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The Technology and Information Systems Coordinator assists in managing the technological needs and services of the Association. Primary areas of responsibility are the WACUHO Membership Database and the Association website.

The Technology and Information Systems Coordinator serves as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and works closely with the President and the Treasurer. The commitment is a two-year term starting INSERT DATE.

Criteria for Position:

  1. Employment by current WACUHO member institution.
  2. Travel to Executive Committee meetings throughout the year (assistance with travel costs are provided by WACUHO).
  3. Commitment to a two-year term, starting in INSERT DATE.
  4. Understanding of information technology and database management. Ability to utilize a variety of software to manage and update websites and online database systems.


The Technology and Information Systems Coordinator must submit an application to the current Executive Committee for consideration. Based on the applications, the Executive Committee will appoint the Technology and Information Systems Coordinator. Please submit applications via email or post-mail by INSERT DATE to:

WACUHO President



Please provide the following information on:

  1. Name
  2. Title/Position
  3. Member Institution
  4. Address, Phone, email
  5. Summary of WACUHO (or any other regional/national/international association) Affiliation/Involvement (including committees and years of involvement)

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you interested in the Technology Coordinator position?
  2. WACUHO has increasingly relied on the use of technology as an avenue to distribute information. What past involvement have you had with producing and managing websites? What software/systems have you used?
  3. The Technology Coordinator serves as a liaison between technical consultants and the Association. While a computer programming background is not necessary, the Coordinator will need to be adaptable in learning new software systems, and in understanding (or quickly learning) basic technical jargon. Please describe your comfort level with learning new systems, and share with us software/systems you have used recently that are probably not utilized by the majority of our membership, and how you used those systems.
  4. What do you see as pressing technology issues for the Association?
  5. Please share any additional comments or information pertinent to your experience, interest and/or concerns in applying to the Technology Coordinator position?

Please submit applications via email or post-mail by INSERT DATE to:

WACUHO President