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Letter from the President- December

It is hard to believe that this year is coming to an end.  I’ve noticed on social media that many are calling 2016 the worst year ever.  I hadn’t really thought about it in those terms, but I definitely agree that this year, on both a personal and professional level, has been challenging.  I am more tired this winter than usual from the pains and losses of the year.  For those of you familiar with Carol Dweck’s research on mindset, I’m a person who generally maintains a growth mindset (not at fixed mindset) – this means that I see a problem or obstacle, I believe that a change is possible, and my mental and practical effort can be applied to successfully break through these obstacles and problems.  In the simplest and profoundest of terms, I imagine a better future is possible and I work toward that end.

When the challenges we face in our work are the most difficult, even overwhelmingly so, I acknowledge that it is harder to imagine a better future and engage effort in making it so.  When I think back to my most idealistic professional self in graduate school, however, I remember that this is the reason I chose to be an educator.  I believed that education made a difference – that minds could be changed and expanded and multiply the power of this difference and hopefulness in our neighborhoods, communities, and society.  And I still believe it.

And so, after a well-deserved rest this month before heading into a new year, I hope that each of us is able to reflect on the ways that our contribution and effort can break through some of the difficulties that have made 2016 so hard and how we can helps others, our colleagues and our students, imagine and work toward a better future one year at a time.  Truthfully, as I follow some of you on social media, I’m already inspired by how some of our colleagues in WACUHO continue to process and conquer the personal and professional challenges.

I hope each of you enjoy a wonderful and restful holiday!

SRAP Spring 2017

The SRAP Committee is still seeking a site for the SRAP Conference – we hope you’ll consider hosting us this year in February 2017! And, for those eagerly waiting to attend, we thank you for your patience while we work on location options for the conference. We are continuing with the plan for a February conference, and will have more information to come in January!  If any schools are interested in hosting, or would like more information, please contact us at

Kirsten Levine, SRAP co-chair
Jenna Hazelton, SRAP co-chair
Rexanne Bowman-Anderson, Member-at-Large South

Time and Place

Greetings WACUHO!
We are currently seeking campuses to host the 2019 WACUHO Annual Conference & Exhibition. Bids for WACE are made two years in advance, generally alternating between north and south, with Fresno on the northern side and San Luis Obispo on the southern side. However, this is a general guideline, and we will accept bids from all interested parties. We are excited to visit Sacramento in 2017, San Diego in 2018, and we look forward to identifying the 2019 hosts.

To ease the process for host campuses, we are excited to partner with Kris Finger of HelmsBriscoe on securing a contract for the 2019 conference site/hotel. Kris comes highly recommended from our colleagues in NWACUHO, and she will partner with us to secure a conference site and hotel, negotiating contracts and ensuring that the site meets the Host Committee and our Association’s needs.

This means the early stages of bidding the conference as a host campus is significantly easier since we’re providing a lot of professional support in the hotel and hospitality negotiation process!  If you’re interested in being considered as a host campus, or have questions about the bidding process, please contact Kelly Cole, the Time and Place Committee Chair at

Women of WACUHO

Remember to check out the WoW Website at: 

Book Club
We are launching our first book club! Year of Yes. Our first discussion will be Jan 19th. Make sure to add this to your holiday wish list! You can also listen to Shonda Rhimes narrate by downloading the audio-book!







Drive in Conferences Friday, February 3, 2017
Northern Region:

Southern Region:

  • Registration will go live January 9th!












We are still accepting applications for our mentorship program and hope to make matches early next year. Please sign up here:

It’s not too early to start thinking about submitting a program for WACE! We are hoping to expand the WoW Track at WACE with some more programs around the advancement, empowerment, and connection of women. Stay tuned for more information regarding WACE events and the WoW Awards!

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