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Hello WACUHO Members,

As I look back at fall, it is no wonder I am feeling a little sleepy. Our organization is “on and poppin!” Southern and Northern RAPS, Careers in Student Affairs Day, and PACURH were all great successes helping to ensure our paraprofessionals get what they need to succeed.

It is time to look forward to WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition (WACE) themed, “Mindfulness in Monterey, You Must Be Present to Win”, to be held in Monterey, CA from March 29 – April 4th. The call for programs is posted with a January 16th deadline. Please consider sharing your skills and insights with the rest of us. And as always, remember that our endeavors include: business and occupancy, conferences, facilities and maintenance, dining and residence life…let’s see all of our family represented in programs! Here’s the link…it’s easy…go ahead…I dare you… Program submission form.

In addition the this month’s WAVES, take a look at the past few, there are a number of calls for participation, and one may be tailored for you.

As I prepare for out Executive Committee quarterly meeting in January, I’d like to know what is on your mind. Feel free to send your thoughts to me at

As we look forward to break, it is my hope that your residents did well, and received the support they needed when they were challenged both big and small. Take some time to recharge your batteries…because they will come back rested and ready to ________ (fill in the blank). For those participating in holidays this time of year, I wish you Happy Holidays! And I wish good health and prosperity to all you.


Letter From the President – October

Hello WACUHO Members,

Oops we did it again, open our communities to new and returning members, I mean. As we look back at preparations for opening, one of the important aspects to the success of housing and residence life programs is our reliance on paraprofessionals to help us support our students.  Among these student workers and volunteers are: office and desk assistants, facilities support workers, orientation leaders, dining employees, conference services assistants, resident or community advisors, and residence hall association officers (and others, I’m sure).

How many of us held one of more of these positions?  I bet a lot of us. It is clear that the leadership opportunities and mentoring we provide for our paraprofessionals contributes significantly to their success as scholars and future leaders.  In fact, many of our finest aspire to enter student affairs.

This month is the annual Careers in Student Affairs month sponsored by our sister organization the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). In addition to the local training and mentoring of our paraprofessional teams there are national and regional opportunities open to the talent who will succeed us.

WACUHO’s major contributions in the region include our RAPs and participation in PACURH. WACUHO also supports NASPA’s Regional Careers in Student Affairs Day to be held at Azusa Pacific University on October 25, 2014. I would encourage you to consider participation, by sending aspiring students and new professionals. Here is the link to their program.

NASPA also has a number of free and low cost development opportunities this month.  Check them out at here.

It will be easier for all of us to dream of our retirement: feet up, cool refreshing beverage, and maybe a novel (or binge tv watching) if we help the next generation get a strong start. Let’s continue providing the necessary scaffolding to promote student success at our institutions.  Happy October!



President Update

Hello fellow WACUHO members!

Welcome Back! Though most of us work twelve months, we seem to go into our separate worlds each summer.  It is nice to have you all back and excited for another community of students and some great professional peer interactions through WACUHO.

After a few technological glitches, and some overlapping vacations, we are getting the website updated! The website is a great resource of contact information for our leadership, corporate partners and committees. It also has our important leadership manual and bylaws.

As I mentioned last month, keep an eye out for announcements regarding the RAPS, PMI and WTI, our continuing development as housing professionals contributes to student success. And don’t forget to renew your WACUHO membership!

This is a short letter, but it is almost September and I am sure you can all appreciate the million e-mails, meetings and phone calls I need to respond to, not to mention the staff member who has been hovering by my office door for the past few minutes.  I love this time of year…and hope you do too!

Stephen Fleischer
2014-2015 WACUHO President

Greetings WACUHO!

photo (2)I’m writing with an update regarding this year’s Executive Committee.  Sunny Reiner has stepped down from the Sr. Technology  Coordinator position.  We appreciate all the work that Sunny has provided the last year and a half to the Technology position.  The Exec Committee has “promoted” our Jr. Technology Coordinator, Kyle Pretsch, to the Sr. Tech position as of December 4.  He will continue in this role through the end of the 2014/15 Executive Committee term.

Tom Burns, our Newsletter Editor, and Jason Lu, Member at Large South and former Technology Coordinator, are also providing technical support to maintain the business of WACUHO.  The new newsletter format, and updated membership information, are two recent updates that Kyle, Tom and Jason have provided.

Our Members at Large will be contacting Chief Housing Officers of our member institutions in the near future to encourage members to log into and update your membership information.  That is so we can keep you all informed of upcoming events, conferences and business updates.  Or you can follow the links in this newsletter to make the changes yourself (or forward this to someone at your institution who would like to be added to our database).

On behalf of the 2013/14 WACUHO Executive Committee, I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Ramona Hernandez
WACUHO President
UC Davis

Greetings WACUHO Members!

ramona_hernandezI hope that this message finds you all well.  The 2013/14 Executive Committee brings a wealth of experience and perspective to our work and we’ve already made some great improvements to how we communicate.  I’m very excited about our updated WAVES newsletter format, and will use it in the future to provide brief updates regarding WACUHO business.

A major project our team is working on is cleaning up our membership database.  The first step is to forward the WAVES email to anyone at your institution who would like to receive WAVES, or needs to update your membership information.  Look for more info regarding this effort by January.

I’m always interested in hearing from our membership, so if you have any questions or concerns, suggestions or creative ideas, please let me know by emailing me at

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Ramona Hernandez
WACUHO President 2013/14
UC Davis Student Housing