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Get wRAPped up in the FUN!

The summer has been busy on the RAP front as Northern, Southern, and Central RAPs have been planned for October 31, November 7, and November 21 respectively. Our host institutions are Sacramento State, University of Redlands, and Cal Lutheran University.  Island RAP has been inactive for a few years, but we haven’t given up on it just yet – so stay tuned!
For those new to WACUHO, RAPs are one day conferences where paraprofessionals present their best campus programs to other paraprofessionals in their region. Most of the RAPs also offer concurrent programming tracks for the professional staff in attendance as well. The RAPs are great opportunities for networking and learning new programming to bring back to your home campus.

The RAP planning committees are comprised of volunteers from the region and they could use your help! If you are looking to get involved with WACUHO and help provide the best experience for your staff, joining a RAP committee is a great first step! Please contact the committee co-chairs listed below for more information.

  • Northern RAP – Justin Vacca (Holy Names Univ.) and Maria Lazaro (UC Merced) –
  • Southern RAP – Reggie Robles (Redlands) and Jocelyn Bravo (Cal Poly Pomona) –
  • Central RAP – Andy Hanson (Cal Lu) and Matt Soto (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) –
If you are looking for other ways to get involved with WACUHO please contact your Member-at-Large for more details.
  • MAL North – Jesse Andrews (Sonoma State) –
  • MAL South – Jeff Hill (UCSD) –
  • MAL Central – Chad Myers (Occidental) –