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Transition Meeting

June 1st and 2nd saw the transition meeting occur in San Diego, CA.  The WACE 2018 committee met and begun the planning process for the Annual Conference and Exposition! More details coming soon, but some highlights for WACUHO to be aware of:

  • Start thinking now about which programs you want to present at WACE 2018!  We are hoping to go live with a call for programs in the fall so that when we open up registration, we will be able to tell you some of the programs that will be offered!
  • With the addition of a new marketing and registration conference committee, you should be seeing things all year long about the happenings with the conference and some of the upcoming changes you can expect to see!
  • We are exploring many ways to make the conference even more inclusive.  Details will be coming soon, but it is our goal to take the feedback we have heard and implement changes to build of the amazing WACE 2017 experience in Sacramento!

In addition, the Strategic Planning Task Force met, as well as the outgoing and incoming executive committee.  Be on the lookout around July 1st for some special announcements on the initiatives you can expect to see in the upcoming year.

One significant change we can announce already is that the executive committee has voted to select Crystal Lay as the chair of the WACUHO Task Force on Equity and Inclusion AND voted to make this position an ad-hoc member of the executive committee.  In addition, we will be taking a look this year at the structure of the executive committee to determine potential permanent restructuring at the annual business meeting at WACE 2018!

We are excited to roll out more announcements in a few weeks.  Keep an eye on the WAVES and our Facebook friends and family page for more details!

John Yarborough Award – “Best of the West”

John Yarborough Award, WACUHO’s contribution to the “Best of the West”, provides funding support for the best program at the prior WACE, based on the scores of program evaluations. This award supports our presenter(s) in attending the ACUHO-I National Conference, to present their program to represent their institutions and WACUHO. This year, at the WACE 2017 conference in Sacramento, the John Yarborough award was given for, “Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Gender[QUEER] and Trans* Thing“, presented by Steph Kaneen and John Rodriguez of California State University, Northridge. Their presentation focused on working with genderqueer and trans* individuals in our variety of avenues in housing–although there was a focus on students, Steph & John focused on working with colleagues, mentees, and supervisee’s outside the gender binary. This program centers around basics of queer language/culture, inclusive language, use of pronouns and left attendees with tangible ways to begin advocating and supporting the lives of those genderqueer & trans* individuals working and living in our spaces. Steph and John are being funded by WACUHO, CSUN, and ACUHO-I’s partnership with My Favorite Student sent both presenters to the ACUHO-I Conference held in Providence, Rhode Island, June 16-20th – and their presentation was – again – outstanding! Join us in congratulating Steph & John on this achievement and for teaching and challenging colleagues on a topic that should vastly be discussed in our work and association!

New Professionals Case Study Competition

Congratulations to the following new professionals who received honors in the WACUHO 2017 case study competition!

1st Place:
Sally Behpoornia, University of Southern California
Patty Lyczhowski, University of Southern California
Casey Simon, Loyola University – Chicago

2nd Place:
Linda Kang, Chico State University
Brenda Manzo, University of the Pacific
Leticia Snoots, University of the Pacific

3rd Place:
Tiffany DeLeon, University of Southern California
Alejandra Gonzalez, University of LaVerne
Alex Hart, Chapman University

Retirement, Change, and Memorium

At the WACUHO Business meeting, and at the Annual ACUHO-I Business meeting, we recognized those colleagues who have left the field due to retirement, because they accepted a new personal or professional opportunity, or passed away.


  1. UC Santa Barbara: Tom Beland, Director of Residential Services
  2. UC Irvine: Lisa Cornish, Senior Executive Director, Student Housing
  3. CSU Los Angeles: Betty Kennedy left housing field and works for the VPSA as Fiscal Resource and Operations Manager
  4. UC Berkeley: Harry Le Grand,  Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  5. Sonoma State University: Cyndie Morozumi, Director of Residential Life
  6. UC Los Angeles: Cheryl Sims, Associate Director
  7. Chico State: Gloria Torbeck, Associate Director of Facilities retiring
  8. Stanford University: Dr. Roger Whitney, Executive Director of Residential & Dining Enterprises; now Housing Emeritus at Stanford after 37 years of service.

Left the Housing Field

  1. Cal Poly Pomona: Jason Lu moved from University Housing Services to Senior Coordinator of Orientation
  2. CSU Long Beach to CSU Los Angeles: Carol Roberts Corb, Assistant Dean at CSU Los Angeles
  3. Occidental College to University of Southern Indiana:  Juls White, Associate Director for Housing & Residence Life

In Memorium

  • Augustin “Augie” Galvan of Cochise College passed away December 2015

Cindy’s Message

It has been a wonderful year!  I am honored and humbled to have served the Association as President in 16-17.  From our experience in the June transition meeting, I am enthused and encouraged by the energy and commitment of our incoming Executive Committee, and am eager to see and support their work in the coming year.  And, I am extremely grateful to the 16-17 Executive Committee for their good efforts this year in advancing the work of WACUHO and supporting the staff and students of our region.

We’ve just returned from ACUHO-I in Providence, and I am thrilled to announce that we have signed the agreement with ACUHO-I to serve as our central office!  As I step away from the Presidency this year, I’ll be working closely with the staff at ACUHO-I, Ramona Hernandez (Finance Advisory Committee Chair), and Tyler Miller and the 2017-18 Executive Committee on the implementation of the new agreement.  It does my former treasurer heart good to know that we’ll be increasing our professionalism and service to the members of our region and opening up increased capacity for WACUHO leaders to do the important education and development work of the Association.  When the signing of this agreement was announced at the ACUHO-I Business meeting, there was wonderful applause – what a great encouragement!  A sincere thank you to the many who made this initiative a reality – one of the lynchpin elements of our strategic plan has been initiated after concerted effort in the last two years, and the anticipation of decades… Jack Gibbons let us know that from the CACUHO Newsletter in 1988, the strategic planning task force of that time was considering a central office back then!  Be watching for additional updates in the coming year.

Finally, I want to encourage each of us in WACUHO – this is YOUR Association – anything good that happens occurs by the commitment and effort of our members.  I strongly encourage each of us to take a step forward and lean into the work and benefit of the Association this year.  Consider presenting at the Annual Conference (we especially need presentations from our Business, Occupancy, and Facility colleagues), join a committee – there a many looking for members and could benefit from your contributions.  The strength of our Association ultimately lies with each of you – I hope you will accept the challenge to commit to the work of our profession and our region this year through active participation in WACUHO!

Finally, I hope each of you are able to refresh a bit this summer as we prepare for another exciting year greeting and serving our students – they are the heart of all we do!


Cindy Derrico
WACUHO President