R.W. Gang Award Nomination Form

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The purpose of this award is to provide special recognition to a corporate friend of WACUHO who has, through their dedication to our profession and WACUHO, made significant contributions to the Western Association of College and University Housing Officers.


  • Nominations may be submitted by any housing professional from any currently active WACUHO member
  • Three letters of recommendation must support each nomination
  • The nominee must be a current corporate partner of WACUHO. Status of corporate partnership may be determined by contacting Corporate Relations Chair
  • Dedication to our profession
  • Dedication to WACUHO
  • Has demonstrated willingness to volunteer to assist the members of the Association whenever needed.
  • A positive role model to university WACUHO members and WACUHO corporate friends

NOTE: This award will go to an individual, not a company or corporation

Name of Nominee_________________________________________________________

Company or Corporation___________________________________________________

Name of Nominator_______________________________________________________


Phone ( ) ___________________ E-mail______________________________

Deadline for submitting nomination by e-mail is DUE DATE Deadline for submitting letters of recommendation by e-mails DUE DATE Deadline for submitting nomination form and letters of recommendation by mail is DUE DATE

  • Please list names and addresses of the persons who will be writing letters of recommendations.
  • Letters of recommendation should include specific contributions made by the nominee to WACUHO.
  • Please send nomination form and letter of recommendations to: