Want to Host a Student Leader Drive-In?

Great News!

You are considering Hosting a regional student leader drive-in (formally called RAPs). There are many benefits to hosting an SLD which include institutional pride, a chance to show off your campus, Student/Staff networking, and strengthening workshop work relationships with other departments on your campus. Before you commit your institution to the huge commitment, a few considerations:

  • Gather Institutional Support
    • Talk with Supervisors and upper administration about feasibility
    • Review essentials to hosting with supervisor and upper administration
  • Support
    • Volunteers (it’s strongly recommended that you have volunteers from your campus to assist with the tasks and projects leading up to, and on the day of, the SRAP event. Between 15-30 volunteers are recommended)
    • Gather a host committee (working collaboratively with the SRAP Committee chairperson and Committee Host Liaison, which is usually a committee member from the host institution)
  • Location
    • Large Venue – is capable of seating 500 or more people
    • Break-out rooms (10-20 for program sessions – seating up to 25)
  • Institutional Services
    • Catering/Dining
    • Technology
    • Parking
  • Responsibilities
    • Secure all venues/facilities on your campus
    • Make arrangement with your university dining/catering staff for conferee meals
    • Coordinate registration location
    • Confirm all room reservations
    • Secure parking passes
    • Confirm volunteers for preconference and day of conference tasks
    • Secure A/V needs (operators, equipment and room assignments)
    • Assign registration staff for conference opening (including greeters)
    • Have all signage and directions prepared (room signs, etc)
    • Clear and concise notes from meetings and any useful information that will be shared with future SLDs and/or conferences

Sound good? Don’t shy away because you are the people that keep the SLDs going. WACUHO is very appreciating of all of the volunteers. Should you decide to take on the responsibility of hosting the SLD, please complete the WACUHO Regional SLD Conference Host School Responsibilities Acknowledgement Form provided.

Welcome to the Family!

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