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WoW Updates

WoW Updates

Outstanding Woman of WACUHO Award
Nomination materials available here:
Due: March 2, 2017
Different from the WoW WACE Scholarship, the purpose of the Outstanding Woman of WACUHO award is to give recognition to an individual member of the Association who supports the advancement, development, and mentorship of women. The recipient will be selected based upon personal demonstration of what the applicant has contributed to the promotion of women.

Award recipient will receive $100 to donate towards an organization of their choice which supports women’s issues and advancement. Additionally, the recipient will be recognized at the Annual Conference and Exhibition and in a WoW Monthly Newsletter.

WoW Drive Ins Recap
The WoW Drive-Ins were a great success! Combined both Northern and Southern Drive-Ins hosted 139 participants. At both conferences, participants has an opportunity to engage in dialogue focusing on identity and intersectionality. Programs focused on navigating our current political climate, expanding our sphere of influence, sharing our stories, advocating for self and others, and making an impact for those we serve. Conference attendees stated:

“I loved the Keynote Speaker! I have been to many large conferences and that could really learn a lot from the fabulous job by WOW. Excellent value….overall I can’t say enough good things. Really puts those expensive conferences to shame.”

“The opportunity to meet and connect with women in the region and get out of the office for a day was a refreshing and needed break from a busy semester. Given the current political climate it was also really encouraging to be around so many like-minded and inspiring women.”

“Amazing Keynote Speaker. Such a wonderful connection that makes you take notice of what you can control and what you must move beyond in our intersections.”

Thank you all for coming out and we hope to see you next year!

Mid-Level Managers

Mid-Level Managers

I Have a Question for You
By Christine Bender and Crystal Lay

As mid-level managers generally speaking there is a desire to move up and when that time comes there is a multitude of knowledge that one must possess in order to impress.  The best way to prepare for future questions is to begin asking yourself questions now.  Those questions might consist of:

  • How does one determine room rates?  What does the process look like?
  • What unions are represented in my department and what are the basics of their contracts?
  • What are the current hot topics in higher education, specifically Residential Education?
  • How are room assignments made?
  • What are basic topics that should be covered in RA training?
  • Who are the various providers for Housing? (IE: laundry, food service, furniture, etc.)
  • How is deferred maintenance considered and decided?
  • What is the most logical way to develop an overall housing budget?  How can I get that experience now?
  • What is the appropriate student staff to resident ratio?

Beginning to ask yourself these questions now will better prepare you for the confidence and know how to answer later.  Always reach out to mentors, current Executive Directors/Directors, and others to assist you with questions that may not be on this list.  Happy researching!

SRAP moving forward

SRAP moving forward

After much consideration and various committee brainstorming sessions, the Southern RAP committee has decided to forego a conference for the 2016-2017 year. This year, we will be focusing our efforts on securing a host site for SRAP 2017 to occur in the fall. We will begin soliciting a location in order to ensure a successful SRAP 2017. While we are sad that a conference was unable to take place this year, we are taking this opportunity to grow, move forward and begin planning the next conference.

SRAP Committee

WACE Poster Session Opportunity!

WACE Poster Session Opportunity!

Are you a grad student or someone currently conducting assessments or researching trends?
The Program Committee would love to give you the opportunity to share your area of expertise and research with the rest of the WACUHO membership at this year’s WACE!  Poster Sessions are a great way to showcase things that are occurring in our field and having an impact on the work we do with our students.

Poster Session Proposals are due by February 27th.


Programs Committee

WACE 2017

Greetings from WACE 2017,

We are excited and counting down the days until we are “Cultivating Growth.”   As the days approach we thought we would give you some brief updates to help with your planning efforts.

  • Hotel Reservations – Please visit to make your reservations.  We have added additional double and king rooms to each day.  This should help everyone that experienced problems getting a specific room type.  You are encouraged to register as soon as possible to assure getting a room before the room block fills, preferably no later than March 3rd.  The deadline for the conference rate is March 10th.
  • Program Submissions – The deadline to put in your amazing program proposal has been extended to Monday, February 20, 2017.
  • Program Schedule – We will have an outline of the schedule up within the next week.  Our goal is to offer track programs to help with your planning.
    • Registration opens at 1:00 PM on Sunday, and in the late afternoon we have opportunities to meet others and come together at our opening dinner.
    • Monday will start with a keynote, have a variety of programs, including those focused on Business Operations.
    • Tuesday’s schedule will also be filled with programs, including those focused on Facilities Operations.  We will gather at the end of the day at a banquet to recognize our leadership and successes.
      • The Exhibits Exposition will be from 9 am to 12 noon, with over 50 booths with products and services to serve our profession
  • We will end on Wednesday around noon offering programs and our closing brunch with keynote

Please continue to view our web page for up-to-date information and announcements.


Ramona, Kailyn, and Samuel

Considering Chairing a Committee This Year?

Considering Chairing a Committee This Year?

Greetings WACUHO!
In last month’s WAVES, I wrote an article encouraging you to consider serving on one of the many committees that do the important work of our association. I am reaching out again this month to encourage you to consider serving as a chair of one of the committees. The leadership provided by our committee chairs is critical to the effective functioning of the committee structure, and we are asking you to consider bringing your talent, skill and enthusiasm to this important leadership role!

The deadline to apply for a committee chair position is Friday, March 3, 2017. The Executive Committee will select chairs from the pool of applicants, and you will be notified prior to WACE 2017, as to whether you have been selected to serve as a committee chair.

Please consider serving as a committee chair and providing the leadership necessary to achieve the goals and work of WACUHO!

Go to and click on “volunteer for a committee” in the important links section.



Are you looking to be more involved in WACUHO?  Have you been debating on whether or not to “take the risk” and run for an executive committee position?  Well, the time has come!  WACUHO wants and needs your uniqueness, charisma, and talent!
Nominate a colleague, nominate yourself, or ask a colleague to nominate you for the upcoming 2017-18 Executive Committee!
Check out the Leadership Manual and By-Laws for a full description of the positions listed below. This is your opportunity to gain new experiences, provide leadership to our organization, and make new connections (and friends)!

More information is in the January WAVES.

Nominations are due by 5:00 PM on February 24, 2017 

If you are nominating a colleague, please speak to them in advance to ensure they are interested.
Open positions include:

  • President-Elect
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer (2 Year Commitment)
  • Secretary
  • Member-at-Large, North
  • Member-at-Large, Central
  • Member-at-Large, South
  • Assistant Technology Coordinator* (*this position appointed by the Executive Committee)

To send a nomination, simply e-mail the full name, institution, e-mail address, and the recommended position of your nominee to: by 5:00 PM on February 24, 2017.

Best wishes!

James C. Smith, Nominations Chair


Are you interested in running for an executive committee position? Not sure about it means to be on Exec?  Here are a few frequently asked questions to help navigate you through the process….

What is the time commitment to be on the executive committee?
It generally depends on the position. However, at the very least you will need to attend no less than five in-person (5) executive committee meetings.  These meetings include (but are not limited to): the summer transition meeting when you first take office,  a fall meeting, a winter meeting, a meeting prior the day prior to WACE and the final transition meeting as you are leaving office (if your position is only one-year).   Additionally, you attend WACE and the business meeting at WACE.  Finally, depending on your position you may also attend committee meetings for those you liaise with as well as conferences (e.g. RAP).    Outside of meetings, your position may require additional work to prepare for meetings, host conference calls, or attend conferences (President). The work of the Treasurer is mostly done outside of meetings and may require additional time than other positions.  If you are interested in finding out more about a current position, contact a member of the executive committee or the nominations chair.
1 Year Commitment Positions: Vice President, Secretary, Member at Large.
2 Year Commitment:  Treasurer, Marketing/Communications Coordinator, Assistant Technology Coordinator (Year 1 is Assistant, Year 2 is Tech Coordinator), President Elect (Year 1 is elect, year 2 serves as Association President).

Who can be on the Executive Committee?
The Executive Committee is open to those working as a Housing Officer at WACUHO Membership institutions of higher education in Housing and/or Residential Life. A Housing Officer is defined by WACUHO as “any person on the staff or faculty of an institution or organization whose duties relate to the administration, facilities, fiscal/service management, educational, programming, and/or food service activities within college/university housing regardless of their particular title.”

Does my institution have to be a WACUHO Member for me to be a part of the Executive Committee?
Yes.  Annual membership for institutions is July 1-June 30 each year.  You may contact the association Treasurer to determine if your institution is a member of WACUHO.

What are the costs associated with being on the Executive Committee?
WACUHO understands the commitment involved with being on the executive committee and the volunteer nature of the positions.  To that end, WACUHO covers travel expenses to all executive committee meetings (except the WACE meeting) as well as assists with a per diem of up to $150 per day to assist with accommodations and food while at said meetings.  The individual (or in many cases their host institution) is responsible for all WACE expenses including travel, registration, accommodations and meals or costs not covered by WACUHO.  Members are also responsible for travel to committee meetings for which they liaise.  Further details may be found in the WACUHO Leadership Manual.

What is the WACUHO Leadership Manual?
The Leadership Manual is a book of policy operations for the association.  It spells out (in great deal) various operating policies for a number of items such as funding awards, creating budgets, committee responsibilities and more.  It is the “go to” book for answers to many questions within the association. This document is referenced at every meeting, so it is important to keep up to date with the policies and procedures.   The Leadership Manual also includes a copy of the WACUHO By-Laws which govern how the association functions.

When I am on the executive committee, how does voting work?
Each elected position (with the exception of President who votes to break a tie) votes on a variety of topics and issues that help to shape and influence the association (appointed members do not vote, but have a voice in the topic at hand).  General items the EC may vote on include leadership manual changes, WACE events, and approval of appointed positions.  Outside of that, Executive committee votes are generally a “support” of a decision such as the annual operating budget, or changes to by-laws that MUST be ratified by the membership.
Still have questions? Members from the current Executive Committee or Nominations Committee are happy to answer your questions.  Feel free to contact the nominations chair Dr. James C. Smith at

Executive Committee Changes

Executive Committee Changes:

Matt Lewis, who served this year as Secretary and the two prior years as Technology Coordinator accepted a position at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and is moving out of the WACUHO region.  As a WACUHO leader, I will so miss Matt’s great passion for WACUHO and supporting people in making connections across the Association.  As a person, I will miss the levity and incredibly intelligent humor he brings to every conversation and social media post!  WACUHO’s loss is NEACUHO’s great gain!  Please join me in wishing him well in this new position – I’m delighted for him and for Northeastern!

With Matt’s departure from the Executive Committee, we selected Melissa Silverman from UCSD to serve in the role of Secretary for WACUHO through June 2017.  Melissa has been an active new professional in our region, and is continuing her role this year as a Tri-Chair for the Women of WACUHO (WoW).  Melissa has been with us for just two meetings, but her willingness to serve the association and make contributions on the Executive Committee is already evident.  Please welcome Melissa!

Finally, Jason Lu has recently accepted a new position at Cal Poly Pomona which takes him out of Housing and into the wonderful world of Orientation as Senior Coordinator of Orientation Services.  Jason has served the Association for many years, having served on the Executive Committee in the past as our Technology Coordinator and now is serving as Treasurer.  Jason just came into this two-year role in summer 2016, so you’ll notice that we have opened nominations for the election of a new Treasurer for 2017 – 2019.  Jason will continue to support us through the annual conference and then will transition out of the role.  I am so grateful for the excellence that Jason brings to all the contributions he’s made to WACUHO, including his short time as Treasurer.  Jason will be with us at WACUHO in Sacramento – please wish him well in his new role!

Letter from the President- February

I hope each of you experienced a wonderful start to your semester or quarter!  WACUHO’s Executive Committee met in late January at UCSB (thanks to UCSB for being such great hosts and for ordering such beautiful weather!).  A few of the items we discussed are outlined below:

  • We were unable to host Southern RAP this year – perhaps for the first time in recent memory – due to our inability to find a host campus or an alternate cost-effective venue.  We’ll be reaching out to CHO’s and to others in the region to look at more long-range plans for setting up and implementing the RAPs so that each of the RAP committees can focus more fully on planning a relevant training day for our students.  You’ll hear more about this soon.
  • We discussed Strategic Planning priorities for this year and into next year.  These include:
    • Completion/Implementation of a Central Office solution
    • Assessment
    • WACUHO Committees
    • Awards and “Scholarships”
  • We have had on-going discussions about inclusion in our Association, and have identified some key starting places for improvement to increase accessibility and feedback – three are listed below by way of example:
    • Provide an FAQ for common items in the Leadership Manual to assist in decoding programs and processes of WACUHO
    • Develop an organizational chart for the organization so there is greater clarity about how the Executive Committee relates to the Association and it’s variety of committees.
    • Developing a feedback link on the WACUHO Website so that the members and other professionals in our region can share ideas and concerns with the Executive Committee and improve our ongoing feedback process.
    • Offering a pre-conference workshop (hopefully in 2018) that helps our regional professionals look are organizational and strategic initiatives to recruit, train, and retain a diverse staff.

I’m grateful for my team members on the Executive Committee for their commitment and work thus far, and equally, to our many committee chairs and volunteers across the Association that provide excellent programs and connection opportunities for those in our region.

Finally, our annual opportunity to gather as an Association is coming up in April, WACE in Sacramento April 2 – 5.  Please check out the information below and on our website and make your plans now to attend!


Cindy Derrico
WACUHO President