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Pre-Conference 2010

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Welcome to the WACUHO Pre-Conference 2010 Waves Newsletter! Just like WACUHO, the WAVES is always a work in progress! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed receiving the updated version of the WACUHO E–mail Announcements as well as the ever changing style of the WAVES. If you have an announcement for WACUHO, e–mail it to and we will do your best to send it out to the membership in a timely fashion!

We are glad to present a new style in which you can view the articles. Scroll down and click a title or use the links above. As always, if you have suggestions for improvements, please e–mail me at or call me at (909) 869–2239.

President's Letter

Tim Trevan


Can you believe we’re just days away from our 54th WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition (WACE)? Things are falling beautifully into place for a wonderful conference at Stanford University – June 20 – 23, 2010. The Annual Conference Co-Chairs, Staci Buchwald and Martin Castillo, along with the conference committee chairs, have done a superb job preparing a wide assortment of events, activities and programs for the Association. If you haven’t already made arrangements to join us, please do! You can find more information about conference registration at

This year’s Annual Conference Programming Committee deserves special recognition for the great efforts they have made in providing programs that address the many functional areas outlined in our WACUHO mission. The Association has made a focused commitment in the last few years to ensure that program sessions at WACE appeal to members in a variety of housing roles. Simply put, there needs to be something in the program that speaks to everyone. This year, the Exhibits and Program Committees took this charge to a new level and created a special Tuesday morning session that will highlight innovations and opportunities in products and services offered by our vendors. I hope you’ll join me at McCaw Hall on Tuesday morning, where we will be spending time with our exhibitors and learning more about the ways we can work together to benefit our students.

Speaking of the WACUHO mission, I hope you’ll join Strategic Planning Chair Willie Brown, facilitator Lisa Slavid, President-Elect Jeanette Bradeen and me at Session One on Monday morning where we’ll be laying out the work that’s been completed on a revised WACUHO mission statement and re-tooled focus areas. The Strategic Planning Committee has already made great progress on identifying the Association’s strengths and opportunities and forging out a direction for the immediate future. Ultimately, though, this plan will only be as good as it is representative of your needs and goals. Please come let us know if we’re on the right track!

I think you’ll find this year’s conference to be innovative many ways. You’re probably aware that this will be our first-ever conference held on a college campus. Stanford University is ready and eager to welcome us to their beautiful campus, and I am convinced that the on-campus nature of this year’s conference will provide us with new opportunities to learn and network together.

Finally, as this is the last Waves during my tenure, let me say that it has been a pleasure serving as your President. The work the Association has accomplished this year has been nothing short of remarkable. This has been a topsy-turvy experience where many things we take for granted in the Association had to be bent, twisted and re-cast to accommodate the realities of a very different era with whole new challenges. That trusty WACUHO Leadership Manual went out the window on more than one occasion…or at least had to be re-envisioned to an extent that it was barely recognizable. I am completely indebted to a talented group of volunteers on all our committees for pulling rabbits out of hats, and especially to a group of “Houdinis” know as the Executive Committee. Without the creativity, tenacity, energy and devotion of this group, the Association would never have “escaped” the challenges of a very tough year in such great shape. We made magic this year! We can all be proud!

Yours very truly,
Tim Trevan
WACUHO President

Affirmative action statement

WACUHO recognizes the benefits derived from the inclusion of diversity in the Association. Significant contributions are made by members from all areas of higher education and at every level of responsibility. The quality of perspective and experience shared by our members, inclusive of ethnicity, age, gender, religious preference, sexual orientation, or differing abilities, adds a dynamic that enriches the character of the Association. WACUHO encourages all to actively participate in its programs, events and activities.

Wacuho Annual Conference & Exposition Annual Conference - Welcome from the WACE Chairs

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we welcome you to the 54th annual WACUHO Conference and Exposition (WACE). It is hard to believe it was a mere twelve months ago that we descended on Stanford University knowing that we would be breaking ground and making history by choosing to return to an "on campus" WACE experience. The magnitude of the tasks at hand were not taken lightly: How do you create a WACUHO type experience for our members and exhibitors while acknowledging and respecting all the challenges that the current economic climate has created for our home institutions? Can we withstand the stress of furloughs, budget cuts, and diminishing travel budgets? Some complex questions, but our committee members rose to the occasion, and we are here today in community once more to celebrate our creativity and resilience.

Our theme, Grounded in Innovation; pursuing opportunity is reflective of the overwhelming positive response regarding the work we do today and the work we will be doing in the near future. Our ethic of innovation sets a strong foundation for success. WACUHO member schools have a strong reputation for creating safe and welcoming communities while responding to emerging needs of students. It is our commitment to innovation that allows us to pursue the opportunities afforded us in any environment.

We invite you to take full advantage of the rich variety of programs offered, expanded participation of our Exhibitor and Corporate Partner colleagues in the new “Exhibits in the Round”, and our continued attention to New Professionals. The scenery may be different, but the experience is still one of the best professional development and networking opportunities to be found.

We would encourage you to take time in the next few days to take in as much of this unique WACE experience as possible. Come out of your residence hall rooms and join us daily for breakfast in the dining hall, continue on with your day and attend one of the many fabulous sessions being presented by our talented membership, and please, do not forget to mark your calendars for Tuesday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM when we will be engaging with our Exhibitors.

When you have a few moments of down time take a walk around a spectacular campus and appreciate all of the beauty that is Stanford University. As tempting as it may be to retreat back to your rooms for a little R&R we hope you will remember to visit our hospitality suite and keep your doors open to meet a new friendly WACUHO face or reconnect with a member of your WACUHO family. The possibilities for professional connections and networking are limitless.

All the best,
Staci Buchwald and Martin Castillo
2010 WACE co-chairs

Wacuho Annual Conference & Exposition - Host Committee Notes and information

The Host Committee is excited to welcome you to the 2010 WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition starting June 20, 2010 on the campus of Stanford University.

While this will be a new experience, we are excited to bring many of the old elements of the WACE back to campus including our fabulous hospitality suite, karaoke night and a banquet that will be especially memorable.

For many of you, the excitement of living on-campus is soon upon you. If you’re interested in a few more facts about our locations, please feel free to visit the following sites:

In addition to beautiful accommodations in Munger and Toyon, attendees will have access to a recreational facility for a fee of $5 per day. It is a short distance from the residence halls. More information can be found at : For those who enjoy hiking, you may do so at "the dish", more information about that is

There are also many local restaurants and stores located near campus at the Town and Country Village ( including CVS and Trader Joes.

Registration for lodging will be closed as of Friday, June 11, but we will be able to accommodate non-lodging registrations until June 20th and day registrations will be available each day. Registrations may be completed on-line at or on-site. On-site registrations will need to be paid in full.

  • Full Registration (Non-Lodging) $500
  • Monday, June 21st (includes lunch) $150
  • Tuesday, June 22nd (includes lunch) $150
  • Wednesday, June 21st (includes brunch) $100

If you are interested in helping out as a volunteer, you may update your registration online to indicate that or email Maggie Malagon ( or Amanda Seguin ( with your availability.

For those already registered, additional information will be emailed to you beginning on Monday, June 14.

We’re excited that you’ll be joining us! If you have any questions, please feel to email us at

Kafele & Mia

All about opening Keynote Dr. Patty Perillo


Dr. Patty Perillo has served as the Associate Dean of Students at Davidson College since August 2007. Prior to her work at Davidson, Patty served as Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) for seven years. Additional experiences include work at the University of Maryland, College Park, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, State University of New York at Albany, and the University of Delaware.

As a transformative leader in higher education for the past 20 years, Patty has been actively engaged in all aspects of college life and has had the privileged opportunity to lead and serve in every functional area within the division of student affairs including: student activities; residential life and housing operations; counseling; health services; student union; cultural and religious diversity; greek life; student involvement and community service; student organizations; research and assessment; leadership education and development; off-campus and transfer student services; orientation; graduate and undergraduate governance; civic engagement; student conduct; business services; athletics; and, career services.

She obtained her doctoral degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her master’s degree and bachelor’s degree are from the University of Delaware. As a result of her relational, collaborative, inclusive, and process and outcome-centered leadership, Patty was elected to serve as President for the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) – College Student Educators International, is currently serving on the Consolidation Steering Team for ACPA and NASPA, and chairing the ACPA 2011 Annual Convention.

Her many honors and awards include recognition by ACPA as a “Diamond Honoree” for her service to higher education, induction into Phi Kappa Phi, and induction into Omicron Delta Kappa to name a few. In her free time, Patty most enjoys spending time with her wonderful family and close community of friends. She also enjoys the arts, athletic events, prayer/reflection, reading, and entertaining.

All about closing Keynote Jacqueline Elena Featherston


Jacqueline Elena Featherston is an educator, writer, and visionary who challenges social and political inequity on multiple fronts.

Her interactive and engaging lectures address classism, racism, sexism and heterosexism while promoting alliance-building across multiple domains of difference.

Striking a balance between astute analysis and humor, Featherston helps her audiences recognize, acknowledge, understand and appreciate their own cultural identity as well as that of others, clarifying the impact of our similarities and differences in personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural contexts.

In addition, her work with educational institutions and city governments on economic justice, educational, gender and racial equity issues, Featherston conducts workshops and seminars throughout the country. She helps a variety of organizations identify and effectively respond to the unique tensions and strengths of multicultural environments. Featherston especially values opportunities to lead internalized oppression workshops groups who have historically been excluded from access to the benefits of mainstream society.

She is the founder of Featherston & Associates, a collaborative group of anti-racist and cross-cultural consultants, educators and trainers, that provides organizational development, conflict resolution and training to assist individuals and educational, business and not-for-profit institutions create and maintain equitable personal and professional relationships in community, work and educational environments.

Featherston was a co-founder of The Institute for MultiRacial Justice, an organization formed to support alliance building among communities of color, and with Dr. Jean Ishibashi, she co-founded New Ways to Learn, dedicated to increasing effectiveness of educators in multicultural classrooms.

Featherston is the producer and director of Alice Walker: Visions of the Spirit, an award-winning documentary film. She is also the editor of the groundbreaking anthology Skin Deep: Women Writing on Color, Culture and Identity (Crossing Press). Her writings have appeared in numerous magazines and journals; her most recent paper, with Dr. Ishibashi, was published in Identifying Race and Transforming Whiteness in the Classroom (V. Lean and J. Helfand, Peter Lange Publishers, 2004).

A former adjunct professor at New College of San Francisco, Featherston now divides her time between speaking, consulting, training and work on Weaving Change: A Guide to Personal and Political Transformation, a workbook that fuses art, politics and spirituality as critical tools for overcoming internalized oppression.

Wacuho Annual Conference   Exposition - Program Highlights

  • Sunday 6/20 Highlights
    • Conference Registration
    • Exhibitor Registration
    • Hospitality Resource Center
    • first Timer/new pro Welcome
    • Opening BBQ/Welcome
    • Dessert/Diversity Sessions
  • Monday 6/21 Interest Session Highlights
    • Keynote Follow-up
    • You Got the Job: Now the Transition
    • Finding the Right Balance between Family Life and Work
    • A Fresh Look at Diversity Training
    • An Opportunity for Balance – Innovative Strategies for New Professionals
    • Bay Area Round Table (BART Conference): how to develop and host a low cost/no cost professional development conference
    • We Have a Plan! Strategic Planning: Vision & Goals for WACUHO
    • New Professionals Case Study Competition
    • Men’s Issues 101: What are the issues? How do we address them? How come this is important?
    • Facilities Roundtable “Show & Tell”
    • Teaching Student Leaders how to use their Moral Compass
    • Conflict Revolution ~transforming yesterday’s strategies on how best to be with conflict in all settings
    • Apartments and Community Living General Topics Roundtable
    • CHO Roundtable
    • Pursuing Opportunity: Leadership and Involvement in WACUHO
    • Facilities Roundtable
    • So I am a chair of a committee?! Now what?
    • Apartments and Community Living Survey Results
  • Tuesday Interest Session Highlights
    • CHO Roundtable
    • Creative Strategies for 100% Occupancy
    • Responding to Hate & Bias Related Incidents in Residential Spaces
    • New Kid on the Block – Building new and improving old campus housing where it is long overdue
    • Pursuing Innovative Professional Development Opportunities: The Teachable Moments
    • Engaging returning staff members in student staff training
    • Legislative Affairs / Research and Information Roundtable
    • Keeping Students Engaged in Apartment Communities
    • Geek Programming! BAM!
    • How to give your RAs the opportunity to give their 98 cents!
    • Introducing the Residential Recreation Coordinator Position
    • CORE Values Training and Development Project
    • "Say it to my Face, Not my Facebook"
  • Wednesday Interest Session Highlights
    • Keynote
    • Diversity and Affirmative Action: Exploring A Name Change
    • Nation’s Largest LEED Gold Student Housing brings Sustainability Home
    • I tell you who I am, who I really, really am: An International student’s view on Diversity and Social Justice
    • New Professionals Roundtable
    • Moving on Up
    • Creating Opportunities for New Professionals: ACUHO-I Internship experience at UC Berkeley

Wacuho Annual Conference & Exposition – "Exhibiting something NEW": 1st Annual Exhibits in the Round

In response to conference participant and exhibitor feedback from the past several years, the Exhibits committee is partnering with our exhibitors to host three roundtable discussion sessions. This will provide an intentional opportunity for attendees to engage vendor representatives in dialogue on topics that directly relate to our abilities as housing professionals to enhance the lives of residents who live on campus. For this year's Annual Conference, the following areas will be covered in individual roundtables:

  • Sustainability, Value Engineering, and Responsible Purchasing - Exploring design features and product costs from short-term and long-term perspectives.
  • Design Trends for the Future - How housing units, partnering with vendors, can meet students' needs.
  • Technology - New and exciting elements of technology can be used to enhance the student experience.

These round-table discussions, "Exhibitors in the Round", will occur on Tuesday morning, June 22nd. These three round table discussions will be facilitated in a manner that will allow both exhibitors and conference attendees to engage in conversations. These sessions are not sale’s pitches, they are designed to dialogue about trends and issues that impact all of us in Housing & Residential Services.

The Exhibits Committee wants to encourage everyone to attend the sessions. Not only will you participate in informative conversations you will be entered into multiple drawings to win $50 cash!

See you all at Stanford!
The Exhibits Committee

Wacuho Annual Conference & Exposition - Annual Conference Business Meeting

Want to know more about WACUHO’s governance structure and leadership? Want to hear what’s going on in the Association? Want to make your voice heard? Please join the Executive Committee at the 54th WACUHO Annual Business Meeting! The Business Meeting will take place at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, June 22, 2010. Location TBA. At this year’s meeting, you’ll learn about proposed changes to the By-Laws, hear reports on the Association’s many activities, get updates from our ACUHO-I liaisons, and review the Association’s 2009/10 and 2010/11 budgets. And of course, we’ll be voting on the 2010/11 slate of Executive Committee candidates, too! Institutional members, please be sure to send a voting delegate. Your input is important!

Do you have an agenda item to contribute to the Annual Business Meeting? Please contact Tim Trevan, WACUHO President, at or (818) 677-6103.

Proposed By-Law Changes for 2010 Wacuho Annual Conference & Exposition

WACUHO Members:

Below is a link to a PDF document of the proposed by-laws which will be discussed and voted on at the WACE annual business meeting on Tuesday, June 22nd. Each paid institution in attendance will be able to participate in the discussion and vote on the proposals. To be sustainable, a limited number of copies will be available at the WACE check-in table, and one copy will be provided for each voting institution at the annual business meeting. Please direct any other questions to me.

Thank you,
WACUHO Vice President

Pacific Management Institute 2010

Hello everyone- This is a reminder to register for the Pacific Management Institute which will take place on Saturday, June 19 from 12:00pm-6:00pm at Stanford University. You can register for PMI at the registration page for the Annual Conference. The goal of PMI is to provide an opportunity for discussion and mentorship and to provide information and resources to assist the "mid–level" professional position themselves to move into their next professional step. We look forward to seeing you there! Registration is $35 for WACUHO Members & $45 for Non-Members. If you have any questions, please let us know.

PMI 2010 Co-Chairs: Elissa Lappenga & Noah Kaloostian

Wacuho Annual Conference & Exposition - Placement Opportunities

This year, the WACUHO Placement committee will be providing an opportunity for employers and potential employees to conduct job interviews. The Placement committee has reserved space in the hospitality suite that will contain resumes, job descriptions, and file containers for participant communication. The following are instructions for employers and potential employees who will be attending the 2010 annual conference. If you have any questions after reading these instructions, please contact the Placement committee at


  1. If you have a job opening for which you wish to conduct interviews please send the position description to the placement committee at The position description must include contact information for the individual who will be conducting interviews at the conference. This information will be provided to job seekers before and during the conference so that they can make contact for interviews.
  2. If you submit a position description you will receive a PDF document containing resumes and contact information for all job seekers who will be at the conference. This document will be sent out one week before the conference and should aid you in setting up interviews.
  3. Though we do not have a designated space for interviews, the following are suggestions for interview space
    • Lounge space in Toyon
    • Lounge space in Munger
    • The Hospitality Suite
    • *Note: Interviews should never take place in individual residence hall rooms belonging to employers or potential employees*
  4. The hospitality suite will contain two binders and two plastic file containers. One binder will hold resumes and contact information for job seekers. One file container will have a folder for each employer at the conference and one will have a folder for each potential employee at the conference. Each group can submit notes and resumes into those folders throughout the conference.

Potential Employees

  1. If you are job seeking please submit a current resume to the placement committee at The resume must include your contact information for you while you are at the conference. This information will be provided to employers before and during the conference so that they can make contact for interviews.
  2. If you submit a resume you will receive a PDF document containing position descriptions and contact information for all employers who will be at the conference. This document will be sent out one week before the conference and should aid you in setting up interviews.
  3. Though we do not have a designated space for interviews, there are many spaces around the conference that can be used for interviews.
  4. The hospitality suite will contain two binders and two plastic file containers. One binder will hold resumes and contact information for job seekers. One file container will have a folder for each employer at the conference and one will have a folder for each potential employee at the conference. Each group can submit notes and resumes into those folders throughout the conference.

Placement Committee - Resume Reviews Available!

Calling all resumes!

The Placement Committee has formed a group of seasoned professionals who have volunteered to review resumes of association members. If you are planning on job searching soon, or just want some feedback on ways that you can improve your resume, send a copy of your current resume to The Placement Committee will then forward your resume to one of our volunteers and you will receive direct feedback in one - two weeks time. It is our hope that this service can be helpful to future job searches and other applications where a resume is required.

The Placement Committee

Note from the Apartment and Community Living Committee

Just a reminder, the Apartment and Community Living Committee has created a survey regarding living communities.

Please take the time NOW to complete the survey at the following link:

This will allow our committee just a little bit more information before the annual conference (where we will present our initial data on Monday afternoon).

(Thanks to those who have already submitted responses!)

Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee in action at WACE!

Greetings WACUHO Friends,

The Diversity & Affirmative Action Committee is very excited about the WACUHO Annual Conference and Exhibition! With a little less than a month to go, we are preparing for some great programs. Please refer to the conference schedule for locations and times and join us at the following events:

  • D&AA Committee Dessert Social: As you know, the D&AA Committee will be hosting a dessert social where topics relevant to diversity and social justice will be discussed, while we all partake in some amazing treats. Although there are so many social justice related topics that grace our desks every day, we narrowed it down to the following six:
    1. Arizona Immigration Law SB1070
    2. Compton Cookout: Free Speech or Racism?
    3. Budget Crisis/Cuts: What does this mean for underrepresented groups? How does it affect marginalized groups?
    4. Supporting Transgender Students in Housing
    5. Accessible Housing
    6. Women and the Glass Ceiling: Does it still exist in Higher Education?
  • D&AA Committee Name Change Roundtable: Picking up from where last year’s D&AA Committee left off, we have been discussing changing the committee’s name to the “Diversity & Social Justice Committee”. Before the Executive Committee can make the final decision, we will be holding a roundtable to discuss this issue and garner support and feedback from conference attendees.
  • Men’s Issues 101: “Men’s issues in higher education are rising. Some have developed programs to address men and there are still opportunities for growth. This presentation defines some of the issues men face from a holistic perspective and unpacks some of the causes. Using a pro-feminist and community health model, the presentation focuses on approaches to addressing men’s issues including physical, emotional, psycho-social, and spiritual interventions. Issues of accountability, responsibility, and pre-cautions for developers and participants are also discussed.” (Note: This program will be presented by this year’s recipient of the D&AA Committee Annual Conference Award, Alejandro Covarrubias, Resident Director at Santa Clara University.)
  • Responding to Hate & Bias Related Incidents in Residential Spaces: “Hate and bias related incidents continue to happen on college and university campuses. Developing a response protocol for these types of incidents provides departments and campuses with immediate resources to respond in a manner that meets the needs of the community. This presentation and discussion will explore response teams that exist on campuses, how to establish a response team, including partnerships, and how to collaborate with and empower communities managing these incidents.” (Note: This program will be presented by this year’s recipient of the D&AA Committee Individual Cash Award, Piya Bose, Area Coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona.)

We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Shimina Harris & Cristal Wallin, Co-Chairs
WACUHO Diversity & Affirmative Action Committee
800 Font Boulevard/Mary Ward Hall
San Francisco, CA 94132

Tips For Navigating Your First (or Second, or Third) WACUHO Annual Conference & Exposition

By: Jorge Arroyo, New Professionals Committee Member and Kayla Nuss, New Professionals Committee Co-Chair
  1. Technology is great. We all use Facebook or Twitter. Even that person on the Executive Board you met on your way to lunch. One word of advice - A friend request does not take the place of actual networking. Do not your tweets be the only way you make a connection with people.
  2. When you get a business card from someone write an interesting fact about the person on the back. Something from your conversation with the person or maybe a question you would like to ask them but did not have time to at the moment.
  3. Review the conference schedule in advance or right when you get to the conference to plan out your days. This will help you figure out what is important and evaluate the things you do not want to miss. Three days sounds like a long time but it goes by FAST.
  4. Talk to the people sitting next to you in sessions. Networking is not always over lunch or in the Hospitality suite. You will ALWAYS find something in common or a shared connection.
  5. Think of questions you will ask someone in conversation. It will help you not be as nervous meeting new people.
  6. Introduce others. When you meet someone new introduce them to your other connections throughout the conference.
  7. Follow up! Send an email, make a phone call, write a note/letter or take the easy way out and add them on Facebook. We all know you will search for them on there later.
  8. Take care of yourself. If you normally take a walk in the evenings or hit the gym for a cardio session in the mornings, make sure you continue those activities at the conference. Don’t neglect yourself during WACE.
  9. Get some sleep! While it’s fun to stay up all night with your new friends, make sure you catch some zzzzs. It’s no fun to feel like a zombie.
  10. Attend the New Pros and First Time Conference Attendees Orientation, the New Pros Night on the Town, and sessions on the New Pros Conference Track! These are experiences that were developed with YOU in mind so take advantage of them!

Corporate Partners List

Company Name 2010
ASI Campus Laundry Solutions 2010 Gold Partner
Capstone Development Corp. 2010 Gold Partner
Collegiate Concepts, Inc. 2010 Gold Partner
Foliot Furniture, Inc. 2010 Gold Partner
KLN- Three Mountain 2010 Gold Partner
MicroFridge - Intirion 2010 Gold Partner
Southwest Contract 2010 Gold Partner
Tandus C&A Floor Coverings 2010 Gold Partner
Web Service Company 2010 Gold Partner
A-1 Textiles & Hospitality Products 2010 Silver Partner
AMF Support Surfaces, Inc. 2010 Silver Partner
National Student Services, Inc. 2010 Silver Partner
On Campus Marketing 2010 Silver Partner
California Prison Industry Authority 2010 Bronze Partner
Campus Loft Company 2010 Bronze Partner
Diamond Mattress Co. 2010 Bronze Partner
Ready Mark 2010 Bronze Partner
StarRez, Inc. 2010 Bronze Partner
University Loft Company 2010 Bronze Partner
USA Today 2010 Bronze Partner

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