Mid-Level Managers Opportunity

The Mid-Level Managers Committee is excited to announce new opportunities for this upcoming year. Our enthusiastic committee is working on several strategies specifically designed to assist in continuing a learning culture for our region.

The Mid-Level Managers are a critical part of any operation. We work to listen to the folks at the top, translate the messaging, and advocate for those that we supervise.
Building on previous committee successes, this year we are looking at creating several fun and exciting opportunities at the conference. Also we are hoping to create a year-round opportunity for those who are interested.

  • First, we are working on a survey that will help us better understand the unique needs of our Mid-Level Manager population. Our hope is to better define our population and dive into the professional needs of the Mid-Level Manager.
  • Second, while on-site at the conference we hope to create a welcoming environment. Our committee discussed the importance of not overlapping or competing with other interests. With this in mind, we are finalizing a strategy to allow for strong networking that weaves into the schedule.
  • Third, we are working on creating a mentor program for our Mid-Level Managers. Our hope is that we can connect our Mid-Level Managers with more experienced Senior Housing Officers who are interested in serving in this role.

Overall, we are excited about the Mid-Level Managers committee for 2018. Please be looking for the survey that will launch in October. If you have any questions or feedback for the direction of this committee please contact John Godfrey at jgodfrey@sdsu.edu.

President’s Message


Wow – what a few months it has been.  I have been communicating with many of you around the issues of inclusion and equity, and our country has provided many opportunities to send emails out to the Association to encourage and support all of us.  Other SHOs or Presidents of Organizations ask “how often do we need to send messages out to our members/employees when these national incidents occur?”  I am often times perplexed by this question. The truth is, we need to be engaging our membership around anything in our environment that would create a situation in which our colleagues are struggling.  We need to support those members every time we see this country sending a message to them that they do not belong, or they do not matter.
Over the past month, we discussed in our August 1st facebook live some new initiatives that you’ll see at WACE 2018.  I wanted to summarize them here:

  1. One-Day drive in conference on the Sunday that WACE starts that will be low or no cost for folx to attend.  This would also be open to individuals who may not be able to register for the annual conference.  The topic will be centered around equity and inclusion.  Our main goal is to have conversations that work towards dismantling white privilege.  More details to come, but this is the direction we are going.
    1. Update:  Our Equity and Diversity Awareness committee are going to take the lead on this training.  We are very excited for this group to lead our efforts!
  2. We are committed to gender pronouns being listed on official WACE 2018 name tags.  We are currently exploring ways to do this in which trans* folx won’t feel pressure to out themselves if they choose not to.
  3. We have ensured designated gender inclusive rest rooms within the programs area for convenience.  Half our bathrooms (2 of the 4) will be gender inclusive.
    1. Our hope for the future will be 100%, and we recognize there is more work to do as an Association here, but we have begun the process of including this as part of our request for proposals from hotels.
  4. Provide blocks of ADA rooms for our members who require special needs
  5. Provide time at the annual conference for various networks of individuals with marginalized identities to gather, connect and discuss opportunities for future development efforts.  This is something we have done in the past, and it is something we have heard has been missed.
  6. We are currently seriously exploring the opportunity with our corporate partners to provide transportation (via charter bus) at low or no cost from Northern California to San Diego so that new professionals could more easily attend the annual conference and exposition.  The idea would be for the bus to leave on Saturday from Northern California so that Sunday, new professionals could participate in the drive in conference on Sunday.
  7. To help with the cost of hotels, the host committee is working on a roommate matching service that would allow professionals the opportunity to split rooms with one or three other professionals to keep costs down.  For example, if the rooms cost $200 per night, splitting with three others could bring that cost down to $50.  Over the course of four nights, this brings the cost from $800 for hotel down to $200.
  8. We are also bringing back the faculty in residence program for WACE.  We are planning on having one or two faculty in residence and once those names are confirmed we will let you know.
  9. In addition, the WACE team has been expanded and we have created a new Marketing/Registration committee to go with Host, Programs, Exhibits and Corporate partners.  Our hope is that with expanded focus on Marketing and Registration efforts, our communication will be cleaner and generate more excitement.
  10. Our goal is to have a call for program proposals out in October so that we can let people know what programs are being offered when they register for the conference.  We hope this will make it easier for people to get the professional development funds they need to support attending the conference and at the same time might allow professionals the opportunity to know what they might be interested in investing in themselves.

In addition, I have written about the negative impact our political and cultural landscape has had on various colleagues:

  • The decision to not allow transgender folx to serve in the military
  • The decision for the Justice Department to submit a brief stating that Title VII does not protect people on the basis of Sexual Orientation
  • The decision for white nationalists to march and declare white lives matter holding the symbols of privilege, tiki torches.

And although we can look at these incidents and say “that would never happen here!” The truth is we already know that WACUHO has struggled creating an inclusive environment at times for our colleagues in these identity groups as well.  One email from the association doesn’t change the reality for many members of our association.

It is our job (especially those of us with power and privilege) to work to dismantle the systemic power that is set up and designed to keep us comfortable.  We need to take risks and engage with each other and allow for conversations to happen.  bell hooks (in her book Teaching to Transgress) talks about how “engaged pedagogy necessarily values student expression.”  Often times, this value for expression only comes when it fits the ideals of keeping white folx comfortable (like when white men march with tiki torches).  We need to truly value all forms of expression – even when it means the power is threatened.  bell hooks goes on to talk about the classroom experience; “many teachers are disturbed by the political implications of a multicultural education because they fear losing control in a classroom where there is no one way to approach a subject – only multiple ways and multiple references.”  I believe in higher education and student affairs, we fear losing control in our work environments and in our organizations because we are used to there being one correct way of doing things, and so we have become complacent and comfortable.

How this manifests itself is hiring people in our departments or encouraging professionals to join our organizations and saying “you are welcome!” or “we want you to be your authentic self!”  But when someone’s authentic self makes those in power uncomfortable, they are silences, invalidated and marginalized over and over again.  As a white professional, I have seen over my 23 years (and I am a little ashamed to admit I have done this myself) how we want people to be their “authentic self” is really to engage as their “authentic WHITE, heterosexual, cisgender, male self.”  We cannot as a field continue to ask people to “show up” as their authentic selves and then turn around and criticize them for how they do this.  This is what is happening in our country, and we need to do better.  We cannot lament when our colleagues make intentional choices as to when they will engage and show up.  That is a normal coping mechanism for responding to being dehumanized on a daily basis.

But where is my hope?  I am often challenged for my dour assessment of our field and the current landscape around these issues of equity and inclusion.  Where is it I see positivity and light?  I see it in those new and younger professionals – who have eyes wide open, more so than at any other time in our history.  I see it in our mid-level managers, who have to “dance” with those making decisions above them without regard to impacting those staff with marginalized identities and then turning around and supervising staff with empathy, compassion, and caring.  And I see it in Senior Housing officers, who actively seek out alternative views and encourage dissenting viewpoints in order to make well informed decisions.  I see it in those who have served in WACUHO in the past.  Those who have challenged the status quo and have engaged behind the scenes to make this organization more inclusive.  There is a lot to be hopeful for, and it is with that hope I leave you this month – as you prepare for opening your halls or welcoming back your para-professional staff.

We, as an executive committee have been discussing this topic at every meeting we’ve had.  We see you, we hear you, and we are committed to working to overcome our own fragility and be the best Association we can be.

Tyler Miller
WACUHO President

WACE Bids for 2020

Greetings WACUHO!

We are currently seeking campuses to host the 2020 WACUHO Annual Conference & Exhibition. Bids for WACE are made two years in advance, generally alternating between north and south, with Fresno on the northern side and San Luis Obispo on the southern side. However, this is a general guideline, and we will accept bids from all interested parties. We are excited to visit San Diego in 2018, we are currently working on solidifying a Northern California conference site for 2019, and we are looking to visit a location in the central or southern parts of the region in 2020.

To ease the process for host campuses, we are partnering with Kris Finger of HelmsBriscoe to secure our conference site and hotel. Kris is a fantastic partner who is working with us to identify venues, negotiate contracts and ensure that sites meet the Host Committee and Association needs.

This means the early stages of bidding the conference as a host campus are significantly easier since we’re providing a lot of professional support in the hotel and hospitality negotiation process!  If you’re interested in being considered as a host campus, or have questions about the bidding process, please contact Kelly Cole, the Time and Place Committee Chair at timeandplace@wacuho.org by September 22, 2017.

Best wishes,
Kelly Cole, Time and Place Committee


The SRAP planning committee is pleased to announce that SRAP 2017 will be held on Saturday, November 4th at California State University, San Bernardino! We look forward to seeing the Southern Region there. Please look for more information regarding registration, program proposals and more in the upcoming WAVES. Please reach out to us via srap@wacuho.org for any questions.

Calling all heroes, we’ll see you in a flash!

-Kirsten and Shannon
SRAP Co-Chairs


WoW is excited to announce that both the SoCal and NorCal Drive-In locations for Winter 2018 have been confirmed- stay tuned for more information regarding these! Additionally, we will be continuing with the Book Club and Mentor/Mentee program. More information about both to come in September!

Join the Central RAP Committee

Are you looking for a great professional development opportunity?  Or a way to serve your community in the Central Region?  How about an opportunity to build your skills in conference planning?  Or a chance to, of course, to have a ton of fun?!?!

The Central RAP Committee is accepting volunteers to serve and would love for you to join us! Please sign up at the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRoaFggFwdC5LQkky3asftx72Bec1b6BYw0ncq3M1twMUMAw/viewform?c=0&w=1

Central RAP Chairs,
Tanya and Matt

President’s Message


It is hard to believe that 23 years ago, I was attending my first CACUHO in San Francisco.  In the past 23 years, I have watched WACUHO grow, develop and be enhanced as an Association.  So many amazing leaders have laid foundation upon which this year’s executive committee hopes to build on.  I want to start by saying thank you to those of you who have served WACUHO in the past, by giving your time, leadership, and mentorship!

The new executive committee has met twice already, with our next meeting on July 21st.  We have been posting our Agendas and action items on the website for you to see.  If you look at the “News and Updates” section of our website, you will see the latest information to be released.   The Agenda for the July 21st meeting has already posted here.

We are excited to try out new technologies and felt really good about our Facebook live time on the WACUHO Family and Friends page.  Our next one is scheduled for Noon on Tuesday, August 1st.  Grab your lunch and join us!  If you have things you wish for me to discuss, or suggestions, email me at president@wacuho.org.

As you have seen with our recent announcement here, our major focus this year is on Equity and Inclusion.  You will continue to see new initiatives as we roll them out.  In addition, we will be focusing on other areas as well:

  • The development of an Assessment and Research Committee
  • A workgroup to look at a 10 year financial plan
  • A workgroup to look at our corporate partners structure and recommend changes

Nationally, a lot of discussion is happening around inclusion, and the concept of authenticity.  A lot of time when we (as a field) discuss being our authentic selves, it can tend to marginalize those colleagues with marginalized identities because they do not feel the freedoms those of us with privileged identities feel.  I posted on the Facebook page the story of a former WACUHO Member, Dr. Jonathan Higgins.  If you are unfamiliar with this story, it is a critical incident for us to discuss as a field.  It really is the difference between wanting diversity and valuing equity and inclusion.  Here is a good place to start: https://medium.com/@JGoldenBattle/an-open-letter-to-naspas-kevin-kruger-6c9f76b148d6

We need to be discussing these incidents as an association.  We need to be listening and stepping outside our comfort zones, especially as white professionals with power.

If you haven’t yet considered what to do with your professional develop plan for the upcoming year, I strongly encourage you to consider putting WACUHO 2018 on your agenda.  We will be in San Diego, March 25-28th.  Be on the lookout next month as we announce some changes to our Annual Conference and Exposition, that we believe will help facilitate the kind of conversations we need to be having as an Association and as a field to make us all better professionals, work to eliminate the hurt and harm our actions may cause, and continue to create a truly inclusive Association and field for all colleagues to feel like they can be a part of.  We know going to these conferences costs money and sometimes requires personal financial investment.  We are currently working on ways in which we can alleviate some costs and help people get to the conference, spend the night at the conference and enjoy the conference who might not have the opportunity to do that in the past.  More to come on that, but be on the lookout!

With that, I send you back to your summer.  For many the belief is our summers are quiet – but we know summer work is different – most of us have started or are about to start training (I see us quarter schools!) Things are always busy in our worlds.  Make sure you take time to take care of yourself.  Thank you again for being a part of our great association!!!

Tyler Miller
WACUHO President


Are you in the Southern Region and interested in getting involved? Coming to a school near you… 2017 SRAP is looking for additional committee members to join our team! Please fill out the committee interest form and contact us to get in the loop or for more information. Let’s make SRAP 2017 spectacular! Please be on the lookout in the next couple of WAVES for more details and updates on SRAP. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at srap@wacuho.org.


Shannon DeCormier, Co-Chair
Kirsten Levine, Co-Chair
Kate Hsieh, MAL-South

Message from WACE 2018 Leadership Team

Message from WACE 2018 Leadership Team

  • Keeping in mind the plans and goals set during our transition meeting back in June, the WACE Leadership team has developed the following mission statement to help guide our plans for an impactful conference: “The WACE 2018 Conference aims to REACH the diversity of WACUHO membership and engage in professional development that sparks curiosity, inspires growth, and fosters an environment of thriving inclusivity” 
  • Please begin brainstorming your program ideas as our call for programs will be moved up this year – deadline announcement to be confirmed and set in the WAVEs issue

Transition Meeting – not pictured are Margarita Malagon and Mel deVivar