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Executive Committee

  • President: president@wacuho.org
  • President-Elect: presidentelect@wacuho.org
  • Vice President: vicepresident@wacuho.org
  • Secretary: secretary@wacuho.org
  • Treasurer: treasurer@wacuho.org
  • Member-at-Large North: northmal@wacuho.org
  • Member-at-Large Central: centralmal@wacuho.org
  • Member-at-Large South: southmal@wacuho.org
  • Marketing and Communications Coordinator: communications@wacuho.org
  • Technology and Information Systems Coordinator: tech@wacuho.org

Committee Chairs

(Note: email addresses for all unfilled committees are forwarded to tech@wacuho.org)

  • Academic Relations & Residential Life: academicrelations@wacuho.org
  • Annual Conference and Exposition: annualconference@wacuho.org
  • Apartment & Community Living: apartments@wacuho.org
  • Awards & Recognition: (presidentelect@wacuho.org)
  • By-Laws: (vicepresident@wacuho.org)
  • Conference Services: conferenceservices@wacuho.org
  • Corporate Relations: corporaterelations@wacuho.org
  • Diversity and Affirmative Action: daachair@wacuho.org
  • Exhibits and Displays: exhibitschair@wacuho.org
  • Facilities: facilities@wacuho.org
  • Finance Advisory: finance@wacuho.org
  • Historian: historian@wacuho.org
  • Host: hostchair@wacuho.org
  • Legislative Affairs/Research & Information: legislative@wacuho.org
  • New Professionals: newpros@wacuho.org
  • Nominations: nominations@wacuho.org
  • Program: programschair@wacuho.org
  • RAP Central: c-rap@wacuho.org Island
  • RAP Island: irap@wacuho.org
  • RAP Northern: nrap@wacuho.org
  • RAP Southern: srap@wacuho.org
  • Religious and Spiritual Issues: religious@wacuho.org
  • Strategic Planning Task Force:
  • Substance Abuse Task Force: substanceabuse@wacuho.org
  • Technology and Information Systems: techandinfo@wacuho.org
  • Time and Place: timeandplace@wacuho.org
  • Western Training Institute: wti@wacuho.org
  • Women of WACUHO: wow@wacuho.org
  • Webmaster: webmaster@wacuho.org

Other E-mails

  • info@wacuho.org – The e-mail address WACUHO announcements are sent from. It is checked frequently, but not daily, so it is not the best e-mail to use to contact WACUHO. You should make sure that your institution recognizes this e-mail as NOT junk or spam or you will miss important WACUHO announcements
  • corporatepartner@wacuho.org – As part of the Corporate Partner Plan, Gold and Silver level corporate partners are allowed to send one e-mail to our membership per year. These e-mails are sent through our e-mail service, using the corporatepartner@wacuho.org e-mail address. Our corporate partners are a valuable part of our WACUHO family, so please also make sure that your institution recognizes this e-mail is not junk or spam or you will miss important announcements and offers from our corporate partners.
  • directory@wacuho.org – Contact this e-mail address with questions/concerns about the membership directory or to order membership labels.
  • feedback@wacuho.org – Contact this e-mail address with feedback, comments, or technical issues regarding the WACUHO website.
  • survey@wacuho.org – From time to time, WACUHO conduct surveys of our membership. You may utilize this e-mail to contact the individual coordinating the survey.