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WACE 2019 Bid Process Open!

We are currently seeking campuses to host the 2019 WACUHO Annual Conference & Exhibition, and we are particularly interested in soliciting bids from institutions in the northern region.  Bids for WACE are made two years in advance, generally alternating between north and south, with Fresno on the northern side and San Luis Obispo on the southern side. We had a wonderful time visiting Sacramento in 2017, San Diego in 2018, and we are looking forward to solidifying the location for the 2019 conference in the coming months. We highly encourage institutions to consider partnering together to host WACE. These partnerships help to provide larger volunteer bases, resources, and diversity in perspectives.

To ease the process for host campuses, we are excited to partner with Kris Finger of HelmsBriscoe on securing a contract for the 2019 conference site/hotel. Kris comes highly recommended from our colleagues in NWACUHO, and she will partner with us to secure a conference site and hotel, negotiating contracts and ensuring that the site meets the Host Committee and our Association’s needs.

This means the early stages of bidding the conference as a host campus are dramatically easier since we’re providing a lot of professional support in the hotel and hospitality negotiation process!  Thus, serving as a Host campus involves providing staff to chair the host committee, allowing your staff to serve on Host and other conference committees, committing to support the conference through conference attendance by your staff, and hosting our June transition meeting on your campus or at a local hotel.  If you’re interested in being considered as a host campus, or have questions about the bidding process, please contact Kelly Cole (Stanford University), the Time and Place Committee Chair at or 650-850-2226. Kelly would be happy to setup a time to speak with you or members of your department about the WACE bid process.

Kelly Cole, Ed.D.
Stanford University
Time and Place Committee Chair


We are currently accepting bids for the 2017-2018 academic year RAPS (Northern RAP, Central RAP, Southern RAP and Island RAP). RAPS are typically held in the Fall in each of our WACUHO regions and offer a one-day opportunity for student staff to learn, engage, share and network with other student staff members. The energy is infectious at the RAPS, and staff members tend to come back inspired to continue their work engaging in community development. If you come from a campus that doesn’t have the space, staffing or other resources to host, you may wish to consider partnering with local colleagues to host a RAP together!

Your MALs and the Time and Place Committee are working in partnership to streamline and simplify the RAP bidding process. We are asking campuses interested in hosting RAPS to submit this brief bid form (link: by Monday, May 15, 2017. Your Member at Large and/or the Time and Place Committee will follow up with you shortly after you submit the form to discuss decisions regarding host sites.

In order to assist you through the bid process, and to learn more about what it takes to host a RAP, we have created a “Hosting a RAP Info Sheet” which can be found here: (link:

Your MALs and the Time and Place Committee are happy to answer any questions you have about the process. WACUHO is appreciative of volunteers who make events such as the RAPs possible. Thank you for considering your institution’s involvement in hosting a RAP!

Rexanne Bowman Anderson (MAL South), Justin Vacca (MAL North), Jordan Richman (MAL Central) and Kelly Cole (Time & Place Committee Chair)

New Professionals Awards and Scholarships

New professionals awarded three awards at the WACE Annual Conference this year, two scholarship to attend the annual WACE conference and one scholarship to attend the National ACUHO-I conference in Rhode Island, this summer!

Our first recipient has been a part of WACUHO since they were an RA attending Central RAP in 2011! They joined us at WACE last year in Long Beach and after WACE got very involved and excited with the association! As a current new professional wrapping up her second year, she has been an integral part of Central RAP and New Professionals committees this year. All of this has been done with endless enthusiasm, dedication to all tasks and laughter. Please take the time to congratulate Sally Behpoornia of the University of Southern California!

Also receiving our New Professionals award providing scholarship money to attend WACE, has hit the ground running within her region and gained a plethora of knowledge from the WoW Drive-in up North this past semester. We’re excited to see them continue to flourish among our association. Please congratulate Erin-Ashley Madriaga of Santa Clara University!

The recipient of the award to attend the national ACUHO-I conference this summer in Providence, Rhode Island has recently joined the profession in July 2016, but instantly became involved with WACUHO and joined the New Professionals Committee. They have been an integral part of the committee and always with energy, excitement and willingness to help! Please congratulate Rachel Stice from the University of the Pacific!

Women of WACUHO

Congratulations to our Outstanding Woman of WACUHO 2017 recipients–Dr. Piya Bose (UCI) and Dr. Aja Holmes (Sac State). We were so excited to recognize the amazing work of these women. Be sure to check out the next WoW newsletter for more details about our awardees!

We were also able to welcome the Joan F. Mortell WoW Scholarship winner, Ashley Cain (Mills College), to her first WACE!

Thank you for those of you who were able to join us at WACE, and be sure to sign up to join the WoW committee!

Greetings from the WACE 2017 Team! 

WACE 2017 Cultivating Growth; Enhance, Engage, Include is officially in the books.  Thank you to all who attended as well as to the institutions who supported their attendance.  An additional note of gratitude to all who worked to make it a success.  This includes all who presented a breakout session or roundtable to continue to enhance our knowledge in Housing and Residence Life within the WACUHO region, the volunteers who engaged in the so many necessary tasks, and the committee members who dedicated their time and energy to include all aspects of WACE.

Those committee members include: from Host, Aja Holmes, Connie Huyck, Josh Chave, Leah Galasso, Becca Hammond-Cahill, Kate Hsieh, Joe Loera, Hailey Lopez, Susan Nguyen, Chris Pangelina, Branden Petitt, Julia Rose, Mindy Rouillard, Robert Stephens, Becky Young; from Programs, Katie Knoll, Jenna Hazelton, Michaele Antoine, Matthew De Los Rios, Megan Fox, Crystal Lay, Kirsten Levine, Sherese Little, Cindy Loza, Raul Mendoza, Tim Nurge, Rebecca Palmer, Kaity Roos, Pam Scott; from Exhibits, Mako Ushihara, Edgardo Paloma, Yolanda Blackshire, Luke Bost, , Roselyn Gardea, Markolane Gayles, , Shene Ogbe, Leilani Reiff, Joann Wilson, Barney Wright; from Corporate Relations, Phillipe Cumia, Danny Mann.

As we continue to cultivate growth, we need your feedback on your WACE experience to continue to build the conference.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey at the following link:

We encourage you to find ways to cultivate growth, on your campus and as Dr. Pendakur acknowledged within WACUHO.  Paul Osincup ended our conference with reminded us not to forget to find the humor in our work, even when facing our largest challenges.

Letter from the President- April

I want to use this issue to highlight some wonderful experiences we had together at WACE 2017.  Let me start by acknowledging all of the conference chairs and their committees.  I am grateful for the good work that they did to make this year’s WACE an excellent one for all of us.  We are also indebted to our Corporate Partners for their support of our Association year round; and to our Exhibitors who help support WACE.

We heard from two excellent keynote speakers – “Dr. P” Sumi Pendkur and Paul Osincup.  Both helped us to reflect on our work; Sumi by helping us to envision and create just communities and spaces in our work, universities, and in our Association.  Paul reminded us of the importance of our work and the power of framing our experiences positively and finding moments of laughter and joy even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

At our Business Meeting, we elected new officers for 2017-18 and the Association agreed together to support the start of our Central Office initiative with ACUHO-I which you’ll hear more about as we move to implementation.  Please join me in congratulating and supporting our 2017-18 officers:

WACUHO 2016-17 Executive Committee
*President Tyler Miller UC Santa Barbara
President-Elect Dave Keller UC Santa Cruz
Vice President Jennifer Novotny CSU Monterey Bay
Secretary Melissa Silverman UC San Diego
Treasurer Jenna Hazelton San Diego State University
Member-at-Large, Central Steph Kaneen CSU Northridge
Member-at-Large, North Rachel Stice University of the Pacific
Member-at-Large, South Kate Hseih UC Irvine
*Marketing & Communication Coordinator Jocelyn Bravo Cal Poly Pomona
*Sr. Tech Coordinator Christopher Young UC Santa Barbara

*These officers were elected or appointed in 2016-17 and are continuing in their two-year terms of office in 2017-18.

Finally, please join me in acknowledging our distinguished WACUHO Award Recognition Recipients for 2017-18:

WACUHO 2016-17 Award Recipients
Charles L. Miller Leadership and Service Award Ramona Hernandez UC Davis
Jim “JB” Brock “Spirit of WACUHO” Award Emily Sandoval University of Southern California
R.W. Gang Award David Meale Star Rez
Equity & Diversity Awareness Individual Award Recipient Ariel Tan UC San Diego
Outstanding Woman of WACUHO Award Dr. Aja Holmes Sacramento State University
Dr. Piya Bose UC Irvine
Volunteer of the Year Award Yoo Mi Choi UC Irvine


WACUHO 2016-17 WACE and ACUHO-I Scholarship Recipients
Equity & Diversity Awareness Annual Conference Scholarship Matthew Soto CSU Northridge
New Professionals’ WACE Scholarship Recipients Sahel “Sally” Behpoornia University of Southern California
Erin-Ashley Madriaga Santa Clara University
New Professionals’ ACUHO-I Scholarship Recipient Rachel Stice University of the Pacific
Joan Mortel “WoW” Women of WACUHO WACE Scholarship Recipient Ashley Cain Mills College
The John Yarborough “Best of the West” and “My Favorite Student Regional Best” ACUHO-I Scholarship Recipients Steph Kaneen & John Rodriguez
CSU Northridge
For the Presentation:
Ain’t Nuthin’ but a [gender] QUEER & Trans Thing


Cindy Derrico
WACUHO President