Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Timeline Project: We need your help.

Remember that great Northern RAP you went to in the 90s? How about that Pacific Management Institute (PMI) or Western Training Institute (WTI) that changed your professional life? What about that amazing Karaoke number so many years ago? The WACUHO Historians this year are attempting to pull together all of those favorite memories that you have in celebration of Our 60th Diamond Anniversary! Please email us your fond memories about WACUHO to We are looking for any historic items, newsletters, giveaways, and pictures that you might have. If you have any of these items, let us know! We hope to feature these memories and items at the Annual Conference in Long Beach. Please help us out by emailing us at today!

Strategic plan work groups.

Greetings from the Strategic Planning Committee!

We hope that everyone is enjoying a successful start to their academic year. As the 2015-2016 year gets underway, we are putting plans into motion to move forward with the strategic plan that was ratified during our most recent business meeting. Our committee is currently finalizing the structure and charge of work groups. Thank you to those who have expressed interest in participating in the strategic planning process through our work groups. You should be hearing from a committee member shortly regarding the next steps in our process, with the specific work groups and charges.

Are you interested in participating in a work group and just haven’t had a chance to sign up yet? Not to worry, you still have time! While all committees bring value to the organization, it is essential that we gather brilliance and contribution from our WACUHO membership to operationalize the recommendations of our WACUHO strategic plan. Work groups are currently being formed to address both the immediate and short term needs identified in the strategic plan. If you would like to have a direct impact on the future of our organization please consider joining a work group. You may sign up to participate by visiting the “Committee Signup” section of the WACUHO website.

If you have questions regarding the work groups, contact Jen Novotny ( while our chair, Tyler Miller, is transitioning into his new role at UC Santa Barbara.

Thank you again for all your support!