Mid-Level Manager’s Committee Update

Greetings from the Mid-Level Manager’s Committee,

We hope that you had a great break and are enjoying a Happy New Year!  We are very excited about the work that the committee has planned and we would like to share a little bit with you.  During our committee meetings we have discussed providing information on several different topics including:  The importance of wellness, mentoring and mentorship, creating inclusive workplace environments, and deciding whether or not to continue your education.  It is our hope that by sharing our stories and the stories of others; you will find some inspiration, a little humor, and a few practical tools as we embark on this journey of leading from the middle.

We plan to do this through writing articles to be featured in WAVES, proposing program sessions geared toward Mid-Level managers at WACE, and also hosting monthly conversations with SHO’s!  We even discussed planning NorCal and SoCal socials so we can get to know our colleagues at neighboring institutions.  Hopes are big and our committee is small so…please consider joining us!  Always room for people and ideas.  Let us know if you would like to get involved.  If you’d like to join the committee this year, please email us at pmi@wacuho.org.

Additionally, we are hoping to start a book read on the topics of wellness, balance, and motivation.  We welcome ideas!  https://goo.gl/forms/Yw5cl2CkJyT5t8732

Take care and remember that with great power co great responsibility!

Your Co-Chairs,

Christine Bender, Ed.D.
Associate Director of Residential Education
California State University, San Bernardino

Crystal D. Lay
Assistant Director of Residential Education
University of California-Berkeley