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Hello WACUHO Members,

As I look back at fall, it is no wonder I am feeling a little sleepy. Our organization is “on and poppin!” Southern and Northern RAPS, Careers in Student Affairs Day, and PACURH were all great successes helping to ensure our paraprofessionals get what they need to succeed.

It is time to look forward to WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition (WACE) themed, “Mindfulness in Monterey, You Must Be Present to Win”, to be held in Monterey, CA from March 29 – April 4th. The call for programs is posted with a January 16th deadline. Please consider sharing your skills and insights with the rest of us. And as always, remember that our endeavors include: business and occupancy, conferences, facilities and maintenance, dining and residence life…let’s see all of our family represented in programs! Here’s the link…it’s easy…go ahead…I dare you… Program submission form.

In addition the this month’s WAVES, take a look at the past few, there are a number of calls for participation, and one may be tailored for you.

As I prepare for out Executive Committee quarterly meeting in January, I’d like to know what is on your mind. Feel free to send your thoughts to me at

As we look forward to break, it is my hope that your residents did well, and received the support they needed when they were challenged both big and small. Take some time to recharge your batteries…because they will come back rested and ready to ________ (fill in the blank). For those participating in holidays this time of year, I wish you Happy Holidays! And I wish good health and prosperity to all you.


New Pros Mentor/Mentee Sign-ups!

The New Professionals committee this year has a hard-working group working on some great new initiatives.  One of the things we do is try to match new professionals and seasoned professionals through our Mentor/Mentee program.  If you are interested in being a mentor/mentee for the region, please fill out this quick form (  It should only take two minutes!

Look out for more updates about New Pros!  We are planning socials, working on scholarship applications, finalizing a new welcome newsletter for those who are new to the region, and much more.

Jennifer Novotny and Jason M. Lu

New Pros Committee Co-chairs

Calling all Building/Facilities and Operations folks! 

The Facilities Committee would like to invite all facilities, operations, and anyone who may be interested in building ops to join the WACUHO Facilities Committee. Your co-chairs, Brian Cravanas – UC Berkeley and Gabriel Altamirano – Santa Clara University have many new ideas on how we can build this committee, but we need your support. To join the Facilities Committee, please sign up at “Committee Sign Up”. Anyone interested in attending a drive-in conference at Santa Clara University? Join the Facilities Committee or email myself for more information-

Engaging Faculty in Residential Programming

Written by: Jordan Richman, University of California Los Angeles

Faculty members spend lots of time with college students. They are adept at communicating and interacting in an environment that is familiar to them, but sometimes they struggle to make the transition to engagement in residential communities. To understand the context of this situation and identify ways to help, I spoke with Dr. Tara Prescott, an award-winning Faculty-in-Residence at UCLA. I extracted three main themes from our conversation, which can help faculty members engage with students both in and out of the classroom.

Understand the Situation of Faculty

Many professors may not be aware of what happens in residential communities and may not even be aware that educational programming occurs. Helping faculty to understand that there is a learning aspect to “dorm life” will enable them to gain greater context to the work we do and how it relates to the work they do. For the faculty who do have a concept of what happens in residential areas, they may not know about resources familiar to Residential Life/Housing professionals such as access to free space, funding, A/V equipment and so on. Another thing to consider is that many Residential Life/Housing professionals live on/in and programming in the evening is convenient for us to get to. Most faculty members do not live on campus and may not even come to campus every day. Evening hours work best for the majority of students, so work with faculty to identify a time that may be close to when their class or office hours end.

Make a Connection

You may be fortunate to have a faculty-in-residence program that works in conjunction with your department or have connections to faculty. However, if you are reaching out to someone you do not know, it is helpful to go to their office hours to meet them in person. This allows you to clearly articulate your learning objectives and outcomes for the program. Additionally, many older faculty members may not be adept with e-mail or prefer in person connections. Another thing to consider is reaching out to faculty in advance to respect their other time commitments and potentially adjust their commuting schedule.

Identify Positive Outcomes

Faculty members are very busy and while they enjoy connecting with students, they may not always be able to easily identify how their involvement will benefit students or themselves. One reason you may be reaching out to faculty is because their area of expertise is related to the program you are planning. Helping faculty to understand how this extra time will enrich students’ experience is critical.