Duties of the Secretary

From WACUHO Leadership Manual
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  1. Record and report the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Committee and distribute the minutes within 30 days of each meeting to all Executive Committee members. Note: Distribution to chairs and CHOs may be augmented if publication within the Newsletter or distribution at the Annual Conference and Exposition is within the 30-day period.
  2. Send approved minutes of Executive Committee meetings to Webmaster for posting on the WACUHO website.
  3. Send relevant documents from Executive Committee meetings to Historian for record keeping.
  4. Record Association action items.
  5. In conjunction with the Nominations Committee Chair, register all members at the Annual Conference and Exposition Business meeting to establish a quorum.
  6. Coordinate and communicate, in conjunction with the Newsletter Editor, a master calendar of Association activities and committee meetings.
  7. Accept delegated responsibilities and liaison assignments.
  8. Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee.
  9. Represent the Association at selected regional meetings, conferences, and workshops.
  10. Directly involved with the activities of various committee, as assigned during the Executive Committee Transition Meeting.