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Helping Students “Make the Grade” in the Laundry Room

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Cathy Jackson is VP of Marketing of WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems,, a leader in technology-advanced, eco-friendly laundry room operations.  She can be reached at or via telephone (310) 297-9437.


The first days of college are exciting for students, but can be overwhelming as they learn for the first time how to take care of day-to-day chores independently.  Doing laundry isn’t “rocket science,” but surprisingly many college students leave home without knowing the basics of how to do laundry.  Fortunately, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems can make the transition easier for students by teaching them the “ABC’s” of laundry and providing technology that makes doing laundry more efficient, all while maintaining student laundry rooms that operate with a reduced environmental footprint.

Laundry 101

Starting with the basics, WASH helps to teach your student residents how to do laundry if they don’t already know.  It provides student move-in packets including a “Laundry 101” Laundry Room Survival Guide that teaches them everything from stain removal to laundry safety and what to do if a machine isn’t working.  WASH also provides an educational video  geared to college students with useful “how-to’s” and tips for doing laundry.

In the laundry room, WASH provides posters and signage to educate and remind students with tips to not overload the machines or use too much laundry detergent, two common mistakes among inexperienced laundry machine users.  In addition, WASH Laundry sponsors some free “Laundry Days” where students can do their laundry for free and get help if it’s needed.

WASH Laundry also will support student service departments by assessing their laundry room needs beyond the machines.  This might include the overall design of the laundry room, including where to place equipment and sitting areas, as well as decorating tips to make the laundry room a more pleasant environment for student residents.

Technology to the Rescue

College students are adept with the latest technology and will appreciate using it in the laundry room with WASH Laundry’s technology-enabled services and features.  Using the WASH Laundry Alert feature available in WASH campus laundry rooms, students can monitor the status of their laundry and access real-time laundry information about the availability of washers and dryers through any device that offers Internet access or via phone.  They can even sign-up for phone and email alerts when laundry is done or machines become available.  These remote access services not only offer convenience, but also reduce crowding in the laundry room especially during peak laundry hours.

If a machine breaks down or is malfunctioning, students and resident laundry room managers can take matters into their own hands by submitting a service requests with their Smartphones.  With our free FixLaundry app, all they need to do is scan the barcode on their machine using the camera on their Smartphone and a service technician will be notified of the exact machine in need of service and its location.

Many colleges and universities have already made the leap to card payment systems.  Whether or not your student laundry room has an existing cashless payment system, WASH will work with your needs to either convert machines to an electronic card systemand/orintegrate with your existing campus-widecard system.

Keeping Your Laundry Room Green

WASH also makes the environment a top priority in the laundry room and shares this commitment with students. Through the WASH Green Laundry Campus Program, WASH reduces the environment footprint of campus laundry room operations by conserving natural resources and helping campuses achieve carbon neutrality.  The program enables college campuses to reduce carbon emissions and water and energy consumption. It also include carbon offset funding with contributions to certified funds such as Carbon Footprint and Carbon Fund.

Moving away to college brings many new experiences for students. If doing laundry is one of them, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems provides the resources, technology and support to make it easier. The people at WASH understand the unique needs of a campus laundry room and keep things running efficiently and profitably, so that students can “make the grade” when it comes to doing laundry.