
Annual Conference Co-Chairs


The ACUHO-I Foundation has been, is, and will be there to assist with your professional development. The Foundation provides support for the growth of the profession by providing financial assistance to members which allows them to attend professional development events such as the James C. Grimm National Housing Training Institute (NHTI), the Chief Housing Officers Training Institute, and more. Additional scholarships recognize “the best” presentations at regional events, as well as the ACUHO-I Conference Series events, and allow those presenters to expose their ideas and concepts to a broader audience at the ACUHO-I Annual Conference and Exposition.

This year, the program entitled FORUM Up was selected the Best of the West at WACE 2011. The three presenters: Jacques Zalma, Sunny Reiner, and Ko Kowashara from UC Santa Barbara will represent WACUHO and be invited to present their program at the 2012 ACUHO-I Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE) in Anaheim, California July 7-10, 2012. Each presenter will receive a scholarship to help defray the registration cost for the conference.

The work of the ACUHO-I Foundation is possible due to the contributions of hundreds of housing professionals like you. Click here to learn more about the ACUHO-I Foundation and how you can contribute.

Pacific management institute updates


Our committee has started working on the 2012 Pacific Management Institute to be held at UCLA. PMI is a two day workshop held for mid-level and aspiring mid-level professionals who work in all areas of Housing and Residential Life. The Institute will take place from Thursday, March 1 to Friday, March 2, 2012 hosted by UCLA and located at the Hilgard House (624 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024). There will be more information to come regarding institute themes and scholars in the upcoming months. The committee is working extremely hard to make this a great experience for all those who attend. Mark your calendars now!! March 1-2, 2012. We hope that you will be able to attend!!

Noah Kaloostian and Emily Sandoval
Pacific Management Institute Co-Chairs

save the date for wti 2012

Mission:SUSTAIN U!


Identifying Resources to Sustain Yourself, Your Department and Your Career

January 29-February 1, 2012 Westminster Retreat Center – Alamo, CA

The Western Training Institute (WTI), sponsored by WACUHO, is a three day workshop held annually for professionals who work in all areas of housing. The WTI Committee has been working hard on creating an innovative approach to the upcoming WTI 2012. The theme will be Sustain U! WTI 2012 Identifying Resources to Sustain Yourself, Your Department and Your Career. The committee is currently working on reviewing resident scholars that will best explore these areas to maximize the participants’ experience.

This year’s WTI committee has decided to move the institute North to the Westminster Retreat Center in Alamo, California. Alamo is off Highway 680 between Walnut Creek and Danville.

The committee will continue to work on details for WTI 2012, and we hope you can join us. More information is forthcoming, including the website, resident scholars, and registration information. For more information or to join the WTI Committee contact

central rap updates

“To Be Chosen Above All Others”

Are you ready for Central RAP 2011? This year we will be holding Central RAP at the beautiful CSU Channel Islands campus on Saturday, November 12. Our theme will revolve around the popular Green Lantern series with our tagline being “To Be Chosen Above All Others”. For more information be sure to “like” our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you in your best Green Lantern attire on November 12!

northern rap updates

NRAP finally has a home!

Just in case you have been under a rock, knee-deep in a slew of fall preview shoes or simply (and quite believably) busier than ever taking care of our various communities, NRAP 2011 will be hosted at University of Nevada, Reno, on November 12th! Ka-ching! Consider that our virtual applause!!

Your committee is excited to give you a couple updates:

  • Registration cost is lower than ever, thanks to UNR and their great on-campus relationships. We understand that the distance to travel to this year’s location might prove difficult for some, so we hope that with $17 per attendee, your funding can be put towards the travel needed to get you to the place of “Big City Dreams”(this year’s theme).
  • If you haven’t already, like us on our Facebook page and look out for updates there. Send the link to your fabulous students because there will be oodles of ways to get spirit points on Facebook too.
  • Our official website can be found on the WACUHO site, by clicking here.There you will be able to register, submit program proposals and much more.
  • Calling all vibrant student leaders, staying true to what has been a successful history of student keynote speakers, we are on the lookout for inspiring applicants interested in being the keynote at NRAP 2011.
  • No conference can happen successfully without idea sharing in the form of program presentations and roundtable discussions – students and professionals please consider presenting a session or facilitating a discussion to help add spunk to NRAP and of course don’t forget the opportunity to rack up spirit points too!
  • The real dream come true for our conference, however, is the community service project. Being mindful of the journey some will have to take to attend NRAP, it was important to give attendees a variety of options to participate in philanthropy. There will be opportunities to donate time and/or materials and hopefully keep it local! Details will be available online.

To wrap things up (pun intended) we are counting on you to help spread the word! We know the RAPs occur in a short span of time and sometimes e-mails can be overlooked – so if you have a chance to send on the information and help reach our goal of getting 500 leaders on the UNR campus that would be great!

Contact each other and stay connected! Many schools are willing to join financial forces and carpool to UNR, so please feel free to open up that discussion on the WACUHO Forum.

Important Dates:

  • Keynote Speaker Applications due: October 24 (applicants notified November 4)
  • Program Submission deadline: October 24 (notifications sent on October 31)
  • Registration deadline: November 3

Tiffany Taylor
Northern RAP Committee Chair

southern rap updates

The southern region of WACUHO is proud to announce our 2011 Southern RAP. This year, Southern RAP will be hosted by the beautiful campus of Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, California on Saturday, November 19. We are very excited for our theme, Homegrown Heroes, with the concept sprouting from our initiative to encourage local environmental awareness for our communities and serve as champions in these causes to better our planet.

The following heroes inspire us:

  • Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
  • Mohandas Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”
  • Daisaku Ikeda (founders of Soka): “The world is yours to change”

We have an official Facebook page for Southern RAP and we encourage you to join it! Promote the conference to your staff and students. We also need you and your students to become the heroes and heroines of SRAP and present! Click here for the call for programs.

Please be on the lookout for registration and more information on keynote speakers, specific conference details and philanthropy. Registration will be $30 for delegates and $35 for non-delegates. Parking will be free for all cars and busses, and the view will be amazing! Please get your institutions excited and thinking about spirit for SRAP 2011. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We’re all "homegrown heroes"… We hope to see you unite at Soka University of America!


The Southern RAP Committee

time & place committee news

Curious where WACUHO may take you in 2013 and 2014? As I write this article, the Executive Committee is considering two bids for a hotel conference in San Jose in April 2013. Look for an update in the next WAVES for the date and location. Maggie Malagon from Santa Clara University and Philippe Cumia from San Francisco State University have agreed to co-chair this conference! Thanks to Maggie, Philippe, Mako Ushihara (Santa Clara University) and the UC Davis ACUHO-I Intern, Alison Woodworth, for all of their hard work to get us to this point. I’m excited about this opportunity and I think you will find it a great location regardless of which hotel we end up choosing.

Following our old pattern of going north one year, and south another, we will be in Southern California for WACE 2014. Our committee members (Ben Medieros-Santa Clara University, Jen Sicienski-UC Berkeley, Rick Hagan-University of San Diego, Augie Galvan-Cochise College, and Philippe Cumia-San Francisco State University) will work with a meeting planner to find a location and hotel. Look for updates sometime next year.

WACE 2013 and 2014 needs your help! As you know, the annual conference is only as good as our WACUHO volunteers. We have great people at our member schools, and we need you! One of the things I love most about WACUHO is that if you don’t know how to do something, there are many resources to help you learn. There is the Leadership Manual which offers policies, practices and historical information. There is the Executive Committee which consists of seasoned professionals as well as the “up and coming” leaders in our field who love to help our committees be successful. And there are our members, who are happy to share their perspective and experiences to make each year’s conference a success.

If you would like to become involved, you can email me at and I’d be happy to share my past experiences with chairing a WACE. For WACE 2013, the call for committees will go out sometime after the first of the year, or you can contact Maggie or Philippe. For WACE 2014, we are looking for host institutions. Ideally we’d have a host school near the hotel site, but we’d consider other configurations.

Ramona Hernandez
Time & Place Committee Chair

legislative affairs and research committee benchmarking survey

Some exciting news from the Legislative Affairs and Research Committee: Member institutions are invited to participate in the 2011/12 room and board rate survey. A link to the survey and instructions have already been sent to all chief housing officers. If your institution hasn’t already received this invitation email, please contact Tim Trevan, Legislative Affairs Committee Chair, at

The committee is excited to launch this survey for the first time in many years and believes it will provide WACUHO members with valuable data with which to make planning decisions. In truth, the data being collected covers a variety of topics beyond just room and board rates, including operational issues such as staffing and budgeting. We believe this data will be extremely valuable to WACUHO members, and we’re excited to be initiating such an important service.

The goal is to have this data available to member institutions to help you with decision making at your university and in your housing operations. Many housing programs in the WACUHO region informally or formally benchmark within specific networks or systems, but we believe having a repository of room and board data from all WACUHO institutions will be a great resources for our members.

The survey will be available through October 31, 2011, and will take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. We understand that some questions may not apply to all schools or that some information may be considered too sensitive to provide in a public forum. If you can’t or would prefer not to answer any question, you may feel free to leave it blank.

The committee plans to have results available to member institutions by early December. At that time, CHO’s will be emailed specific instructions on how to get access to the compiled data. We also understand that you may have benchmarking questions that aren’t addressed on this year’s survey. The last question provides an opportunity for respondents to let us know how the survey can be improved. We will be using information from this year to shape future years’ surveys. We look forward to your feedback!

Again, please contact the Legislative Affairs and Research Committee with any questions or comments at

Tim Trevan
Legislative Affairs and Research Committee Chair

got judicials/conduct?

Of course you do, we all do! The Judicial Affairs and Student Conduct Committee is off to a great start and looking forward to providing the region with more resources in the realm of Judicial Affairs and Student Conduct. After all, how often are you stumped with finding a creative sanction for a violation, or looking to tap into colleagues for suggestions and best practices, particularly for those unique incidents?

This committee will be utilizing the new WACUHO Forum and writing articles for the WACUHO blog to ensure that we are brining you the most current topics impacting the world of Student Conduct. Please sign up so that you can be included in the conversation. Additionally, we are looking to forward to implementing a drive-in conference that focuses on areas of Student Conduct – look to the Forum to suggest topics and/or speakers. And let’s not forget the WACE conference, this year we are looking to bring a judicial/conduct track for all to enjoy.

Does all of this sound amazing? We thought so, yet let us not forget one very important part. You can still be a part of this greatness. Yes, you! Simply fill out the Committee Appointment Request Form, sheet select the committee(s) you would like to join (but make sure to select Student Conduct & Judicial Affairs) and submit it…and like magic … tada … you are a part of the greatness!

We hope to see you soon!

Christine Jordan and Jacques Zalma
Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs Committ
ee Co-Chairs

academic relations and residential life committee news

The Academic Relations and Residential Life committee had their first committee meeting at the beginning of October. The purpose of this committee is “to promote academic integration into the residence hall environment through the use of computer technology, academic related programs, and on-site academic services.” This year, the committee is looking to focus on academic integration into residence halls and looking at the partnership with academic affairs. To do this, the committee will be researching the creation and implementation of living-learning programs, themed housing, and special interest housing throughout our region to look at the best practices that our WACUHO region has established. The committee hopes to compile data and present their findings at WACE 2012. If anyone has interest in this topic, or has other ideas for topic areas, we are still looking for committee members---all are welcome!

Emily Sandoval
Academic Relations and Residential Life Committee Chair

new professionals committee news

The WACUHO New Professionals Committee is off to a great start! Co-Chaired by Chad Meyers, Occidental College and Brian Rountree, University of Redlands, our committee is responsible for helping with the development, networking opportunities and mentorship of those professionals who are new to the field. The committee is privileged to have support from the large team that makes up its residence life and housing professional members.

Our current project is to begin enrolling WACUHO members in the mentorship program. This program works to pair new professionals with those with more experience in the field. We define a new professional as someone who has been in the field for three years or less. Throughout the year, we plan to advance the mentor/mentee relationship by asking participants to correspond through meet and greets (if distance permits) or over the phone and online. The committee will also work to plan the annual mentor and mentee breakfast at the 2012 WACE conference at the Pomona Fairplex. WACUHO members are highly encouraged to sign up to participate in this program. Click here to signup as a prospective mentor, and click here to signup as a mentee!

Additionally, the New Professionals Committee works to provide professional development and socials for those who are new to residence life and housing services. Though these may be strained due to our various locations, it is the plan to initiate more professional help and provide some social interaction besides that done at the annual conference.

Though WACE is months away, we have already been thinking of ways to better incorporate new professionals into the conference. We will be keeping the new pros social at the conference’s commencement, facilitating Night on the Town and the Mentor/Mentee event for mentorship. We are excited to look into furthering the activity of new professionals at WACE and hope to create additional opportunities for amusement and networking!

Finally, we award new professional scholarships to the annual conference and we hope to start the application process for this in late winter/early spring. We understand that the conference can be expensive for some individuals/institutions, but WACUHO feels it is necessary to have new professionals active and engaged in the association. For this reason, we will award those select individuals who possess the utmost leadership and enthusiasm with scholarships to attend the conference.

We have had a blast so far and can’t wait to get you all involved with some of our initiatives and programs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments or advice. We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Chad Myers and Brian Rountree
New Professionals Committee Co-Chairs

equity and diversity awareness committee news

Greetings fellow WACUHO Friends and Family!

The Equity & Diversity Awareness (EDA) Committee is off to a very exciting start for the academic year. Due to the renewed energies and fresh ideas from our fabulous committee members we have developed a wide range of goals for the year. We are excited to share our ideas and goals for this year:

  • We are planning on creating a central resource of what worked and what didn’t work regarding social justice, equity, and diversity programming and training to provide to other colleagues in the region. We need your help! Please send us any and all resources/materials you may have (i.e. articles, books, websites, speakers, etc.) so that we can begin building our collection that will benefit all of WACUHO. If you are interested in providing information for this project please contact Michele Davis.
  • We are looking forward to supporting and working with the other WACUHO Committees. We’ve already begun to communicate with the Northern, Central and Southern RAP Committees regarding recognitions for presentations that highlight issues of diversity. We anticipate seeing some great work come from our students!
  • The committee is really interested in the drive-in one day conference idea, but understands that there are some definite obstacles to overcome. The EDA committee would love to collaborate with any other WACUHO committee thinking about doing a drive-in conference, please let us know if you are interested.
  • Another great idea is to create an equity/diversity track at the WACE or WTI conferences. We plan on contacting the respective committees to discuss this option and the viability of moving forward.
  • Thank you to everyone that attended the Diversity & Dessert Social at the WACE conference in June! We were happy to kick off the conference and couldn’t have done it without your amazing participation. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the future.
  • Keep a look out for information on scholarships and our Annual Conference plans in future WAVES issues.
  • Find us on Facebook! In an effort to keep each other abreast of issues and ideas that we are confronted with on a daily basis, our committee has created a Facebook page. If you would like to be a part, find us at “EDA -- WACUHO”.

Clearly we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are very excited to be working with all of you! If the EDA Committee can be a resource to you in any way, please let us know.

wacuho welcomes new assistant technology coordinator

The WACUHO Exec Committee would like to welcome Jason Lu to the Technology & Information Systems Team as Assistant Technology Coordinator! This is a two-year appointment where Jason will assume the Senior Technology Coordinator position next year after Chris Williams’ term ends. Jason comes to the team from Cal Poly Pomona University Housing Services as a Residence Life Coordinator. He is a Student Affairs Professional AND a technology “guru”—a real plus for our association. Jason has a lot of knowledge and experience in utilizing technology in our field and he is an excellent addition to the team.

As a reminder, this position is in a response to the ever-growing demand the Association has for utilizing technology in our everyday business. More and more, we are looking to be able to share ideas, discuss problems, solutions and network even quicker. What better way than through Facebook, forums, Twitter and the web? The Executive Committee structured the Technology & Information Systems Team to function in the following way: a two year appointment begins with the Assistant Technology Coordinator role in the first year, advancing to Technology Coordinator and Executive Committee ex-officio member in the second. There will be two individuals total, one for each role, filling these two positions in one given year. As per the by-laws, the Assistant Technology Coordinator will not receive any Executive Committee travel reimbursements if he/she decides to attend an Executive Committee meeting.

Jason and I look forward to continue bringing relevant technology to the Association in addition to maximizing our current resources! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Technology & Information Systems Team by emailing

Chris Williams
Technology and Information Systems Coordinator

placement committee news

Greetings from the WACUHO Placement Committee!

Our committee is super excited to serve the membership this year--we have the potential to do great things! Our first task is to submit an article to WAVES and if you are reading this then we have been successful! Our goals for the year include helping the members feel connected and providing job search tips and opportunities. We thought it would be helpful to share the dates for the placement exchanges for the 2011-2012 year. There are so many and we thought we would help you organize a little.

Placement Opportunities:

Websites You Should Check Out:

We would like to know what you want from us! Perhaps we could provide advice on the dos and don’ts while job searching? We could review resumes? Host an advice and/or mock interview booth at the WACUHO conference? We are open to ideas. Please e-mail us at Did you know that the Placement Committee has a Forum? Each month our committee will post forum topics and we would love to see the membership respond! We currently have 3 members on our committee. While we are small and mighty, we would love to have more people power. If you are interested in joining the Placement Committee or any committee, please fill out the Committee Appointment Request Form on the WACUHO website.

Mark Brice, Yoo Mi Choi and Crystal White
Placement Committee

Apartment and community living committee news

The Apartment and Community Living Committee is planning to have a presence at conferences all over the state this year. Our goal will be to start with roundtable discussions to see what issues our students and professionals are facing in non-traditional housing settings. Based on the feedback from our roundtable discussions at conferences like NRAP, we are excited to put together program proposals for the WACE conference and other professional conferences.

WE NEED YOU!! To be successful in our goals, we are looking for more committee members. Please use the WACUHO Committee Appointment Request Form and sign up today!

The purpose of our committee is to provide an opportunity for Association members involved in the affiliated part of the housing program such as family student housing, graduate housing, single student apartments, theme housing, Greeks, cooperatives, faculty & staff housing and off-campus/community housing operations to network and share ideas on meeting the housing needs not met in traditional undergraduate and graduate facilities.

Danny Hyche
Apartment and Community Living Committee Chair

join the technology committee!

Hey everyone! My name is Jason Lu and I am your new Technology and Information Systems chair for 2011-2012! I am excited for everything that this committee will be doing this year, but this committee still needs more members. If you are interested please visit our committee's website. Feel free to send this link to anyone else that might be interested, and encourage them to join. Thanks for joining and I cannot wait to e-meet you all!

new staff at cal poly, san luis obispo

The Residential Life and Education office would like to welcome 9 new Coordinators of Student Development to the department:

Erin Berreth– Erin joins us from St. Catherine University where she worked as a Complex Coordinator and received her Bachelor’s degree. Erin earned her Master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University.

Tim Bethune– Tim comes to us from San Diego State University where he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and worked as a Front Desk Security Manager.

Laurel Eby– Laurel joins us from Fort Lewis College where she worked as a Residence Director. Laurel earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from DePaul University.

Briana Enriquez- Briana is coming to us from University of Redlands where she worked as Residence Hall Coordinator and earned both her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.

Allison Keuch – Allison joins us from University of Central Missouri where she earned her Master’s degree and worked as a Leadership Residence Hall Director. Allison received her undergraduate degree from Concordia University, Wisconsin.

Michael Korona – Mike comes to us from University at Buffalo, SUNY where he received both his Master’s and Bachelor’s degree and worked as a Residence Hall Director.

Andrew Lopinot – Andy is coming from Case Western Reserve University where he worked as an Assistant Second Year Coordinator. Andrew received his Master’s degree from Kent State University and his Bachelor’s from Southeast Missouri State University.

Rachel Rebar– Rachel joins us from Northern Arizona University where she received her Master’s degree and worked as a Graduate Assistant Residence Hall Director. Rachel received her undergraduate degree from Eastern Washington University.

Christina Tutt –Christina comes to us from the University of Nevada, Reno where she received her Master’s degree and worked as a Graduate Resident Director. Christina received her undergraduate degree from Cal State, Chico.

dora college program receives suicide prevention honor

Screening for Mental Health, Inc. is proud to announce that the Suicide Prevention Resource Center/American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has listed the DORA College Program in Section III of the Best Practices Registry (BPR) for Suicide Prevention. Programs in the BPR address specific objectives of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and we are honored to join this respected list.

The DORA College Program is currently in place at more than 100 colleges and universities nationwide. The suicide prevention program uses a peer-to-peer model to teach students the signs and symptoms of depression and suicide and how to get help for themselves or a friend. When students are in distress, they often turn first to a friend or roommate before a counseling professional. The DORA College Program provides students with the tools required to respond effectively and potentially save lives.

Please read the press release to learn more about this exciting honor.

Jason Marshall
Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

Write for waves!


My name is Kelly Cole and I am from UC Davis. I am excited to serve the Association as the new WACUHO Newsletter Editor. I hope that you find the content in the newsletter informative, energizing and engaging! WAVES provides you a wonderful opportunity to communicate with the entire Association. Please consider submitting updates about your committees and your institutions! Submitting an article for WAVES can further your professional development or allow you to share a fresh perspective with the membership.

The WAVES submission deadlines for the year are as follows:

  • Winter WAVES: January 27, 2012
  • Pre-Conference WAVES: March 2, 2012
  • Spring WAVES: April 20, 2012

Email article submissions to You are also welcome to contact me to submit suggestions or feedback.

Looking forward to a great year,

Kelly Cole
WACUHO Newsletter Editor

Affirmative Action Statement

WACUHO recognizes the benefits derived from the inclusion of diversity in the Association. Significant contributions are made by members from all areas of higher education and at every level of responsibility. The quality of perspective and experience shared by our members, inclusive of ethnicity, age, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation, or differing abilities, adds a dynamic that enriches the character of the Association. WACUHO encourages all to actively participate in its programs, events and activities.

Copyright © 2011 WACUHO. All rights reserved.