Northern RAP Call for Programs and Roundtables

Northern RAP is a one-day professional development conference experience for paraprofessional, graduate, and professional staff and leaders within residential life and housing throughout the Northern region of WACUHO. In addition to connecting with others from different institutions in the region, we hope participants have the opportunity through their NRAP experience to learn new ideas and foster greater spirit for their positions and the work occurring on their respective campuses. Presenting a program or hosting a roundtable is both a privilege and a professional development opportunity to demonstrate the practical application of your experience with residential student success. Students and professionals can use this opportunity to establish dialogue and / or share best practices surrounding current issues and trends in residential life, housing, and higher education. To help make this day a dynamic learning experience, we invite you to submit a program or roundtable proposal to contribute to the learning and growth of students and professionals.

Conference Theme: Dancing with Change

Stand boldly in the face of change and in a world of change and disruption, we can hold onto old ways of doing business or, as a British philosopher once observed, “plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.”


Program and Roundtable Types

To help ensure an NRAP experience with varied learning opportunities for participants, we are looking for programs and roundtables falling within the categories outlined below.

  • Educational: promoting and encouraging student learning in and out of the classroom
  • Social: fostering relationship and community building in a wide-range of communities
  • Safety / Wellness / Living Styles: sharing knowledge, tools, and resources to promote safety and wellness
  • Diversity / Social Justice: building one’s awareness and knowledge of diversity and social justice to help foster greater understanding of others and create more inclusive communities
  • Creativity: encouraging and modeling innovative thinking to how resident education, programs, and advertising is implemented
  • Professional / Personal Development: sharing resources, advice, and skills to prepare students and professionals for the next stage in their life or career


Programs can be skills-based workshops, presentations of successful programs on your campus, or an activity that facilitates learning, engagement, and development for participants. Past programs have addressed different topics such as inclusive language, financial planning, advertising, collaborative programming, microagressions, building green communities, establishing boundaries, and practicing self-care.


Roundtable sessions are open discussions to be led by a “host” that moderates the conversation and provides input and direction when necessary. This allows participants in the session to engage in an ongoing dialogue about the topic being facilitated. Past roundtables have included some topics such as homesickness, building community on the weekend, work balance, and cultural appropriation.


Professional Staff Track

To provide learning opportunities for our graduate and professional staff participants at NRAP, we will continue to offer a Professional Staff Track that consists of programs and roundtables that run concurrently with other programs throughout the day. These programs and roundtables would include topics that address different aspects and roles of professionals within the field. Should you have a program or roundtable session that would target graduate or professional staff specifically, please note Graduate / Professional Staff under the Target Audience selection.



The Program Proposal deadline is Friday, 10/27 by 11:59pm by the following form:

The Program Committee plans to notify everyone of their proposal status via email by 5:00pm on Monday, October 30th.

Please email Josh Parker ( or Kevin Speer ( if you have any questions.

Program Submissions are now closed. Presenter updates will be e-mailed.