Duties of the Treasurer

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  1. Act as the primary custodian of the Association funds.
  2. Pays all obligations of the Association within 10 days of receiving a check request.
  3. Authorize, solely or in consultation with the Association President, payments from Association funds.
  4. Provide for a review or an audit of financial records and accounts for all funds to the membership, Executive Committee and Finance Advisory Committee.
  5. Open and maintain accounts in the name of the Association in federally-insured institutions.
  6. Open and maintain credit card receiving accounts in the name of the Association.
  7. Invest association funds in accordance with the By-Laws.
  8. Provide the Executive Committee with a proposed budget, with the leadership of the President, at the winter Executive Committee meeting for the next fiscal year.
  9. Direct the collection of annual dues from member institutions, corporate partners, and other entities as approved by the Executive Committee.
  10. Conduct all corporate affiliate negotiations and mediation processes with concurrence of the President, Executive Committee and Corporate Relations committee.
  11. Review, on a monthly basis, accounts maintained in the name of the Association and provides the Executive Committee with monthly updates via e-mail or fax.
  12. Provides a thorough quarterly financial report to the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Finance Advisory Committee within one month of the close of the quarter, or at the next Executive Committee Meeting, whichever is earlier.
  13. Provides a thorough year-end report by September 1st each year to the Executive Committee and to the Chair of the Finance Advisory Committee.
  14. Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee.
  15. Represent the Association at selected regional meetings, conferences, and workshops.
  16. Accept delegated responsibilities.
  17. Oversee and coordinate all financial transactions, requests, and initial budgets from committee chairs, in collaboration with the Executive Committee.
  18. Directly involved with the activities of the following committees: Finance Advisory, Corporate Relations and those assigned during the Executive Committee Transition meeting.
  19. Works with a certified public accountant or accounting firm to complete all tax forms (form 199 and 990) and the Statement by Domestic Nonprofit Corporation form for the Association.
  20. After end of term, work with incoming treasurer on review booking practices, transition files, and transfer accounts to new account custodians. Be available to future treasurer to participate in financial audit of financial records during his or her term by certified public accountant.