WACUHO Task Force on Equity and Inclusion


The mission of the WACUHO Task Force on Equity and Inclusion is to hold the president accountable for ensuring all members feel welcome and have a voice in our organization. In addition, the Task Force should advise the President and the Association on ways to further celebrate, honor, and create an equitable, inclusive, and diverse environment for our Association members. By doing this, it ensures the Association allows for all professionals to feel welcome and have a voice in the leadership of the organization.


This position is currently vacant, please see the message from our President, Dave Keller;

Reminder and Deadline: Call for Statements of Interest in the Chairship for the Task Force on Equity and Inclusion

WACUHO is seeking a committed professional from among the membership to assume the Chairship for the Task Force on Equity and Inclusion. This would be a two year commitment of your time. As a member of the Executive Board, in addition to leading the Task Force, you would be expected to participate in monthly Zoom meetings, attend and participate in a two day in-person meeting at UC Santa Cruz in October, a three day in-person meeting at a location in southern California (tbd) in January, and of course attend and actively participate in WACE each year. Most travel costs would be paid by WACUHO (except for WACE attendance) but please insure that your supervisor / institution support you applying for, and potentially serving in this role as some institutional support of non-covered costs can be anticipated, and you would need time away from your on campus role for the work of the task force and the meetings.

If you are interested in being considered for appointment to the Chairship, please submit a statement of interest to WACUHO President Dave Keller, at dckeller@ucsc.edu by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

In your statement, please articulate what you would hope to accomplish during your term of leadership of the task force, what areas of Equity and Inclusion you would like the Task Force to focus on, and what you see as the role of the Chair of the Task Force. Please also feel free to provide any other information about your candidacy that would help us to evaluate your statement of interest.

The Task Force has already completed some excellent work, and this is an opportunity bring your leadership skills to the role and lead the efforts to expand and build upon that foundation!

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To find out more about the responsibilities of the committee, please go here.

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