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WACUHO Proposed By-Laws Changes

Hello WACUHO membership!

Over the past few years, WACUHO has been undergoing some change. Some of the most significant of these changes have included better defining of our Technology Coordinator positions and the shift for the Newsletter Editor position to the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. For these changes to become permanent, they need to be reflected in our By-Laws. Because of this, several changes to our By-Laws are being proposed.

These positional changes require quite a few adjustments to the By-Laws. Due to this, the By-Laws and Executive Committees decided to take a deeper look at the By-Laws. While we did not do a complete overhaul, we did determine some sections that could use clarity. We also noted a few places that did not match up with our current practice.

In the end, this resulted in a significant number of proposed changes. Given the large number, we asked for feedback from some of the leaders in WACUHO (Past Presidents and committee chairs). We took this feedback and made some adjustments to the proposed changes.

We wanted to share these proposed changes with the membership before the annual conference. We hope this will provide our members the opportunity to discuss any concerns and thoughts they have with the changes with other members (especially with delegates for the Annual Business Meeting) beforehand. Also, we may be able to help clarify any questions you have beforehand, rather than waiting until the actual Business Meeting.

Attached is a Microsoft Word document that tracks all of the proposed changes. Additionally, the comments provide the rationale for each individual change. We recognize that not everyone can utilize this format, but it seemed the most effective way to communicate the large number of proposed changes. For assistance with accessibility issues, please contact me via the phone number or the email address listed below.

As the chair of the By-Laws Committee, I want to thank the committee (aka Tyler Miller) for their assistance. Also, the Executive Committee spent significant time reviewing and discussing the proposals. Plus, many other WACUHO leaders provided valuable feedback.

One thing to note. Initially, we also were proposing corrections to typographical, grammar, and punctuation errors. However, given the already large number of changes, and the proposed amendment to allow these obvious changes without a membership vote, it was determined that it would be better to wait. The proposed amendment is actually a common amendment to allow simple fixes without taking time from the membership. If this amendment does not pass, we collected suggested changes and will pass those along to next year’s By-Laws Committee.

In the next week, if you would like clarification about any of the proposed changes, please feel free to send me an email at I will do my best to help you understand the change and its purpose.

These changes will be presented for approval at the Annual Business Meeting. This is the process we intend to follow (also vetted through WACUHO leadership), to meet the requirements of Robert’s Rules of Order:

The Vice-President  will begin with the first Section with proposed changes. The VP will share the current Section. The VP will then share any amendments, by indicating what (if anything) will be struck out and what, if anything, will be added, and then will share the rationale for the changes. Once the VP has read the proposed changes, a motion will be called for that the Association accept the changes for the Section as proposed for the proposed new By-Laws. Assuming a motion and a second, we then discuss. This may include additional motions to change the proposed changes or make other changes (which would need to be addressed before moving forward). Once the discussion is ended, the voting delegates vote. If a majority (not 2/3) accept, those changes remain in the proposed new By-Laws. If not, the changes do not. Note that as we progress, accepted changes to the proposed new By-Laws will be made on one master electronic document.

We will proceed this way through each proposed changed Section. Once all of these Sections have been progressed through, we will open the floor for going back and making changes to any part of the proposed new By-Laws (sometimes this is necessary, as a later change may mean a change needs to be made in an earlier Section, or changes may be suggested for Sections that did not originally have a proposed change). Once this part of the discussion concludes, the entire new set of By-Laws will be put before the membership (through a motion) and voted on by the voting delegates. If two-thirds of the voting delegates vote to approve the motion, the new By-Laws are accepted and replace the existing by-laws. If not, no changes are made to the existing By-Laws.

If you have questions or comments about the procedure, please let me know.

WACUHO By-Laws Current with Changes and Rationale Final


Robert Stephens
WACUHO Vice-President and By-Laws Committee Chair

Jeff Hill

Jeff MAL S

Assistant Resident Dean
University of California San Diego
MAL South
5 years working Res. Life/Housing

I once saw a quote on the side of an athletic store that has resonated with me ever since:  “Sweat once a day.”  I think about that quote often because it truly is something I strive to do in my personal life so I can remain healthy, keep a balance between work and recreational activities, and because I live in such a beautiful place I want to be in the sun and soak it all up.  I go to the gym, swim in the pool, go hiking, and sometimes just sweat while lying on the beach.  Sweat, to me, is a good thing and brings positive thoughts, followed by positive results.

In my work life, as an Assistant Resident Dean at UC San Diego, I also think sweating once a day is something I do, by choice or by nature of my position, albeit in the figurative sense and let me explain.  Sweat, for sake of the literal meaning can be translated as patterns or daily habits.  I often work with students in distress or with mental health concerns.  I have many conversations with students about their leadership skills, and how they are creating their “style.”  I work with many colleagues across campus and collaborate on campus initiatives.  I meet with students through the conduct process which create educational opportunities to inspire change.  I work with faculty members who are passionate about their field of study and talk about how we can facilitate student learning outside of the classroom.  I attend regional and national conferences to learn about the latest trends among college students and the best way to serve them.  These are just a few examples of how I “sweat once a day” during my time at work.

I am passionate about my work, and the way in which I have the ability to change the life of a college student forever.  I would like to continue my involvement with WACUHO as Member-at-Large South and “sweat once a day” in a new area of my professional life.  I am currently on the EDA Committee which has been a great experience and I would like to deepen my roots in the Association, learn about what other institutions are implementing that are innovative and successful, and contribute any knowledge I have to the team as a whole.  I love to plan events, conferences, workshops, and professional development opportunities and I am diligent, organized and zealous about anything I put my mind to.  If given the opportunity to serve in this capacity I would fulfill the duties to the very best of my ability and hopefully inspire others to “sweat once a day” for efforts in which they are passionate too.  Thanks for reading.

Current WACUHO Involvement: EDA Committee, Communication and Outreach Subcommittee

Other Professional Association Involvement: Western Regional Career in Student Affairs Day Panelist 2012, NASPA Member, Have presented at NODA and CCPA (Regional ACPA Conference), attended many NASPA conferences.


Chad Myers

Chad MAL C

Title: Director of Residential Education and Housing Services
Institution: Occidental College
Position Seeking: MAL Central
Years in Housing: 7

I have had the honor of working with some really amazing individuals over the past five years through my involvement in WACUHO, and I have learned so much about myself and this profession.  I think back to my very first WACE where I knew absolutely no one, but strangely I felt right at home and that is a feeling I will never forget! It is this feeling that drives me to continue being an active member of the WACUHO family, and I look forward to the opportunity of taking my involvement to the next level with the Member-at-Large Central position. I would use this position as an opportunity to connect with as many member institutions in the region as possible to make sure they all felt as welcome in this organization as I have and that they were taking advantage of all WACUHO has to offer. I would also like to use this position to provide opportunities for the future leaders of this organization to connect with one another via drive in conferences, the RAPs, and other professional development opportunities. I am very excited about the opportunity to serve the organization in this capacity and I appreciate your consideration for MAL Central.

WACUHO Involvement:


  • Member – Central RAP Committee
  • Member – WACE Programs Committee


  • Co-Chair – WACE Host Committee
  • Member – Central RAP Committee


  • Chair – New Professional Committee
  • Member – WACE Host Committee
  • Member – Central RAP Committee
  • Presenter – WACE


  • Member – WACE Host Committee
  • Member – Central RAP Committee
  • Member – New Professionals Committee
  • Member – Equity and Diversity Awareness Committee
  • Attendee – WTI (recipient of the New Pros Award to attend)
  • Presenter – WACE


  • Member – Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee
  • Member – New Professionals Committee

Other Professional Association Involvement:

  • Member – NASPA – GLBT Knowledge Community Membership Engagement Coordinator 2009-2011
  • Member – ACPA
  • Member – CCPA – 2012 Outstanding New Professional Award



Chryste L Johnson

Chryste MAL N

Residence Life Coordinator
Humboldt State University
Member-at-Large, North 

I am very excited to present my name for Member-at-Large, North position because I am new to the WACUHO family. I have served Residence Life in various capacities, beginning the second year of my undergraduate matriculation at Humboldt State University when I was hired to be a Living Group Advisor. This is when I learned my potential as a leader and an advocate for my peers. This position opened my eyes to possibilities that I thought were out of my reach. It taught me public speaking, team work, how to lead/when to lead, and introduced me to social justice. Since that first step, I purposefully lived in the residence halls the entirety of my undergraduate career. I was able to work in the central office as a student assistant and continue my work in residence hall councils. I developed my professional identity in the halls of Humboldt State University and each time I have returned to work with Residence Life, it is like coming home. Just recently, I received a Masters of Social Work (MSW) and ventured to work in off-campus organizations. While away from campus, I worked hard to showcase my learned skills. I quickly became a leader in my workplace, but always felt that something was missing. After returning to Humboldt State as a Residence Life Coordinator in January 2014, it was like breathing a sigh of relief and now that I am back, I am determined to commit my work to Residence Life and Student Affairs.

As a new member of the WACUHO association, I am interested in meeting and networking with other Residence Life professionals. I do not have any years serving WACUHO on boards or committees, but I will make up for this deficiency with my strong work ethic, dedication and enthusiasm for any work that I set my out to accomplish.  With my personable and amicable disposition, I am confident that I can represent you effectively on the board. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to many years of service to WACUHO.

6 years in Housing (student leader/paraprofessional/professional) & 5 Years Residence Life
I am a new professional to the WACUHO association. This is my first year as a WACUHO member.
National Association of Black Social Workers (2012-2014)- Member





Mako Ushihara

Mako Treasurer

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my name for consideration to become the WACUHO Association Treasurer for 2014-2016.  As you can see from my involvement below, I have been fortunate to work on a number of committees and events within the Association–as well as serve as a part of the Executive Committee this past year.  More importantly, I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know and work with so many personable, committed, and fun WACUHO Housing professionals along the way.

My 21+ year journey in the Housing world has been greatly impacted by WACUHO.  I first attended Northern RAPs as a Resident Advisor/Assistant Resident Director.  Connections that I made with peers and mentors/professionals at these WACUHO supported student conferences helped me as I struggled to find my personal identity as an undergraduate para-professional.  As I became a Resident Director and was afforded the opportunity to serve and directly support our resident students, the resources and knowledge I gained through attending WACEs and collaborating with colleagues in the region helped me to be successful.  As I transitioned from the Residential Life to the Housing Facilities/Building Operations area, I sought out and gained the support of so many “well-seasoned” and wise Housing Facilities leaders.  I hope that someday, with enough experience and knowledge under my belt, I too can become a mentor for young professionals entering the Housing profession.

Through my involvement as the Association Treasurer for the upcoming two years, I strive to continue to give back to WACUHO in a very tangible and meaningful way.  I can honestly say had it not been for WACUHO and the WACUHO family, I would not be the Housing professional–or even the person– I am today.  So for the countless WACUHO family members who I have had the chance to work with and get to know through the years, thank you.  If the member campuses will allow me the honor, I would be grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Association Treasurer for the 2014-2016 term.

Member at Large North: 2013-2014
Jim “JB” Brock Spirit of WACUHO award recipient: 2013
Exhibits committee member: 2005-2006, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2011-2012, and chair: 2010-2011, 2012-2013
DAA committee member: 1997-1998, 1998-1999, 1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2005-2006
Facilities committee member: 2001-2002, 2002-2003, 2003-2004, 2004-2005
Host committee member: 2003-2004
Programs committee member: 2006-2007, 2007-2008
PACURH annual conference advisor: 1998
John Yarborough Top Program/New Presenter co-winner: 1999





Kenrick Ali

Kenrick SEC

Associate Director, Residence Life
Full Time: 15 years

I have wanted to be involved as a member of the WACUHO Executive Board for some time now. Unfortunately, with some other commitments, I was not able to seek out this endeavor. As I have settled into a new professional chapter, I believe that the time is right for me to get my feet wet to further serve WACUHO and all of its members. As a new professional some 15 years ago, I did not understand the intricacies of WACUHO and was quite intimidated to get involved. Through the years, I decided to join a variety of committees. Through these, I met some amazing colleagues and friends and feel as though my understanding, pride and commitment for WACUHO has grown to be something that is a priority in my professional life. I am most interested in the position of Secretary as I believe that it would be a great start and will serve as a platform for future involvement. I would like to think that I am administratively very strong, can type very quick (something like 65 WPM), love taking minutes, can write well. Additionally, I am good at creating processes and procedures and I believe that these skills will help in the position of Secretary and serve to be a big support to other Executive Board members. I believe that I have a lot to offer the Board and the organization, including my love for higher education, housing, the WACUHO region and the overall advancement for the amazing day to day development that we are charged with.

List of WACUHO Involvement

NRAP: Committee Member (1999), Committee Co-Chair (2007)
WTI Committee: Socials Chair (2007); Registration Chair (2008, 2009)
WACE Attendance – 2008; 2013

Other Professional Association Involvement

NACURH Conference Resource Consultant – 2008-2013
PACURH Regional Advisor – 1999-2000; 2001-2006
ACPA Commission III (Residence Life) Annual Convention Program Proposal Reviewer (2006-2008)



Laura Dorfman

Laura VP

Title: Director of Residential Life, Student Conduct & Conferences at Marymount California University
Years in Housing and Residence Life: 14 years in residence life

Seeking Vice President

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” ~ Ferris Bueller, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

This is my favorite movie quote from my favorite movie, and represents my thoughts about WACUHO.  Our careers move fast and for me, WACUHO has been that valuable “day off”, that if you didn’t stop to take advantage of, you could miss.

WACUHO family, it is my pleasure to be running for the position of Vice-President.    WACUHO began as my “day off”, a time to network with others and learn new things.  When I attended my first WACE conference, my goals were to learn better budgeting skills, improving work-life balance and to learn about the commitment of committee work in the association.  I left feeling invigorated.  From that conference I had achieved my goals. I learned more about my finances as a live-in professional, felt supported in advocating for my own work-life balance (thank you to Eric Kidder and Happy Cimenski Almogela) and signed up for my first committees (Southern RAP and New professionals.)

As I became more involved with committees, I began to realize how important the association is to provide opportunities for development, connectedness and support for all areas of our field and at all levels.  Since that time, I co-chaired the Western Training Institute, chaired the Pacific Management institute and co-chaired the Annual Conference.  These experiences were far more transformative than I could have imagined.  Not only did I learn from the vision of the scholars, keynote speakers and presenters, but also gained new perspectives from each of my committee chairs and members.

During those years, I received a tremendous benefit from WACUHO.  I knew that my time to give back to the backbone of the association had come.  In 2009, I was appointed to the Newsletter Editor position on the Executive board.  I was amazed that the types and depths of conversations that took place at the meetings in the name of bettering WACUHO.  As the Newsletter Editor, I recognized past presidents, executive board members, and highlighted committee achievements.  I truly enjoyed working as part of the Executive board to serve the association.

As your Vice-President, I will work to foster a greater sense of support within our committees. I would like to inspire and empower individuals from all areas and at all levels to find their niche in our community of committees.  I would like to offer opportunities for committee chair to engage in learning about the trends of their committee’s functional area, within in higher education.  Lastly, I will work, as a member of the executive board, to continue to move our great association forward.

Please vote to allow me to help you achieve YOUR “day off” as the Vice-President of WACUHO.

WACUHO Committee Involvement

Member, Finance Advisory Board, 2013 – 2014
Chair, Time and Place Committee, 2012 – 2013
Co-Chair, WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition, 2011 – 2012
Top 5 Program Award, Mental Health First Aid, WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition, 2011
Editor, Newsletter & Executive Board Member, 2009 – 2011
Chair, Pacific Management Institute, 2008-2009
Chair, Western Training Institute, 2004-2005
Member, Annual Conference Programming Committee, 2004-2005
Member, New Professionals, 2002-2003
Member, Southern RAP Committee, 2001-2002, 2002-2003

Significant WACUHO Involvements, Non-Committee

Attendee, Western Training Institute, 2003-2004
Presenter, “Moving-up, Moving-off, Moving-out” WACUHO Networkshop 2008, SRAP 2008
Presenter, “Mental Health First Aid”, WACE 2011, Top 5 Award Recipient

Related Professional Association Involvement

Trainer, Mental Health First Aid
American College and University Housing Officers International
National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
American College Personnel Association




Josh O’Connor

Josh PE

Title: Leadership Development Coordinator
Institution: University of California, Los Angeles
Numbers of years in Housing/Res Life Profession: 10 years

Hello WACUHO!! I am Josh O’Connor and I am honored to be running for the position of President Elect. I currently work as the Leadership Development Coordinator UC LA. Previously to UCLA, I was a conduct coordinator at UC Davis and a Resident Director at California State University Sacramento. Throughout my time in California, I have attended 7 Northern RAPs (chairing NRAP in 2010) and 9 WACUHO Annual Conferences, where I connected with an array of professionals from public and private, large and small institutions. In 2010, I have the extreme privilege to serve as WACUHO Member-At-Large, North; in 2012 I also was privileged to serve WACUHO as Vice President.  Simply, I want to continue my service to an organization that has provided me so much.

I have been working in university housing and residence life since I became an RA 14 years ago. This field has always been my passion. When I moved to California from Connecticut, I was told by my East Coast mentor to attend the WACUHO Annual Conference and get involved.  So I did. I remember my first WACUHO, San Francisco 2006. I felt so welcomed. The first two people I met with Martine Castillo and the late Jim “JB’ Brock. They took me under my wing and it was amazing to feel so welcomed as a new professional in a new state. It was even more special for me to win the 2011 Jim “JB’ Brock Spirit of WACUHO Award.   Since my first WACE, I vowed to become part of the organization that has been so good to me. I have served and chaired several WACUHO committees and I have created strong connections to other colleagues in the region. I continue to learn from all of my WACUHO colleagues.

In 2010, I chaired NRAP at UC Davis, as well as co-chairing the 2011 WACE Host Committee.   After much thought, I have decided to add my name to the list of candidates for the position of President Elect. I pledge, if given the opportunity, to do my part in moving the WACUHO organization forward, as we encounter new challenges.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Previous WACUHO Involvement:

  • WACE (Running for Exec, Volunteer)                    2014 Oxnard, CA
  • WACE (New Pros Chair)                                        2013 San Jose, CA
  • NRAP (Volunteer)                                                  2012 Santa Cruz, CA
  • WACE (Executive Committee — Vice President)    2012 Pomona, CA
  • NRAP (Executive Committee — VP, Volunteer)      2011 Reno, NV
  • WACE (Chair of Host Committee)                          2011 San Diego, CA
  • NRAP at UC Davis (Executive Chair)                     2010 Davis, CA
  • WACE (Executive Committee MALN, Presenter)   2010 Stanford University, CA
  • WACE (Host Committee)                                       2009 Santa Barbara, CA
  • NRAP at San Jose State (Host Committee)           2008 San Jose, CA
  • WACE (Host Committee)                                       2008 Sacramento, CA
  • NRAP at University of Reno                                   2007 Reno, NV
  • WACE (Volunteer)                                                 2007 Palm Springs, CA
  • NRAP at Cal State Maritime                                  2006 Vallejo, CA
  • WACE (Volunteer)                                                 2006 San Francisco, CA
  • Student Affairs Day                                               2006 Fullerton, CA
  • NRAP at Chico State                                            2005 Chico State, CA

2011 Recipient of the Jim “JB’ Brock Spirit of WACUHO Award



James C. Smith

James PE

Title: Associate Director for Residence Life- Administration
Institution: University of California, Riverside
Numbers of years in Housing/Res Life Profession: 15 years 

“Working together to make a difference” was an expression I heard practically every day as a child when I zipped across channels on the television.   It was the theme to one of the local Detroit stations and the expression was branded into my brain.  Although the station has since changed their slogan, it is as important today as it was then.  As leaders and educators in higher education, it is imperative that we work together to assist students in their development and challenge their will to succeed. Additionally, we must work together to keep the good work of WACUHO going and continue to expand our horizons.

WACUHO has always been an excellent organization to be involved with and to gain skills to be a better practitioner, by working together.  It has shaped my development as an educator and housing professional.  I recall my first year as a new professional being rich with exposure to WACUHO including: Northern RAP, a new professional’s social and finally the annual conference in Palm Springs (2000).  It was there that I really began to sink my teeth into all that WACUHO offered and wanted to become more involved.

Whether it was serving as a committee chair or as your Vice President, I feel that I have been able to learn so many valuable leadership lessons.  I have always believed it important to be engaged in whatever involvements I take on.  While participation is important, it is also imperative to realize your potential and work collaboratively with others while still being able to lead a group or people.  WACUHO has certainly been a mixture of self-directed and shared leadership opportunities.

The privilege of serving as your Treasurer for the past two years has been perhaps the most eye-opening experience.  Being Treasurer has given me a front row seat to running the “day to day” of the association.  Serving as WACUHO’s “communication hub” I have had interactions with committee chairs, committee members, CHOs, CHO admin assistants, Corporate Partners and past presidents.  I have also worked with our various insurance companies, our CPA, the state tax board, and of course the association’s bank.  Demanding at times, the Treasurer role has also given me valuable experiences that I believe prepare me to take it to the next level.

As President-elect, I would like to continue the work that has been done.  As an association, we continue to be at cross-roads with technology, each new item also brings different ways of keeping our members informed.  We must work together to find inclusive ways to keep our members connected, involved and engaged. While technology can assist with that, it can only be as effective as those who choose to engage.

I seek the position of President Elect so that I can continue to give back to the community that has given me so much.  I believe my experiences within WACUHO as well as the work I have done at my institutions will greatly benefit the organization.  It would be an honor to serve you in the role of President-Elect.   I appreciate your consideration for this position, and look forward to seeing you at WACE.

Previous WACUHO Involvement:

Executive Committee

  • Treasurer (2012-2014)
  • Vice President (2007-2008)
  • Member at Large, North (2003-2004)

Committee Chair Experience

  • Pacific Management Institute Co-Chair (2010-2011)
  • Annual Conference- Programs Co-Chair (2006-2007)
  • Academic Relations and Residential Life (2005-2006)
  • New Professionals Co-Chair (2002-2003)
  • Northern RAP Co-Chair (2000)

General Membership in the following committees:

  • Annual Conference Committees of Programs and Exhibits
  • Finance Advisory
  • Time and Place
  • Western Training Institute (WTI)
  • Pacific Management Institute (PMI)
  • Equity & Diversity Awareness (Formerly Diversity & Affirmative Action)
  • New Professionals
  • Northern RAP
  • Academic Relations & Residential Life

Other Qualifying Experience and Contributions

  • Membership and Involvement with NASPA and ACPA
  • Scholarship Recipient for New Professionals and Diversity & Affirmative Action (EDA)




Elections 2014-2015

Below is the slate for the election of the 2014-2015 WACUHO Executive Committee. Please click each candidate’s picture for their bio.  All candidates are listed alphabetically by last name, and by position seeking.


Josh O’Connor                                              James C. Smith
Josh PE
       James PE


Laura Dorfman
Laura VP


Kenrick Ali
Kenrick SEC


Mako Ushihara
Mako Treasurer

Member-at-Large, North

Chryste L Johnson
Chryste MAL N

Member-at-Large, Central

Chad Myers
Chad MAL C

Member-at-Large, South

Jeff Hill
Jeff MAL S