Updates from the Strategic Planning Task Force

By: Emily Sandoval

The Strategic Planning Task force has been hard at work on 5 exciting new initiatives for this year.  The task force members include: Alex Belisario (UC Santa Cruz), Connie Huyck (CSU Chico), DeVaughn King (UCLA), Erin Martinez (USC), Sally Morgan (LMU), Andrew Philippo (Marymount California University) and Emily Sandoval (USC). The 5 initiatives are:

  • Create a charge and plan for a new WACUHO Assessment/Research Committee.
  • Explore an update of our Mission, Values and Goals
  • Work with the WACUHO Task Force on Equity and Inclusion and Nominations committee, explore a restructure of the executive committee (including the nominations process) to be more inclusive of all members of the Association.
  • Create an onboarding plan for new committee chairs and executive committee members
  • Develop a “cycle of engagement” for new members to find their path of involvement, from Grad student to Senior Housing Officer and everywhere in between.

Now that we have all made it through opening (congrats!) and our semesters/quarters are well under way, you will see some of us begin to reach out to start moving the needle on these initiatives.  A survey will be sent out within the next month to get feedback on our Mission, Values, and Goals as well as to assess the effectiveness of the current executive committee structure.  You will also see some of us at the upcoming RAPs! There, we will be hosting roundtables to get in-person feedback from association members that will help us assess the current state of the association and guide us as we move forward on the above tasks.

If you have any questions or initial thoughts, please feel free to reach out to any of us on the committee! We hope to see some of you at the RAPs!