Monthly Archives: July 2014

2014 – 2015 Executive Commitee

Stephen Fleischer – President
James Smith – President Elect
Laura Dorfman – Vice-President
Kenrick Ali – Secretary
Mako Ushihara – Treasurer
Chryste L Johnson – MAL North
Chad Myers – MAL Central
Jeff Hill – MAL South
Kyle Pretsch – Sr. Technology and Informations Systems
Matt Lewis – Jr. Technology and Information Systems
Tom Burns – Marketing and Communications


Tomorrow at 9am, Pacific Management Institute Proudly Presents: MentorChat!!! This week’s Mentor is Willie Brown, CHO at UC Santa Barbara. Willie will be speaking on Summer Conferences and the role Mid-Level Managers play, including things to know when you become a CHO.

As always, all are welcome. Please call 1-805-360-1000 and enter code 448986# We will be waiting! We’ll be here for the entire hour – so even if you aren’t able to join us right at 9am, stop on by for the conversation!

Join a Committee


Do you have a new collateral for 14-15, are you interested in filling in the gaps in your resume? Want reconnect with WACUHO?  It’s not too late – sign-up to join a WACUHO committee now!

Committee chair and member positions are available.  Here’s what to do:

1.      Learn about WACUHO committees here:

2.      Sign up here: HERE (insert link here.)

3.      E-mail with questions about specific committees.