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The Strategic Planning Task Force – Update

Greetings WACUHO members!

The Strategic Planning Task Force is currently working on the WACUHO Master Plan.  Currently, the task force has identified four key focus areas for the master plan:

  • Communication
  • Organizational Infrastructure
  • Leadership and Member Engagement
  • Enhancing the Profession

These four focus areas will be the backbone of the plan.  Around these focus areas, the task force will identify the desired situation in each area, key indicators that will help us assess if we are on the right track, objectives on how we plan on getting there, and the priority level for the next five years.  In the upcoming academic year, we are expecting the following “road markers” leading up to the Annual Conference and Exhibition in April:

  • December of 2014:  First draft of the master plan to the executive committee and CHOs for feedback
  • January of 2015:  Revised draft of the master plan posted to our website for membership feedback
  • End of March 2015:  Final version of the master plan presented to the membership at the Annual Conference and Exhibition and submitted to the Membership for vote at the Annual Business Meeting.

We want all members to have a voice in the master planning process.  If you know any of the members of the task force, feel free to talk to them about your hopes, dreams, and concerns about WACUHO as an organization.  We will be glad to listen and include your voice into the master plan.  The members of the task force include:

  • Tyler Miller
  • Willie Brown
  • Carol Roberts-Corb
  • Jennifer Novotny
  • Emily Sandoval
  • Jason Lu
  • Chris Young

If you do not know any of the names above, feel free to email tyler miller, the chair of the Strategic Planning task force at