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The Awards and Recognition Committee would like to congratulate the following recipients of the various WACUHO Awards presented at WACE this year:

  • The Charles L. Miller Leadership & Service Award:  Tim Trevan, CSU Northridge
  • The Jim “JB” Brock Spirit of WACUHO Award: Tyler Miller, Fresno State
  • WACUHO Volunteer of the Year Award: Britney Summerville, CSU Channel Islands
  • New Professionals WACE Conference Award: Jocelyn Bravo, Cal Poly Pomona and Kathryn Johnson, USC
  • New Professionals ACUHO-I Conference Award: Shirori Silver, Sacramento State
  • Women of WACUHO Conference Award: Emily Sandoval, USC
  • John Yarborough / My Favorite Student, Best of the West Programming Award: Maria Lazaro, UC Merced and Norma Salcedo, Cal Poly Pomona: “Supporting Undocumented Students Outside of the Classroom”

For more information about these and other WACUHO Awards, please refer to the WACUHO Leadership Manual.

WoW update

Wow Breakfast

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”  – Maya Angelou

We are thrilled to share with you the many accomplishments of your 2014-2015 Women of WACUHO Committee. To say we had a successful year would be an understatement, and it is important to recognize the time, talent and dedication that went into making this first year a stellar one. Each and every WoW committee member helped build a strong foundation for what we expect will continue to be an active and engaged group. The following is a list of successes from this past year:

  • Southern Drive-in Conference, Marymount California University
  • Northern Drive-in Conference, Santa Clara University
  • 1st Outstanding Woman of WACUHO Award
  • Mentoring Program
  • Women of WACUHO web page (Thank you Matt Lewis!)

We cannot stress enough the transformative impact this first year has had on women in the region. Whether through knowledge sharing, networking, supporting or encouragement, we are living our new motto…WoW Strong!

We encourage you to continue to explore our web page for updates and don’t forget to sign up for the Mentoring Program and/or submit your WoW Committee form for 2015-2016. Join the movement!

Mayra, Piya & Maggie

Strategic Plan Update

We are excited to begin the next stages of the Strategic Planning process!  At the most recent business meeting, the WACUHO 2015-2020 Strategic Plan passed and has now become the official strategic plan for the Association.  Now the real work can begin!  The Strategic Plan has provided a blueprint for moving our Association in a positive direction, but unless people are involved in the work, nothing will change.  We need your help!  If you have not looked through the Strategic Plan, you can do so by going to our WACUHO.ORG website and clicking on Strategic Plan.  The plan focuses in four areas, and the immediate priorities (things we need to address in the next 1-2 years) are listed below:

  • Communication
    • Assessing our current communication media and platforms
    • Researching potential communication platforms for possible implementation
    • Creating a digital repository of our history – videos, pictures, documents
  • Organizational Infrastructure
    • Creating a centralized office structure for WACUHO related work (home campus, ACUHO-I, contract with private company, other options)
    • Evaluating current committee structure and reorganize to better reflect our needs and impact
    • Implementing and incorporating recommendations of the Finance Advisory committee
    • Assessing the membership structure and fee system to reflect financial goals and values of the Association
  • Leadership and Member Engagement
    • Assess needs and interests of under-represented function areas (facilities, summer conferences, admin services, marketing, food services, etc)
    • Develop a cycle of progressive involvement from graduate student to senior level positions – what is each person’s role and/or place in the organization?
    • Assess and implement communication systems to ensure individuals from member institutions understand their rights and opportunities within the association
  • Enhancing the Profession
    • Create a consistent and sustainable WACUHO assessment plan
    • Develop a roundtable on benchmarking in our region – what makes for a good housing program?
    • Develop a comprehensive recognition plan for awards, recognition, and scholarships (beyond the annual conference and exposition)

As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done over the next few years.  We need your help, because our plan cannot be carried out on the backs of only a few select individuals.  Whether you are a new professional, have been in our field for some time, or a seasoned Chief Housing Officer, we need you to join a Strategic Planning work group!  To do this, just go to our webpage ( and click on committees, and select “Committee signup”  – or click here:

When you select which committee to sign up for, the first option will be “Strategic Planning Work Groups” select this and we will contact you over the summer to ensure you have a voice in our process!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact tyler miller (the Chair of Strategic Planning) at


The Faculty Perspective and How You Can Help!

How can we recruit more faculty to connect with students living on campus? What are the barriers that limit faculty involvement in learning communities? How can student affairs administrators support faculty and learning communities? These are just a few of the questions that come to mind when creating or strengthening our collaboration with faculty on our campuses.

Dr. Shametrice Davis, Assistant Professor in Educational Leadership shared her experience, involvement, and advice as a Faculty-in-Residence at California State University, Long Beach. When asked to share an experience she had with her learning community that validated the impact of her role within the community, Dr. Davis shared that she enjoys meeting with students during her office hours the most. Helping students write cover letters for internships or personal statements for graduate program applications allows her to blend her professional experience with the responsibilities she has as a FIR. Read more about Dr. Davis’s interview here.

Want to hear from more faculty members? The Academic Relations Committee needs your help! We are creating a database of experiences, involvements, and advice from faculty members who collaborate with Housing and Residential Life. Please share the following link with the faculty in your department and feel free to pass it along to colleagues at other institutions who may be interested in sharing as well.

NRAP Doesn’t Have a Home!

So you remember that incredible time your students had at NRAP and that even more incredible time you had at WACE 2015? Or maybe you didn’t make it to either but you know you want to be a part of it all – NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

NRAP has yet to find a home and your campus could be it!

If you are remotely interested (or want to see a sample bid) and have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me otherwise please check out the below format and send in your bid if you and your campus wants to be considered:

RAP Host Bid Format

Please provide a short proposal/bid that responds to the following questions to help the RAP Committee decide on a Host school for the upcoming conference. Answer the questions thoroughly and provide details. When finished, send this bid to the member-at-large for your region (, and the incoming member-at-large ( ). Send any and all queries you might have prior to submitting to your member-at-large as well.

What makes your institution a good choice to host a RAP?

  • What does your institution have to offer in the following areas (Please include the estimated costs for each service)?
    • Catering/Dining
    • Classrooms and Technology
    • Large Venue (Seating 300-400+)
    • Parking
    • Volunteers
    • Other unique services to provide the RAP
    • Other costs/services
  • Please provide us with some possible dates that would work well for your institution
  • Is there anything the committee should know about your institution and your ability to host the upcoming RAP?
  • Please provide the contact information of the professional from your institution who will serve as either Chair or the Host Liaison on the RAP Committee


Your outgoing member-at-large,

Tiffany Taylor
“Let’s give NRAP a home”