ACUHO-I/WACUHO Central Office Partnership

As most of you will remember, our membership voted to support the implementation of a central office initiative whereby ACUHO-I would be engaged to support a number of our financial and administrative functions so that our volunteers can focus more specifically on their assigned programs and initiatives.  This process has begun in earnest and we’ve completed a few meetings already.  We are presently in the data collection phase that will be used to set up systems such as one-day and annual conference registration, banking, membership, program submissions, etc.  We are hoping to roll out the membership renewal process shortly through ACUHO-I – we appreciate your patience in this process!  We have identified a seasoned group of WACUHO members to assist in this process and I’m very encouraged by our progress to date.  We have also entered into a separate agreement with ACUHO-I for a conference app to support our online information and connections at our various conferences throughout the year.  I hope to provide an update monthly as we move ahead, but any with questions are invited to contact me.

Cindy Derrico, Chair
ACUHO-I/WACUHO Central Office Implementation Chair