Final Budget Form

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  1. Complete the Actual column on the Budget Form to report actual revenue, if applicable, and expenditures at the close of a conference/workshop.
  2. Reconciliation of the budget should be carried out in a timely manner to facilitate year-end closing and tax reporting of the WACUHO accounts by the Association Treasurer.
    1. Prepare a final conference attendee roster and reconcile against registration payments. Update records with any registration payments collected at the conference.
    2. Prepare a list of all expenses categorized by type of expense (e.g. Annual Conference and Exposition, Host, Program or Exhibits, or for all other conferences use line items on budget form).
    3. Request a list of all registration payments and paid expenses from the Treasurer in order to reconcile and confirm that the final budget is accurate.
    4. Include approved Association or Program reserve funds, Corporate Relations Gold Plan monies and individual or institution donations in your final budget.
  3. After verification by the Association Treasurer, the chair will receive a copy of the reconciled Final Budget Form.
  4. A copy of the Final Budget Form should be included in the Annual Report to the Vice President.