2017-2018 Membership Drive

WACUHO invites you to renew or consider initiating a new membership with WACUHO for the 2017-2018 academic year!

Remember that membership in WACUHO is INSTITUTIONAL, not individual.  Each campus establishes only ONE membership per year.  The only exception to this is for private housing programs which are not operated directly by the campus; these programs must establish their own membership separately from the institution.

We are managing our membership through a new online process that ACUHO-I is managing for us as a part of our central office agreement.  Thus, you may renew or establish your membership now at http://apps.acuho-i.org/wacuho/WACUHOMembership/

Membership fees are based on the number of occupied spaces you have (or expect to have) for Fall 2017:

0-1000 beds- $100
1001-2000 beds- $200
2001-4000 beds- $370
4001-6000 beds- $550
6001-8000 beds- $750
8001 beds and up- $900

If you encounter difficulties, please contact Jenna Hazelton at 619-594-8717 or treasurer@wacuho.org