Each delegation would be responsible for creating and implementing a sustainability project on their individual campus or in their local community. The intent is for this to be an original project, although it is fine to expand or bring greater visibility to an existing campus effort. For example, the delegation could create a campaign in their area to get residents to monitor and limit the amount of time they spend in the shower each day to decrease water usage, or to educate residential students about recycling/composting efforts. Once change has been enacted, students will create a poster to display at the conference to describe their specific effort and visible results of their efforts.

Philanthropy Award Guidelines:

  • Impactful project on campus  was showcased/ conducted by the delegation (new or existing programs or projects are welcome)
  • Engaged students in concrete actions to move their campus or community in a more sustainable direction
  • Delegates publicized their effort via the NRAP hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (#sustainablechangeNRAP). Including posting the beginning, middle, and end of the project (3 total posts)
  • Delegates created a poster (refer to poster guidelines) for the poster session describing their project and its impact

Philanthropy Poster Point Guideline:



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