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Cindy’s Message

As a higher education professional I have a few “favorites” – favorite dates or events in the annual cycle that serve as celebratory or aspirational in quickening my resolve for commitment, excellence, and even endurance in my work.  Graduation each year is one of those experiences for me.  When things are hard, or frustrating, or overwhelming, it’ a wonderful centering experience to know that at least once each year I will get to see the practical and symbolic reward for my hard work as students cross the stage to collect their diploma – the practical and symbolic award for their hard work.

Some who cross the stage cause me to swell with pride – they served as an RA – or worked in our office – or led RHA and I saw them excel and succeed in their academics and in their role as a leader on campus.  And for some I smile at the tensions we experienced together in a conduct case, or in their elevated complaint regarding a roommate, room assignment, payment deadline, bed bug(s), [insert appropriate housing-related concern here…].  Yet still others I am reminded of painful struggle(s) they overcame to make it to this day.

And I cheer for them all – No matter the reason that our paths crossed during their tenue – college graduation is an undeniable accomplishment for every student.  And truthfully, I entered this work so I could participate in and contribute to the value of this accomplishment– helping students move from the place they were to a place of greater knowledge, experience, and understanding.  I want that to be true in my individual interactions, and built into the systems, programs, and structures that I am responsible for developing and implementing.

And to all of you – I hope you were, or are, able to enjoy the end of the year celebrations as the fruit of your labor – to see students celebrate with their peers and loved ones the accomplishment of earning their degree.  Congratulations on making it, or nearly making it, to the end of the academic year!   You have one more year of experience in the dynamic field of campus housing along with all the rights and responsibilities appertaining thereto.  Please join me in moving your tassels to the left…

In closing, we are preparing for our own year-end transition within WACUHO – a time to celebrate the achievements of the past year and to begin the good work laid out for next year.  We’ll focus on the former in the June newsletter, but to give a preview of the good work ahead, you’ll read below about our upcoming transition meeting at San Diego State June 1-2.  Further, the Executive Committee received and approved a proposal to initiate a Network for Professionals of Color (WNPOC).  We hope you’ll read through the introductory information and support the networking and efforts of this new network in our Association.


Cindy Derrico
WACUHO President

Transition Meeting

June 1st and 2nd is the WACUHO Transition Meeting in sunny San Diego, California!  We have a lot of groups meeting together at the same time to transition into a new academic year.  San Diego is the location for the WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition on March 25-28th, 2018.  Some things we are working on:

WACE 2018:
We have a full leadership team for the annual conference and we are very excited!  Here are your chairs:

  • Conference Co-Chairs: Michaële Antoine, SDSU & Maggie Malagon, Santa Clara University
  • Host Co-Chairs: Jana Severson, UCSD and Eric Hanson, SDSU
  • Program Co-Chairs: Rhett Burden, Academy of Art University and Katie Knoll, UCSD
  • Marketing and Registration Co-Chairs: Matthew Soto, CSU Northridge and Mel DeVivar, USC
  • Exhibit Co-Chairs: Chrystal Basil , UCSD and Yvonne Hernandez Friedman, UCSD
  • Corporate Relations Co-Chairs: Philippe Cumia, SFSU and Markie Gayles, UC Berkeley

Our goal for the transition meeting is to cast a vision, build the team, and put together thematic elements of the conference.  We are hoping to finalize a budget, plan out the year, and really look at the conference from a 30,000 ft view.

We are excited to welcome our new executive team!!!

  • President: Tyler Miller
  • President-Elect: Dave Keller
  • Vice President: Jen Novotny
  • Secretary: Melissa Silverman
  • Treasurer: Jenna Hazelton
  • Member at Large North: Rachel Stice
  • Member at Large Central: Steph Kaneen
  • Member at Large South: Kate Hsieh
  • Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Jocelyn Bravo
  • Technology Coordinator: Chris Young
  • Jr. Technology Coordinator: Erica Little

We will be spending time connecting the new executives to the work that has gone on over the past year, including work on the ACUHO-I central office, diversity and inclusion efforts and strategic planning.  We will also be drafting an agenda for the year of goals and tasks to accomplish.

Given the elections, we want to announce new members of the Strategic Planning Task Force:

  • Chair: Emily Sandoval, USC
  • Andre Phillipo, Marymount California University
  • Alex Belisario, UCSC
  • Connie Huyck, CSU Chico
  • Erin Martinez, USC
  • Sally Morgan, Loyola Marymount University
  • DeVaughn King, UCLA

We are excited to start this new group off with some time looking over the current strategic plan, seeing what action items we can address over the 2017-2018 year, and work with the executive committee to set the agenda for the upcoming year!

WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color

“If you want to change the culture, you will have to start by changing the organization.” – Mary Douglas

As professionals and practitioners, we do our best to advocate alongside our students for the advancement of our marginalized students, faculty, and staff, but this is only the beginning.

Hello, WACUHO!

It’s me, John Rodriguez (he/him/his they/them/theirs), Coordinator for Residential Student Success at California State University Northridge and I am your WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color (WNPOC) Chair!

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we release, to you, this incredible new opportunity! A new and necessary committee has been created that works to dismantle, combat, educate, develop, and leverage the professional of color experience within WACUHO and higher education, as a whole.

The WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color (WNPOC) is a new initiative in which its committee members and leadership will serve as the premiere advocates tasked with the creation of intentional spaces for professionals of color, among many other vital objectives. Additionally, the WNPOC will maintain a strong voice at the table within the Association and in turn create opportunities for the multiple intersectional identities that professionals of color authentically bring to every space.

This network is inspired by the Women of WACUHO (WoW) and the strides they have made from its inception to today. WNPOC will be a committee working towards the full inclusion of professionals of color within WACUHO, the Division of Student Affairs, and Higher Education. WNPOC will affirm and commit space–through affinity subgroups–for queer, non-binary, non-conforming, and trans professionals of color, womyn and all those along the gender spectrum, professionals of color with disabilities, and undocumented professionals of color. The Network centers itself for those that are marginalized within Higher Education.

We have seen campuses across the country advocate for equal and visible representation of faculty and staff, one that matches the ever-growing diversification of colleges and universities across the country, and yet, we, as professionals, forget to advocate for the same in our respective organizations and networks. WACUHO has always attempted to be as equitable and inclusive as possible, and with every new member or member institution joining the WACUHO family, the needs of the Association changes; but what is consistent is the need for committed spaces, conversations, advocacy, and change.

We are excited for this new chapter in WACUHO’s history! Jump in, get involved, communicate your desire for change, act with courage, and know we are ready to create vital opportunities and resources for the advancement of our professionals of color!  To join us, sign up at the website at the following link:

Awards and Recognition!

Congratulations to the following individuals on their recognition at WACE 2017:

  • Charles L Miller Award:  Ramona Hernandez (UC Davis)
  • RW Gang Award: David Meale (StarRez)
  • Volunteer of the Year: Yoo Mi Choi (UC Irvine)
  • Jim JB Brock “Spirit of WACUHO” Award: Emily Sandoval (University of Southern California)

New Professionals Awards/Scholarships:
New professionals awarded three awards at the WACE Annual Conference this year, two scholarship to attend the annual WACE conference and one scholarship to attend the National ACUHO-I conference in Rhode Island, this summer!

Our first recipient has been a part of WACUHO since they were an RA attending Central RAP in 2011! They joined us at WACE last year in Long Beach and after WACE got very involved and excited with the association! As a current new professional wrapping up her second year, she has been an integral part of Central RAP and New Professionals committees this year. All of this has been done with endless enthusiasm, dedication to all tasks and laughter. Please take the time to congratulate Sally Behpoornia of the University of Southern California!

Also receiving our New Professionals award providing scholarship money to attend WACE, has hit the ground running within her region and gained a plethora of knowledge from the WoW Drive-in up North this past semester. We’re excited to see them continue to flourish among our association. Please congratulate Erin-Ashley Madriaga of Santa Clara University!

The recipient of the award to attend the national ACUHO-I conference this summer in Providence, Rhode Island has recently joined the profession in July 2016, but instantly became involved with WACUHO and joined the New Professionals Committee. They have been an integral part of the committee and always with energy, excitement and willingness to help! Please congratulate Rachel Stice from the University of the Pacific!

WACE 2017 Program Awards

Finally, we want to thank all of our program presenters at WACE – the program is successful because of your contributions to our knowledge and practice through the sharing of your research, ideas, and practices!  We would also like to acknowledge and honor the top 5 programs from WACE this year.  The My Favorite Student Best of the West and WACUHO’s John Yarborough Award which funds our top program to present at ACUHO-I in Providence, Rhode Island in June is Ain’t Nuthin’ but a [gender] QUEER & Trans Thing.  Congratulations to Stephan Kaneen and John Rodriguez!

WACE 2017 Top 5 Programs
Ain’t Nuthin’ but a [gender] QUEER & Trans Thing Steph Kaneen CSU Northridge
John Rodriguez
Developing Dialogue:  Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion Training Natina Gurley San Jose State University
Enhancing the Residential Experience:  Cultivating Innovation During a Time of Change Debra Allen University of Southern California
Sally Behpoornia
Brianna Gomez
Emily Sandoval
WoW Stories:  Celebrating Diverse Journeys Nancy Alonzo CSU Northridge
Keilgha Burns CSU East Bay
Jennifer Crompton CSU Monterey Bay
Crystal Lay UC Berkeley
Maggie Malagon Santa Clara University
Jen Novotny CSU Monterey Bay
Emily Sandoval University of Southern California
Leticia Snoots University of the Pacific
“Your First-Gen is Showing”:  Navigating the Field as a First-Generation Student Affairs Professional Matthew Soto CSU Northridge

Welcome 2017-18 Committee Chairs!

Please join me in welcoming the new WACUHO committee chairs to their roles, and in thanking them for the great work they will do on behalf of WACUHO! It is through the work of our committees that WACUHO achieves our goals, and makes meaningful contributions to our membership and profession. Effective committee leadership is the key to committee success, and I am sincerely appreciative of these professionals stepping up and offering their time and talent to leading their committees in the coming year.

The executive committee had a welcome challenge appointing committee chairs this year, as in many cases there were more highly qualified applicants to a chair a committee than there were opportunities to serve as a chair. I am most grateful to all who offered to serve in this capacity, whether they were appointed or not. Certainly, I look forward to all non-selected chair applicants making great contributions to the work of the committee on which they will serve as a member.

With that, I am so pleased to announce the following committee chairs, co-chairs and tri-chairs, for 2017-18:

Awards & recognition Connie Huyck CSU, Chico
Dave Keller UC Santa Cruz
By-Laws Jen Novotny CSU, Monterey Bay
Central Office Task Force Cindy Derrico CSU, Channel Islands
Central RAP Tanya Yancheson CSU, Channel Islands
Matt Delos Reyes UCLA
Equity and Diversity Awareness tbd
Finance Advisory Board Ramona Hernandez UC Davis
Historian/Archivist Alex Belisario UC Santa Cruz
Mid Level Managers Network John Godfrey SDSU
New Professionals T.J. Carter University of San Francisco
Erin Martinez USC
Raul Mendoza CSU, Sacramento
Nominations Cindy Derrico CSU, Channel Islands
Northern RAP Heather Pearson Villeda University of the Pacific
Julia Rose Sonoma State University
Past Presidents (open to WACUHO past presidents only) Alex Belisario UC Santa Cruz
President’s Task Force on Equity and Inclusion Crystal Lay UC Berkeley
Southern RAP Kirsten Levine CSU, San Bernardino
Shannon DeCormier CSU, San Bernardino
Strategic Planning Task Force Emily Sandoval USC
Time and Place Kelly Cole Stanford University
WACUHO Network for Professionals of Color (WNPOC) John Rodriguez CSU, Northridge
Women of WACUHO Aja Holmes CSU, Sacramento
Hailey Lopez UC Santa Cruz
Natasha Zubair Santa Clara University
Annual Conference Michaële Antoine SDSU
Maggie Malagon Santa Clara University
WACE Marketing and Registration Mattew Soto CSU, Northridge
Mel DeVivar USC
WACE Corporate Relations Philippe Cumia SFSU
Markie Gayles UC Berkeley
WACE Exhibits Chrystal Basil UCSD
Yvonne Hernandez Friedman UCSD
WACE Host Jana Severson UCSD
Eric Hanson SDSU
WACE Programs Rhett Burden Academy of Art University
Katie Knoll UCSD