Duties of the President-Elect

From WACUHO Leadership Manual
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Incoming President-Elect or designee to attend the ACUHO-I Leadership Assembly. With continued ACUHO-I affiliation, The ACUHO-I Foundation Representative, appointed by the President and agreed upon by the Executive Committee, is a two year commitment. The incumbent will represent WACUHO as a regional cabinet member for the Foundation.

  1. In the absence of the President, assume the duties of that office.
  2. Chair Awards and Recognition Committee.
  3. In collaboration with the Executive Committee, update, and edit the Leadership Manual. Provide regular updates to on line document as needed.
  4. Act as organizer and leader at orientation meetings for new committee chairs at the Annual Conference and Exposition.
  5. Represent the Association at selected regional meetings, conferences, and workshops.
  6. Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee.
  7. Accept delegated responsibilities.
  8. Begin working with the selected host institution for the next Annual Conference and Exposition.
  9. Represent WACUHO at the Regional President's Meeting at ACE (historically the Saturday prior to the start of the conference, in June or July)