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WACUHO Central Office in our Future!

In keeping with the progress of the Strategic Planning Task Force last year, the Executive Committee entered our term with the responsibility of considering three possible proposals for a Central Office solution.  The primary reason for this was to remove the day-to-day operations of the Association from the Executive Committee so that this group could more effectively focus on increasing our capacity to serve and educating the professionals and paraprofessionals in our region.  At the same time, the laws, regulations and tax codes governing associations like WACUHO are becoming more complex and requiring specialized knowledge to stay compliant.  More specifically, WACUHO adopted an ambitious Strategic Plan in 2015, and we want the Executive Committee and our volunteers to be able to focus more resolutely on the initiatives outlined in the plan to increase the benefit, professionalism, and impact of our Association in our region.

During WACUHO Strategic Planning efforts that were in progress in 2011 and 2012, and then again in the current planning effort, it was recommended that we consider three possible solutions:

  • Approach ACUHO-I to see if they may be willing to partner with us to achieve some of the administrative and financial work of WACUHO.  The hypothesis was that as a sister organization with a similar mission and larger infrastructure, ACUHO-I may be well-poised to partner with us on these needs.
  • Send an open call to all member institutions to see if one or more of the campuses may be willing to serve as WACUHO’s host institution to perform administrative and financial work.  WACUHO did not set a price for this, and expected that an interested campus may provide us with a proposal on how this support could be provided and what it costs they would seek to have reimbursed.
  • Contact financial and administrative companies who provided similar services to small companies to see if a package could be put together to accomplish the work needed.

To prepare for this process, WACUHO developed a fairly comprehensive list of responsibilities in the financial, programmatic, and technical categories that we believed could be achieved by a paid partner.  This information was shared with ACUHO-I and with companies who were interested in providing a bid to WACUHO for the variety of functions where we sought support.

We received proposals in two of the three categories.  One was a proposal provided by ACUHO-I to provide financial and programmatic services for WACUHO, and the second proposal was from vendors who provide prices for a variety of bookkeeping and financial services.  Although we sent an open call to member institutions for an institutional home-base to serve as our central office, we did not receive any inquiries or expressions of interest.

We received a number of vendor proposals from worthy companies that could provide strong support in very specific areas, particularly in the management of our finances.  However, none of the vendors provided proposals that were as strong or comprehensive as the one we received from ACUHO-I.  As the ACUHO-I Central Office in Columbus, Ohio already performs all of the functions and services that we were seeking, their staff was able to develop a proposal tailored to our typical business and programmatic activities.  Thus, when the Executive Committee reviewed each of the proposals and decided that the Central Office initiative called for our in Strategic Plan would best be addressed through a partnership with ACUHO-I.

Our next step was to identify possible funding avenues.  The Finance Advisory Committee was able to review our current expenditures and provide preliminary information on how savings could be realized in the current operating budget which were comprised of costs that would go down or be eliminated with the use of ACUHO-I’s services.  In addition, a Strategic Planning Task Group was formed to consider a variety of options for generating revenue to support the remaining expense of a Central Office agreement with ACUHO-I.  Once savings and additional means of revenue generation were provided, the Executive Committee felt comfortable committing to an agreement with ACUHO-I on a trial basis.  To provide transition time for the financial changes to be more fully developed and realized, we committed to cover the costs for the first fiscal year through expenditure from our Association Reserves.

Our hope and expectation is that this will be a fruitful partnership – one that we’ll wish to continue well into future.  As one of the initiatives in the Strategic plan calls for a review and update to our financial structures, we expect that a sub-committee will be charged in 17-18 to examine this more deeply and come to the Association in 2018 with a robust plan for continued strong financial management to serve as a foundation for the organizational development we are undertaking with our strategic plan initiatives.

New Task Force on Equity and Inclusion

In anticipation for the next academic year, we will be adding a new task force, appointed by the President to address Equity and Inclusion within the organization.  This task force will have a separate charge than our current Equity and Diversity Awareness committee, which will continue the excellent work it has engaged in.

If you are interested in being considered for this task force, please sign up on our committee interest form located here:

By signing up, you are only sharing you would be interested in this work.  If you want to see a draft of the charge of the task force, or have questions, please email our President-Elect, Tyler Miller  This initiative will be discussed more in the President’s Roundtable on Monday and the Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday.

Please sign up by May 30th to be considered for appointment starting on July 1st.

WACE 2017 – Hyatt Regency Sacramento – April 2 – 5, 2017

Our conference committees are hard at work preparing for our upcoming conference in Sacramento early next month.  If you’ve not already registered to attend, we hope you’ll do it right away!  Due to some website technical issues, we extended the regular registration rate through this Friday, March 17.  Why not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early by confirming your attendance at this year’s conference!

We’ve got excellent speakers this year to challenge and inspire us!  Our opening keynote is Dr. Sumun Pendakur the associate dean for institutional diversity, and serves on the Cabinet of Harvey Mudd College.  Our Wednesday morning closing keynote is Paul Osincup, a speaker, consultant, humorist, and educator.  You won’t want to miss them!  You can learn more about their areas of professional and research focus by following the hyperlinks above.

WACE Programs Overview
This year, we had an outstanding representation of program submissions for programming at WACE 2017! Below are the functional areas represented and programs submitted for each category:

  • Business/Administrative Services: 12
  • Conferences: 7
  • Equity and Diversity Awareness: 28
  • Facilities/Operations: 15
  • Judicial/Conduct: 9
  • New Professionals: 14
  • Mid-Level Professionals: 29
  • Residence Life: 42
  • Senior Level Professionals: 17
  • Women of WACUHO (WOW): 18

We also had 17 roundtable presentations submitted, 48 workshop presentations and 3 poster presentations.

Looking at the theme of this year’s conference, we had 49 submitted that relate to “Enhance”, 44 that relate to “Engage” and 36 relating to “Include.”

Some WACE Program Highlights:

  • New Pros Case Study: This year, the New Pros Case Study will celebrate its 14th year at WACE! This is a great opportunity to connect with colleagues to explore and respond to challenges faced by seasoned professionals in the field of Housing and Residence Life. You’ll find more information below from the Case Study Coordinators, Alex Belisario and Emily Sandoval.
  • EDA Programs:  This year we are replacing the EDA desserts with an EDA Consortium track of programs throughout the conference – you’ll find more about that below.  As part of this EDA Consortium track, we will be featuring a program titled “Staff of Color and White Supervisors: An Honest Dialogue.”  Join us for this two session program to engage in an activity of deep listening and have this very necessary discussion on how racial power dynamics play out when professionals of color are supervised by white people.
  • President’s Roundtable: Come and talk about the future of WACUHO and the goals for the 2017-2018 year. If you are interested in knowing where we are headed, come and spend some time with the current President-Elect and learn about new ideas, new directions, and new goals for next year. Also learn a little of what has been happening this year – particularly in the area of strategic planning.
  • Professional Headshots:  Are you in need of a new or updated headshot for your institutional webpage, company, linked in profile, or other personal matter? We will be offering a complimentary headshot taken and provided to you. Spaces are limited, so be sure to sign-up in advance!


EDA Consortium

The EDA (Equity, Diversity, & Awareness) Committee is proud to sponsor the inaugural Conference Consortium at WACE 2017!

The Consortium was an idea and program founded in 2012 by Stephen Deaderick (from the NASPA New Professionals & Graduate Student Knowledge Community) out of a desire to engage new professionals and graduate students in conversations about the present and future of the student affairs profession and higher education. Participants will meet four times during WACE to dialogue about topics chosen by the Consortium Chair, Bruce Aquino, and EDA committee members.

Multiple articles, book chapters, or news stories will be selected for participants to read prior to participating to provide a framework for the dialogue. While some readings will be provided by the Chair, participants are encouraged to explore research journals and news articles on their own to enhance discussion. The Consortium is also a time to share your experience and learn from others’ experiences. This is a great professional development opportunity, especially for those looking to become more involved within WACUHO and the EDA committee.

WACE Case Study

Come one come all to the New Professionals Case Study Competition!
New Professionals, are you ready? With WACE just around the corner, it’s almost time for the Case Study competition!

This is your chance to flex your theoretical and administrative muscle to explore and respond to a scenario as a Senior Housing Officer might. For the 14th year, this friendly competition encourages you and other new pros to test your critical thinking and presentation skills. Teams of 1-3 new professionals (0-3 years in the profession) should attend the New Professionals/First Time Attendee Orientation on Sunday, April 2nd to sign up and receive the scenario. Presentations will be made during Program Sessions on Monday.

For more information prior to WACE, please contact the Case Study Coordinators, Alex Belisario ( and Emily Sandoval (

WoW Updates

Happy Women’s History Month! While our Drive in conferences may be over, there’s still a lot going on with WoW! Our newsletters are still happening monthly, we are awarding our WACE Scholarship and Outstanding Women of WACUHO Award, and there are so many ways to connect with us at WACE! We will have an info table at Sunday registration, our Networking Breakfast is on Monday, and there are some great WoW related programs going on. Be sure to check in with our Facebook page for the latest updates. Don’t forget to sign up to join the WoW Committee for next year, we look forward to working with you!

Mid-Level Professionals

Making the Most of Your Professional Development Experiences

Early on in my career it was pretty easy to find sessions to attend at a regional conference.  It seemed as though every session applied to me or that I could find something of interest.  After I became a mid-level manager I remember attending my first regional conferenceand I found myself being slightly disappointed. I was in a different region at that point and so not only was I returning to a region after several years, not only had the structure changed, but, I could not find many sessions that pertained to me.  I remember sitting out one session block and that’s when a light bulb went off.  I remembered the point of attending conferences and various training; to take information back to campus.  So, while yes, I wanted to learn and grow and add to my tool kit, I also had a great opportunity to attend sessions that my Resident Directors would find interesting.  So, I changed my mindset and went to tons of sessions in order to take material back to my supervisees.  I also gave feedback on my evaluation about including more sessions for mid-level folks.  And not only did I give feedback, I joined the committee that next year to help recruit more mid-level and SHO sessions.

BUT, that doesn’t have to be every experience. There are times when you should be thirsty for your own professional development and growth opportunities.  I invite you to attend WACE and attend sessions that are in your interest area.  Attend sessions where the topics are relevant yet unfamiliar.  Attend sessions that are designed for mid-level professionals.  And finally, seek out institutes and webinars designed for mid-level professionals.

Check out these awesome Mid-Level Opportunities:





I truly hope you enjoy your WACE experience and this can happen by picking sessions for your own growth but also picking sessions that you can use to further develop the team you supervise.


Crystal D. Lay
Mid-Level Managers Committee, Co-Chair

Letter from the President- March


You have NO IDEA how excited I am to see so many of you at WACE in Sacramento next month!  It’s been a busy and productive year for the Association, and our conference committees have worked hard to develop a great program for you.  If you’re not already signed up for WACE, please do so this week!  We are presently a little low on registrations, so if you are attending, please encourage other colleagues to join us.  If you’re not already planning to attend, I hope the information provided in the newsletter will pique your interest to join us!

And, at the conference, that very special time we all get to discuss together all-things WACUHO – the annual business meeting.  The Executive Committee is preparing for an informative update and we hope that you’ll plan now to attend.  We’ll be voting on new officers (watch the website for this information and plan to caucus with your campus in preparation for you campus’ vote), reviewing the work of the year, considering a name change for our CHO’s, and discussing our latest exciting update on our central office initiative as part of WACUHO’s strategic planning effort.

I am pleased to announce that we’ll have representatives from ACUHO-I with us at WACE this year.  From the central office executive staff of ACUHO-I we’ll have Mary DeNiro, Executive Director and CEO, and Sheila Meyer, Director of Finance and Administration.  Members of our strategic planning team and Executive Committee have had the pleasure of getting to know them better this year.  Please welcome them when you see them at WACE!

As I write this I am gearing up for a trip to Palm Desert for the weekend to meet up with my former Director at Northridge, Dr. S. Roger Frichette, and other housing colleagues from the ‘90’s.  I have many wonderful memories of what we accomplished together – both in realizing some of our aspirations and to tackle some huge challenges.  And, as I think about my day-to-day now in 2017, I continue to be inspired by the work of our profession today more than ever as we’ve continued to develop a place of home and development for our students and contribute meaningfully to the missions of our respective campuses.  I hope you’ll be with us in Sacramento to learn, celebrate, and refresh as we Enhance, Engage, and Include.


Cindy Derrico
WACUHO President