Letter from the President- January

We have significant challenges and opportunities coming our way this semester as professionals!  My spring is consistently very busy, even without a US Presidential transition of power!  You’ll see a number of opportunities below to engage with others for professional encouragement and support, including offerings from our Equity and Diversity Awareness (EDA) Committee, WoW (Women of WACUHO), New Professionals, and Mid-Level Managers.  I hope you’ll take advantage of one or more of them, and invite campus colleagues to join you!

Also coming up is our 61st WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition (WACE) at the beautiful Hyatt Regency in Sacramento, April 2 – 5.  In this newsletter you’ll also see information regarding the annual conference – a call for programs and information on exhibits.  You’ll see the registration and hotel reservation information coming out very soon.  We have consistently been committed to highlighting “tracks” at the annual conference to support those who attend in choosing relevant sessions to support their work.  After last year’s strategic planning work on developing engagement opportunities for more of our student housing functional areas, we will be providing tracks for housing administrative staff on Monday, April 3 (applications, contracts, room assignments, billing, etc.), and a track for facility professionals on Tuesday, April 4.  Although we hope that participants will come for the entire conference, we know that some of our members are only able to get away for a day or so, and we hope this provides an opportunity to meaningfully connect with colleagues who can only attend for one or two days.  I hope you’ll share some of your wisdom, experience, and successes with us by submitting a program proposal for WACE.

The Executive Committee is meeting at UCSB January 30 – February 1 at The Club & Guest House that just opened.  Feel free to stop in to visit or listen in if you wish.  And, if you have questions or issues of concern for the Executive Committee, please send those to me so we may add them to our agenda at president@wacuho.org.  And, speaking of the Executive Committee, I hope you’ll consider running for an officer position, or nominate someone who you think would serve us well.  You’ll see nomination and application information for WACUHO Executive Committee below.

Finally, you’ll see below that we are already calling for committee members for 2017-18 – please consider joining one or more committees next year.  We need your support and experience, and we know that you’ll find it to be an enriching experience to engage with other professionals in our region.

I hope that your quarter or semester has (or will) start well!

Cindy Derrico
WACUHO President