Membership Drive Update

Greetings from your association treasurer!  In the coming week, and no later than September 12th, I will be sending an email to your Chief Housing Officer (CHO) encouraging them to renew your organization’s institutional WACUHO membership via our RegOnLine utility/program.

The institutional membership fees that are collected each year from campuses in our region help to offset the operating costs and support both one-time and on-going Association programmatic needs.  If you, your colleagues, or your para-professional staff have benefited from participating in any WACUHO related event, program, service, or committee work, please reach out to your CHO and encourage her/him to renew your organization’s membership with WACUHO to allow your campus’s continued participation in WACUHO during the coming year.

If you know of any institutions that are not members of WACUHO but feel would benefit from becoming a part of our association, or you know of a campus that recently let their membership lapse for one reason or another, please feel free to contact me with this information.  We will make it a point to reach out and hopefully start and/or revitalize a campus’s membership.  I can be reached at

Hope that opening activities went smoothly for those of you on semester campuses and will go well for colleagues at quarter schools which will be opening in the coming weeks!

Mako Ushihara
Santa Clara University
WACUHO Treasurer 2014-2016