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fall 2012

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I write this greeting to you on the heels of a few weeks of travel and visiting with family, friends, and the friends who may as well be family. Charli and I were lucky to attend the wedding of my sister in NYC at the end of September and despite the fact that temperatures were a very unseasonal 80 degrees we were still able to appreciate the beauty of tree leaves starting to turn and fall from their branches. Soon after, the entire Executive Committee had the pleasure of being hosted by CSU Channel Islands in a gorgeous area of the state that has so much more to offer than the outlet mall that most cite when you mention Camarillo. Why we have not hosted WACE in that area in my 16 years in the region is a true mystery. I am looking forward to more travel in the month of November when I head out to attend RAPS at UC Irvine, UCLA, and UC Santa Cruz.

The first few months of my tenure as WACUHO President has been full of moments that were accompanied by a suitcase, a smile, and ultimately some new Facebook friends when all was said and done. WACUHO was the local host region for the 2012 ACUHO-I Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE) in Anaheim and we were well represented by many in our region who not only attended ACE, but also volunteered on various ACUHO-I committees to help make ACE a huge success. A very special thank you also to your members and Corporate Partners who so graciously gave their time and resources to help us hold a successful regional reception at El Torito in Anaheim that boasted an attendance of over 170 people. We pushed some boundaries and were a bit unconventional by going off site – but in the end being innovative paid off.

Innovation continues to be a mantra of the Executive Committee and our organization as we spent the summer working on beta testing some new technologies and services that we hope will make the business of WACUHO more user friendly and seamless. You may have noticed that the Leadership Manual (otherwise known as the ever dynamic working document of WACUHO) has undergone a facelift and is now presented at as a WIKI. What is a WIKI, you ask? According to

“A wiki is a Web site that allows users to add and update content on the site using their own Web browser. This is made possible by Wiki software that runs on the Web server. Wikis end up being created mainly by a collaborative effort of the site visitors. A great example of a large wiki is the Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia in many languages that anyone can edit. The term "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian phrase, "wiki wiki," which means "super fast."

I invite and encourage you to check it out when you have a few moments and let us know what you think. It is currently in beta testing form and any changes that are submitted need to be veted by our Tech Coordinator.

We will also be launching what we are calling the WACUHO Presidential Blog which will be a an arena for us to share and encourage dialogue on topics that are important to our ongoing success as an Organization, housing professionals, and good community members. It is our hope that this blog will allow us a venue to continue the conversations and relationships that we all crave and look forward to when we are able to connect in person. The blog is located at and we are interested in opening the blog up to our entire membership—so, if you fancy yourself a pundit on a particular topic or issue and would like to contribute to the blog please contact me at or

Just a reminder that WACE 2013 will be held at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA the first week in April. The theme will be WACE 20.13 Upgraded: Search, Connect, Share. Keep your eyes on as we get closer to the end of the calendar year for more info regarding registration.

In Community,

Staci Buchwald
WACUHO President

Northern rap update

NRAP has a home!

Just in case you have been under a rock, knee deep in a slew of fall preview shoes or simply (and quite believably) busier than ever taking care of our various communities, NRAP 2012 will be hosted at University of California, Santa Cruz, on November 17, 2012!

The planning committee is excited to give you a couple updates:

Social Networking: If you haven't already, like us on Facebook and look out for updates there. Send the link to your fabulous students because there will be ways to get spirit points just by staying active in the group.

Website: Our official website can be found here. Using our website, you can register, submit program proposals and much more.

Registration: With a reasonable registration cost of $25 per attendee we hope to see you all at The NRAP Boardwalk: A Real Residential Life Experience! Registration is live and waiting for you here.

Keynote: Calling all vibrant student leaders, staying true to what has been a successful history of student keynote speakers, we are on the lookout for inspiring applicants interested in being the keynote at NRAP 2012.

Community Service Project: Santa Cruz has a relatively large homeless population. As a way to give back to the community, we will be partnering with the Homeless Services Center. We recommend schools bring donations of "wish list" items listed on our website.

We are counting on you to help spread the word! We know the RAPs occur in a short span of time and sometimes e-mails can be overlooked – so if you have a chance to send on the information and help reach our goal of getting 500 leaders on the UCSC campus that would be great!

Stay connected! Many schools are willing to join financial forces and carpool to UCSC, so please feel free to open up that discussion on the WACUHO chat options online.

Important Dates:

Keynote Speaker Applications due: October 29, 2012 (applicants notified November 2nd)
Registration deadline: November 2nd

Can't wait to see you there!!!

Jenni Plueard and Jesse Andrews
Northern RAP Committee Chairs

southern rap update

SRAP [ser-rap] – Noun – Also known as Southern RAP (Residential Activities and Programming)
1. The Southern RAP conference is an enthusiastic, interactive and engaging conference where WAUCHO Member schools in the Southern Region (From San Diego to Pomona and Las Vegas) send paraprofessional staff from residential life departments to interact, exchange ideas, and share differences.

The Southern region of WACUHO is glad to announce our 2012 Southern RAP conference will be hosted at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), located in Orange County, on November 17th. UC Irvine is thrilled to have the opportunity to host SRAP again and to be able to share the Irvine spirit once more, Zot! Zot!

Our theme for Southern RAP this year is 2012: A SRAP Odyssey because in student housing it's all about "mattering." We want delegates to come dressed to the space theme and be as creative and out-of-this-world as possible. The stars are the limit when it comes to our student staff and their efforts to make a difference in their residents' lives every day and we want to highlight that drive.

Come prepared to show your institutional spirit and pride! The Institutional Spirit Award will be given to the school that outshines all the others in the following aspects of the conference:

Nametag: We want to know who you are and where you are from! Dress it to the theme and show what makes your school unique.

Costume: Coordinate with your delegation to dress in space theme attire!

Roll-Call Video: It is time to get your creativity going to create your role call video for 2012: A SRAP Odyssey. Consider the theme that we all matter and anything is possible as you construct a 90 second video to be screened at the conference.

Philanthropy: We are partnering with two organizations this year, Think Together and the City of Maywood College Fair. Collect school supplies at your school and bring them to the conference. Don't forget to bring your school swag too!

Check out our Southern RAP 2012 website here for more detailed information about the conference and our Facebook page.

Registration is now open! Registration will be $30 per delegate for affiliated universities and $35 for nonaffiliated universities.

Parking will be paid for by the Southern RAP committee! More information on transportation to come on the SRAP website. Please get your institutions excited about SRAP 2012. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

"We are all out of this world!" We hope you launch off at the speed of light and we'll see you real soon at the University of California, Irvine!


The Southern RAP Committee

WACE 2013 Update

We are excited to announce the theme of the WACE 2013 conference. “WACE 2.013 Upgraded: Search, Connect, Share”, reflects our desire to use technology in meaningful ways to further our organizations’ goals in searching for innovative solutions to our roles in student housing, connecting to encourage and support our profession, and sharing programs, services and activities.   With the redefinition of the role that technology plays in our professional lives and in our students’ lives, we are bringing forward resources, meaningful connections, leadership development, and volunteer service. Reflecting the location of our conference, we are looking to upgrade the ways we are looking at professional skills, education and training in our daily interaction with the multiple facets of technology in the residential experience. WACUHO is a social network that like all software applications need upgrades and enhancements

We are planning to go live with the Call for Programs on December 15, 2012. In keeping with the theme, we want to give special encouragement for presentations that highlight the technology initiatives of the profession. We are especially interested in sessions about best practices, theory-to-practice, professional competencies, efficiency, morale, and job satisfaction. 

The Host Committee is working on getting the conference registration up and running so we can launch it with our fabulous website in late November! The conference is at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose, CA with premium accommodations meals and programs.  As we continue with the planning phase, we are looking for conference volunteers to assist with the following:

- Registration
- Food/beverage
- Social activities
- Accommodations
- Hospitality Suite

Interested? Email Cindy Derrico at to sign up for Volunteers =)
We are totally excited to “Host” you April 7-10, 2013, so SAVE-THE-DATE!!
Stay tuned for more updates and check the website periodically for new postings!

Maggie Malagon and Philippe Cumia – Annual Conference Co-Chairs

Leadership Manual: "Wiki-Style"

As the President Elect, one of my responsibilities is to maintain the WACUHO Leadership Manual. Some of you reading this may remember the Leadership Manual was a big ol' binder that you received at the 8am Committee Chair Orientation on Wednesday morning of the WACE conference. Others may have experienced clicking on the Leadership Manual link on the WACUHO page and waiting a couple of minutes as almost 200 of pages of information was transferred to your desktop....and scrolling through trying to find what you were looking for. And a few of you may be asking yourselves.....what the heck is the Leadership Manual? Let me tell you what it is and changes that the Exec Committee is proposing to this important WACUHO document.

For starters, the Leadership Manual is a compilation of our mission and purpose, historical information, descriptions of the different Executive Committee and Chair positions, financial and other policies regarding WACUHO business and operations, and more. All of you work on a campus where there are policies and procedures, as well as departmental practices that guide your day to day work. The Leadership Manual has the same purpose, and if you are on a committee, thinking of chairing a committee or running for office, you should review the Leadership Manual to understand what is or will be expected of you.

"Back in the day", the more seasoned WACUHO members remember the Leadership Manual as a static document that was updated once a year and a hard copy was passed out to Committee Chairs and the Executive Committee. A few years ago, the LM (as it is referred to by some of us) was converted to a PDF file and a link was provided on the WACUHO web page. This was a vast improvement, as it allowed the President Elect to make updates during the year and the changes were available to the membership. But searching for information is still cumbersome and any changes to the document often aren't timely.

This brings me to the Leadership Manual, "Wiki-style". Jason Lu, the WACUHO Senior Technology Coordinator, has converted the existing LM to a wiki document. This is currently available here under resources on the WACUHO web page. The conversion of the LM to this format is still under consideration and a work in progress. The 2012-13 Executive Committee supports this change as it allows our membership to quickly research and access information pertinent to our membership. In the meantime, I encourage to use the new format and make suggestions or direct questions to me via With this new format, we intend to incorporate our past practice of the President Elect vetting proposed changes as appropriate, but the wiki format will allow for our membership to suggest changes in real time, and it maintains a history of changes to the document. The PDF version of the LM will also be available under resources (it is currently disabled, but should be back up shortly). Both versions will be available for this year and maybe longer as our members get comfortable with the new format. We'll make a final call on when the PDF file will be retired once this decision is made. Tyler Miller is also researching if a by-laws change is needed to reflect this change.

I'm "old school" and still processing a wiki version of the LM and what it means. Some of you may be saying...."It's about time!" Others may be thinking...”I have to learn a new way of researching information about WACUHO?!” Some of you may still be asking....what is the Leadership Manual (and we know who you are!)? Whereever you may fall on this topic, I encourage you to check out the new format here and give me your feedback.

Ramona Hernandez
WACUHO President Elect

WTI Update

Save the Date for Western Training Institute (WTI) - February 10-13, 2013

Western Training Institute (WTI) is a 3-day retreat intended to be an opportunity for people in housing and residential life to connect and grow by sharing resources with each other. Consider attending if you are a new or entry-level professional, graduate assistant looking into Student Affairs, or someone who has been around a while but is looking to reconnect to your roots. The 30 (or so) attendees will help each other find balance in life through workshops, discussions, and some awesome socializing.

Challenge. Balance. Growth.
Western Training Institute (WTI)
February 10-13, 2013

As we intend to share the wealth the committee is moving the retreat back to southern California for this year. For more info find us on Facebook.

Building a Middle Manager Network

As a middle manager, it can sometime be difficult finding peers to bounce ideas off because you do not have as many peers as you did in your first years as a professional. You are in the middle of two important groups and you wish to create the best experience for all involved. The WACUHO Pacific Management Institute has two opportunities for you to help grow your Middle Manager Network.

The first is a monthly conference call between you and 6-8 other Middle Managers. You will set aside an hour or two (better than traveling from campus for a day or two) and participate in a round table of middle managers. Each person brings their own expertise and resources to the group allowing you to make connections across the region and develop your Middle Manager Network. If you are interested in being a part of the Middle Manager Network simply fill out this form before Nov 15, 2012. We will then match up groups and get the conversations started.

The second is an opportunity to attend the Pacific Management Institute, which will be in Southern California this year. This is an opportunity to meet with other middle managers. You will also hear from scholars who have been in the position of a middle manager, someone who has been navigating the art of being in the middle and can offer advice and lessons to help make you a better middle manager. We hope you will consider these opportunities and get involved with either the Middle Manager Network or The Pacific Management Institute (PMI).

If you would like more information on either of these opportunities, please feel free to contact either Juls White or Danny Hyche.

Juls White and Danny Hyche
Pacific Management Institute Co-Chairs

Updates from the Members-At-Large

Hello, Aloha, Hola WACUHO Family,

The MALS are excited to be representing each and every single one of you in our prospective regions. Tiffany Taylor, Member-at-Large North, Noah Kaloostian, Member-at-Large Central and Mario Rodriguez, Member-at-Large South, want to welcome ALL new professionals, new members, new institutions to the regions . We also want to take the time to congratulate ALL those in new roles in the regions!

We want to invite you all to get involved in WACUHO through our various committees and conference we have throughout the year. RAP's are just around the corner, WTI, PMI and WACE just to name a few. Click here to explore the committees you can get involved with.

What's a MAL?
Who's my MAL?
Where is my MAL?
Are these questions keeping you up at night? Tossing and turning adding yet another acronym to an overpopulated funhouse of letters that no one can ever really remember is no fun. However if you're new to the region soon enough MAL can become another word for BFF!!! Your Member-at-Large (or MAL for short) is your liaison to the larger association of WACUHO. If you have questions about upcoming conferences, renewing membership, involvement opportunities or simply interested in getting connected with other members in the field your MAL is the perfect resource for you. What's even better, there is a MAL located in your region: Mario Rodriguez serves the southern region, Noah Kaloostian , serves the central region and Tiffany Taylor serves the northern region!


Mario Rodriguez, Noah Kaloostian and Tiffany Taylor

New Professionals Committee Update

Hello WAUCHO Association:

The New Pros Committee is pleased to inform the Association that this committee is off and running to a strong start! The New Pros committee has three major goals this year:

1. Continue the WACUHO Mentor/Mentee Program - Note, if you would like to be a mentor, please contact Kris McPeak or Josh O'Connor ASAP
2. Create New Professionals Competencies (drafted and published)
3. Quarterly Socials for South, Central, and North regions (and RAP's)

The New Pros Committee also has sub-committees working on Awards, Professional Development, Technology, Marketing, Mentorship and the Annual Conference.

The Committee is always looking for new members, so if you are interested, please sign up via the WACUHO website (under Get Involved).

We are also asking the Association to "Like" our New Pros Facebook page. This page is for New to Seasoned Pros!

See you at the RAPs!

Equity & Diversity Awareness Committee Update

Greetings WACUHO Family, Friends and Loved Ones!

Fall 2012 has finally arrived and the Equity & Diversity Awareness Committee has been hard at work with discussing ways to which we can make a greater impact on topics of diversity. All committee members have expressed their dedication and passion for topics of social justice, thus leading us to set some goals and objectives to help inspire growth in our communities.

While there are numerous areas of diversity & equity that can be covered, we will be addressing the following interest areas in 2012-2013:

Get Ready to Hear from us! The Equity & Diversity committee will make sure that all avenues of the group are recognized and utilized this year. We believe that with proper recognition and utilization, we will promote social justice within WACUHO.

Collaboration: EDA will be spotlighting diversity and social justice events at WACUHO institutions to highlight best practices and share ideas. Know of an institution that is putting diversity and equity at the forefront of their work? Contact us at and join us in celebrating the mission of EDA and WACUHO.

Be prepared to see a few new things:

- Monthly Topics Chair: In an effort to spark diversity and social justice dialogues in our profession, the monthly topics chair of EDA will organize monthly conversations regarding topics of diversity specifically within residential communities for WACUHO members to discuss and bring back to their institutions. We will also provide reading materials and resources to help strengthen social justice awareness in our communities.
-Social Media Outreach: This team will provide oversight for the EDA Facebook group. Find us on Facebook and add us! We will post weekly conversation topics while monitoring information that can be shared with other committee members and institutions.

• EDA will continue to work and support other WACUHO Committees for the 2012-2013 year. We have connected with all three RAPS as we look forward to learning more about what our student leaders are doing to raise awareness on social justice issues and celebrate diversity!

• Continue to look for information about annual conferences and scholarships in upcoming WAVES issues.

Lastly, we look forward to engaging folks in lively conversations around diversity and social justice issues at the Annual Conference in San Jose.

See you there!

Academic Relations & Residential Life Committee Update

Greeting WACUHO!

My name is Honora Knopp and I am the Chair of the Academic Relations Committee. This year the Academic Relations Committee will be looking at the academic needs of our region's campuses and staffs' and we look forward to exploring new ways to best support the region this year while having a great time! We are still looking for some new members to join our small but mighty group this year, if you are interested please contact me at

Honora Knopp
Academic Relations and Residential Life Chair

Introducing the Career Development Committee

The Placement Committee is proud to announce that it will be changing its name to Career Development Committee! This name change, incited by the feedback of previous committee members as well as decreased utilization of regional placement services, will allow the committee to have a focus more in alignment with the current times and changing needs of our membership. For example, professionals typically utilize resources such as The Placement Exchange and websites to facilitate job searches and, as such, the committee eventually adapted its charge toward providing job search strategies and information as opposed to facilitating job search efforts. As a result of the changing needs of our membership, we have decided to adopt a more fitting name and re-develop our purpose, responsibilities, and goals.

The Career Development Committee's new purpose is to create career development opportunities for WACUHO members as employees and considerations for potential employers. To do so, we will facilitate on-going engagement in regards to career development opportunities and conversations via social media, WACUHO Forums, and future WAVES Newsletters. At Annual Conference, we hope to present programs, facilitate roundtables, provide engagement opportunities for members, and connect members to career development/job searching resources. More specifically, the committee's focus areas will revolve around building skills for interviewing, researching institutions, and networking during job search efforts as well as exploring the changing styles of interviews (i.e. Skype interviews). Another essential function of our committee is to foster self-reflection (for new, mid, and seasoned professionals) for career path development through the use of various student affairs organizations competencies (i.e. ACUHO-I, NASPA, ACPA).

As the committee moves forward, we welcome any feedback or ideas you all may have, and joining the Career Development Committee would be a great way to do so. While we have already begun reaching out to other committees to collaborate and gather ideas, we are excited about our new direction so please let us know if you are interested in new ways in which we can collaborate with one another! If you are interested in joining the committee or collaborating, please contact us at: or

Yoo Mi Choi and Alvin Nguyen
Career Development Committee Co-Chairs

CSU Chico Campus Cook-Off Recipe Competition

Food is a universal language, one that can bring people together and, through the histories of our dishes, share bits of our own personal stories. This concept was brought to life in the Campus Cook-Off Recipe Competition―a collaborative effort between AS Dining Services and the Office of University Housing & Food Service―where residential students were given the opportunity to submit their favorite recipes from their childhood. Submissions included a variety of dishes such as soups, pies, pastas, and a slew of cultural specialties that were judged according to the recipe's feasibility to be produced in a large scale, the uniqueness of the dish, and the story of why the dish was significant in the student's childhood. The initial pool of recipe submissions were reviewed by a panel of judges representing the sponsoring departments, and narrowed down to nine recipe finalists.

The final nine recipes were prepared and served for dinner in the Sutter Dining Hall on Thursday, October 11th; and all of the students, faculty, and staff who ate in the dining hall that night were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite recipe. Recipes were served alongside a picture of the student that submitted the recipe and the chef that prepared the dish for the dining hall. The students' stories―which explained how the recipes represented their childhood, their family, or their culture―were also featured prominently at the station where their dish was being served.

Hundreds of votes later the top three recipe winners were:

1st Place: Pesto Chicken Pasta (submitted by Jake Shenkman)
2nd Place: Pozole (submitted by Alejandra Montes)
3rd Place: Chicken, Bacon & Ranch Lasagna (submitted by Chris Martin)

The winners all received special CSU, Chico prizes and will have their dishes permanently added to the general menu in Sutter Dining so that their dishes can be enjoyed on campus for years to come.

As the first culinary event of its kind in Sutter Dining, the Campus Cook-Off was a huge success with students praising the meals and asking for more recipe competitions. With the positive response and momentum garnered from the first event, a second recipe contest will be held in the spring semester and a pizza recipe competition is in development to coincide with March Madness.

Christopher Young
CSU Chico

Write for WAVES!


Thank you for taking the time to review the Fall 2012 edition of WAVES!

We hope that you find the content in the newsletter informative, energizing and engaging! WAVES provides you a wonderful opportunity to communicate with the entire Association. Please consider submitting updates about your committees and your institutions! Submitting an article for WAVES can further your professional development or allow you to share a fresh perspective with the membership. Additionally, WAVES is an outstanding way to recognize our colleagues who have served WACUHO and/or our field. We encourage you to consider submitting information regarding colleagues' accomplishments, retirements, transitions and in-memoriams.

The WAVES submission deadlines for the year are as follows:

•Winter WAVES: January 21, 2013
•Pre-Conference WAVES: March 11, 2013
•Spring WAVES: April 29, 2013

Email article submissions to You are also welcome to contact me to submit suggestions or feedback. Looking forward to a great year,

Kelly Cole
WACUHO Newsletter Editor

Affirmative Action Statement

WACUHO recognizes the benefits derived from the inclusion of diversity in the Association. Significant contributions are made by members from all areas of higher education and at every level of responsibility. The quality of perspective and experience shared by our members, inclusive of ethnicity, age, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation, or differing abilities, adds a dynamic that enriches the character of the Association. WACUHO encourages all to actively participate in its programs, events and activities.

Copyright © 2012 WACUHO. All rights reserved.