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Did You Miss the Annual Business Meeting (ABM)?

Don’t worry, you can catch up on everything you missed right here.

ABM Minutes Summary

Climate Survey Recommendations 

What is the WACUHO Annual Business Meeting?

The WACUHO Annual Business Meeting is the time in which housing professionals across our region come together to discuss the association business.  All professionals are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate (and speak) at the business meeting!

In terms of action items and voting, one member per each member school will vote, and is usually designated by the most senior level housing officer who is attending the conference.  If you are the only professional from your school attending WACE, please make it a priority to attend the business meeting, as you will get to vote for your school.  Make sure to consult with your senior level housing professional on your campus to see if they have input on matters of the vote, elections, etc.

The business meeting is comprised of some key action items as listed below. Documents associated with specific action items have been linked below.

Keep checking back on this site as we add various information ahead of time (such as potential by-law changes, budgets, and the actual agenda!)

If you have questions, please feel free to email president@wacuho.org for more information.

Join us for the 62nd Annual WACUHO Business Meeting
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
St. Tropez Room

You can also join the Business Meeting online via Zoom. Just click on this link:





2018-2019 Executive Committee Candidates

The Nominations Committee is pleased to present to you our slate of officer candidates for the 2018-19 Executive Committee.  The election of officers will be held at this year’s annual business meeting on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 3:15pm in the St. Tropez Room at the San Diego Hilton Hotel and Resort.  Below you will see the link to the candidate statements on our WACUHO webpage.

Please note:

  • The following officer positions are open for election this year:  President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Members-at-Large North, Central, and South.  The Treasurer is a two-year position elected in April 2017; Jenna Hazelton’s term will end June 30, 2019.
  • Appointed positions are not selected through the election process; rather, they are appointed by the Executive Committee.  These positions are the two Technology Coordinators and the Marketing & Communications Coordinator.  Each of these positions is a two-year appointment; this year the Executive Committee will appoint one Technology Coordinator.
  • Membership in WACUHO is institutional. Thus, each member institution gets one vote for each of the executive officer slates open for 2018-19.
    • Each campus will have one representative who may vote at the business meeting.  Typically, this is the Senior Housing Officer or their designee.  WACUHO does not manage this designee process – each campus should decide this.
    • SHOs/campuses are encouraged to set a process for deciding which candidate will be selected in each officer position; some do this by caucusing at the conference prior to the business meeting, others determine these decisions prior to the conference.  Even though it is one vote per campus, each campus has responsibility for determining how their vote is decided.  For slates with more than two candidates, campuses are encouraged to consider second and third choice candidates in the event a run off occurs and their first-choice candidate is not in the run-off vote.

 Please review officer candidates and their statements for 2018-19 at this link:  http://wacuho.org/about/executive-committee/wacuho-executive-committee-election-for-2018-2019/

 We are grateful to our Candidates!  Please join the Executive and the Nominations Committees in appreciating the commitment and enthusiasm for our Association represented in each candidate’s decision to run for office along with their willingness to serve WACUHO!  As a volunteer association, our success depends on the leadership and dedication of our regional professionals!


Cindy Derrico
Yoo Mi Choi
Robert Frazier
Julia Rose

WACUHO Nominations Committee