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Seeking Interested Individuals for WACE 2018 Leadership Positions

Planning is continuing for an amazing WACE 2017 in Sacramento (April 2-5th) – we hope you’ll be joining us!  At this point in time, we are just starting out planning efforts for WACE 2018 in San Diego!

Because of this, we currently have open leadership positions for the WACE 2018 conference.  Although our Host Co-Chair positions are filled, we have open spots for Conference Chair(s), Program Chair(s), and Exhibits Chair(s).  If you are interested in being considered for one of these positions, submit a committee preference form by December 1st.

Please indicate on this form you want to be considered for a 2018 conference, exhibits, or program chair.

The executive committee will be discussing this and making appointments for these chair positions at the beginning of January.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Tyler Miller, President-Elect, at

Letter from the President- October

About 10 years ago, I had a friend who was an excellent, experienced pilot; in fact, he trained new pilots.  After making a trip where I had opportunity to fly, I asked him about the possibility of a successful water landing… because I’m curious like that!  After all, so much effort is put into giving instructions, I wondered what the likelihood really was of a successful landing on water.  Not surprisingly, he indicated that the chances were very slim indeed of a successful water landing wherein passengers might escape via door slides and use of floatation devices.  Fast-forward a few years to January 15, 2009 when Chesley Sullenberger and his co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles successfully landed US Air Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in New York.  The day this news story broke, I was overwhelmed with how an otherwise “ordinary day at the office” could turn into such a consequential, life-and-death situation for these two pilots.  And it made me think about the impact of people who are principled, committed, disciplined, and excellent in their work.  It is a thing of beauty!  So, if you haven’t seen the move Sully yet, I commend it to you.  It will inspire you to consider just how much we rely on the character and excellence of strangers as we move through our daily lives.

Now, some who are reading this may quickly dismiss any correlation between that Miracle on the Hudson and your day-job as a housing professional.  I beg to differ.  We just opened a new 600-bed residence hall this year, and we were nail-biter close – far too close for comfort, really – in getting a temporary certificate of occupancy in time for move in… the next day!  So many elements of this situation were beyond our control as housing staff, but our team did what was within their power to support an on-time, safe, and comfortable opening for 600 of our first-year students in spite of the obstacles.  Watching the team in action was a thing of beauty.  And, it was also encouraging to watch our first-year students ride a wave of excitement being the first class to live in this facility and overlook a number of inconveniences that in a typical situation would have been fodder for student and family complaints. However, instead of calling it a miracle – which is what it feels like – I instead say that it “defies logic”.  There is something about the combination of the commitment, excellence, and hard work of our staff and the positive spirit of our entering class that created an essential synergy.  It is very satisfying, but also, very inspiring.

Now, this is a tangible, physical example.  We are – all of us – engaged in the educational enterprise.  And, we’ve got our work cut out for us – the political and social climate in which we find ourselves today is not for the faint of heart.  In many stories even of the last week, we are seeing the worst of our society – bias, discrimination, violence, hatred, and fear.  We need change!  To this end, as educators, we support the holistic education and development of tomorrow’s societal leaders and contributors– indeed, strangers whose character and excellence we and others will rely on as we move through our daily lives.  The promise and potential of a “good day at the office” for us then is so much bigger than individual achievement – it can move people – inspire people – change people, and in some cases, even save them…really!  Thanks for all you do – your work makes a difference!

Central RAP

Please save the date for Central RAP 2016-17!  Mark your calendars for February 25, 2017 located at the beautiful California State University, Fresno campus!  Go Bulldogs!1007e75a-ee63-41ac-aac3-597ccd23833d26b713c0-7ecf-4a7b-af37-f04a4a78a7bdeb5ce84b-c6a1-4496-9e37-3a15523ba63d

NRAP 2016 – Moving from Awareness to Advocacy

This year’s Northern RAP will take place on November 5, 2016 at the beautiful San Francisco State University. This year’s theme centers on social justice and will empower our student leaders to be advocates for justice on their home campuses and in the broader community. Participants will have the chance to attend various educational programming sessions, round table discussions, view poster presentations, and of course, cheer alongside their fellow student leaders.

Registration: Early registration ends October 17, with final registration ending on October 27. Click HERE for more details.

Programs & Round tables: Program and Round table submissions are due October 14. Click HERE for more details.

Keynote: Keynote speaker applications are due on October 12. Click HERE for more details.

SRAP needs a home!

Southern RAP is still searching for a host institution for this year’s SRAP conference. We have been searching for a host institution since this past summer and have not been able to solidify a host. At this time, we would be looking to plan a spring conference for late January/early February as we know many schools will begin their staff selection processes. If any schools are looking to become more involved in WACUHO and would like more information about hosting, please contact us at

Jenna Hazelton, SRAP co-chair
Kirsten Levine, SRAP co-chair
Rexanne Bowman-Anderson, Member-at-Large South

A special message to CHOs:  We need and SRAP Host Campus!
Hosting is a wonderful opportunity to maximize the conference experience for your students and to showcase your campus to fellow students and peers in the region.   If you are a Southern Region School – we hope that you will seriously consider serving as a host for Southern RAP!  Presently, we are shooting for Saturdays in late January or early February as conference dates.  CACUHO Flashback Moment…Many of our seasoned members will recall that before we added Central RAP we only had Southern RAP and it was typically held in February each year.  My first experience with CACUHO was attending Southern RAP held at Cal State Northridge in February 1985… what was your first RAP experience?  Please thoughtfully consider hosting Southern RAP so we can keep up the fine tradition of training and encouraging the RAs and other student leaders in this region!  If you are interested, you may contact the Southern RAP chairs at – Cindy Derrico, President

Executive Team Meets at UCSD October 26 – 28

Our team will meet together for our first, full in person meeting later this month.  Some items on our agenda are listed below.  Our meetings are open, so please join us if you are interested and available.   Email or for meeting times and locations.
  • Inclusion
  • WACE 2018 Site Visit
  • Central Office Proposals
  • WACE 2017 Budget
  • WACE 2017 Planning
  • Strategic Planning Priorities for 16-17
  • Set June 2017 on-site meeting dates for current and new Exec and WACE Planning Committee

– Cindy Derrico, President

Women of WACUHO

WoW is excited to get things going for the 2016-2017 year! If you haven’t had the chance to connect with WoW, be sure to join our Facebook group, sign up for our monthly newsletter, and check out our brand new website! Stay tuned for more information regarding the annual drive-in conferences, mentorship opportunities, book club, meet-ups, and more! If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, contact us at

Your WoW Tri-Chairs,
Kate Hsieh, Hailey Lopez, and Melissa Silverman

Welcome WACUHO’s new Vice President, Dave Keller

dave-kellerAfter Tiffany’s announcement, the Executive Committee had the responsibility of appointing a new Vice President for the remainder of the 2016-17 term.  After thoughtful consideration, we agreed to ask Dave Keller, Director of Housing Services and Facilities at UC Santa Cruz, to join the Executive Committee.  Dave has participated in WACUHO for a number of years, and most recently served as co-chair of our 2015 Conference in Monterey, CA.  Dave has worked as a Housing professional for over 26 years and so in addition to his service to WACUHO, he has also been a member and volunteer in other regional housing associations:  SWACUHO, SEAHO, UMR-ACUHO, and GLACUHO.  Please join us in welcoming Dave to the Executive Committee! – Cindy Derrico, President

Farewell to our Vice President, Tiffany Taylor

tiffany-taylorI have bittersweet news to share – Tiffany Taylor who has served us capably for more than two years as Vice President of WACUHO has accepted a new job opportunity within higher education that will take her out of the Housing profession.  She’ll still be a valued colleague working in Student Affairs as the Director of Student Activities and Campus Life at Berkeley City College.  In Tiffany’s own words:

WACUHO has truly been my professional home, I have been a part of it since before being a full time professional and could not be the professional I am today without each and every board member and volunteer of the association and the opportunities serving the region have provided me. I have made lifelong friendships and hope that my work and the foundations I have laid will carry on in continuing to build and help other professionals as it has helped me.
It has been a pleasure working with you and the entire Association and the experiences will always hold a fond place in my heart. Who knows, I may become one of the WACE “special guests”!  Til then, I wish you all well.

Since the first time I met Tiffany at WTI in 2010, I was impressed by her positivity, warmth, and passion and I will miss her wise and substantive contributions on our Executive Committee.  Please join me in thanking Tiffany for her work and commitment to WACUHO and wishing her well in her new position! – Cindy Derrico, President