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NRAP Doesn’t Have a Home!

So you remember that incredible time your students had at NRAP and that even more incredible time you had at WACE 2015? Or maybe you didn’t make it to either but you know you want to be a part of it all – NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

NRAP has yet to find a home and your campus could be it!

If you are remotely interested (or want to see a sample bid) and have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me otherwise please check out the below format and send in your bid if you and your campus wants to be considered:

RAP Host Bid Format

Please provide a short proposal/bid that responds to the following questions to help the RAP Committee decide on a Host school for the upcoming conference. Answer the questions thoroughly and provide details. When finished, send this bid to the member-at-large for your region (, and the incoming member-at-large ( ). Send any and all queries you might have prior to submitting to your member-at-large as well.

What makes your institution a good choice to host a RAP?

  • What does your institution have to offer in the following areas (Please include the estimated costs for each service)?
    • Catering/Dining
    • Classrooms and Technology
    • Large Venue (Seating 300-400+)
    • Parking
    • Volunteers
    • Other unique services to provide the RAP
    • Other costs/services
  • Please provide us with some possible dates that would work well for your institution
  • Is there anything the committee should know about your institution and your ability to host the upcoming RAP?
  • Please provide the contact information of the professional from your institution who will serve as either Chair or the Host Liaison on the RAP Committee


Your outgoing member-at-large,

Tiffany Taylor
“Let’s give NRAP a home”

Now that’s a wRAP!

So you had this incredible time watching your students
delibrate over what color tutus they would wear and how they
plotted to get you to wear one too.

You might have come back with no voice (most certainly your
students did) and many got up at the wee hours of the morning to begin a journey to Occidental College or Sonoma State University to what would become (for some) a day that solidified why they chose the leadership roles that they did.

If this rings a bell, then you were one of the 877 who attended Central and Northern RAP! To all our first timers we say “welcome to the family” and to those (like us) who are one your 4th, 5th or 6th we remain conituously honored for your support of this one-day conference.

Below we have provided you with quick look at our RAPs by the numbers:

Central RAP Northen RAP
Attendees 402 475
Particpating Institutions 18 22
Program Submissions 83 82

*Southern RAP has not yet occurred and that is why their numbers are not in this article.

If your delegation had a great expereince and you want to take on the challenge and joy of hosting a RAP – NOW IS THE TIME!

Here are some things to consider when thinking about hosting:

  1. Do you have support from your department leadership?
  2. Do you have a venue on campus that could hold 350-400+ people?
  3. Do you have enough classroom space to keep session size small? Is there technology in these spaces?
  4. Do you have space for parking that can be reserved?
  5. Can your dining facility cater this type of large event at a minimum price point?
  6. Do you have enough staff to volunteer on the day of the conference?

If you answered yes to any or all of these, then you should start discussing your interest to host with your departmental leadership team. If you are remotly interested please don’t hesittate to contact your Member-at-Large.

Chad Myers, Member-at-Large, Central
Tiffany Taylor, Member-at-Large, North
Jeff Hill, Member-at-Large, South

RAPs – Save The Dates

RAP season is just around the corner and the committees are working hard to get them ready.

Here are the dates and locations of the RAPs this year:

Northern RAP – Saturday, November 22, 2014 at Sonoma State University
Central RAP – Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Occidental College
Southern RAP – Saturday, February 7, 2015 California State University, Fullerton

Stay tuned for more information.

Nothern wRAP up

Northern RAP 2013: Road Trip to California State University Chico took place on October 26, 2013. We had more than 415 attendees from 22 institutions hit the road bringing with them a lot of spirit and swag to show off their school pride. The conference focused on the different routes we take along our Res Life journey and overall was a great success.

The morning started off with our student keynote, Anna Guiles from Mills College giving an inspiring speech about her journey to become an RA. NRAP also had 65 program presentations to engage our para-professional staff and a professional track that allowed staff attendees to connect with other professionals in our region.

Our attendees also gave back to the Chico community. It took three trucks, one van, and 8 staff members from CSU Chico to deliver the bags of clothing donated to the Independent Living Program.

Spirit was also at an all time high. Delegations came in creative “road trip” inspired costumes and brought lively cheers to show off their spirit. Congratulations to University of San Francisco for bringing home the spirit stick!

The NRAP committee strived to make our conference more “green”. We limited conference swag we gave out to our attendees and also rewarded institutions with spirit points for creating swag from recycled or repurposed materials. One of our biggest changes was to utilize Guidebook instead of printing 400+ program booklets for the conference.

A huge thank you to our host institution CSU Chico for their support and dedication to Northern RAP. We can’t wait to see where NRAP will be next year. Email if you are interested in hosting NRAP 2014.

The Northern RAP Committee