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Create a PDF of the Leadership Manual

Create a PDF of the Leadership Manual

How to use the Leadership Manual

The 2017-2018 Executive Committee would like to welcome you to the leadership manual. It works just like Wikipedia, but if you need a starting point, look at the Table of Contents. There you can find links to the individual articles of the leadership manual. Or you can simply use the search box at the top right and search for a topic; it will return two sets of results, the first being a search of the article titles, and then a search of the text of all the articles.

This manual is only as good as the edits it receives. If there are changes you'd like to see, send an email to

Section I: WACUHO

  1. Mission
  2. Purpose
  3. Goals
  4. Inclusivity Statement & Agreement
  5. Photo Release Statement & Agreement
  6. WACUHO Naming Guidelines
  7. Whistleblower Statement

Section II: Policies and Fees

  1. Alcohol Beverage Policy
  2. Awards Policy
  3. Awards and Award History
  4. Committee Membership
  5. Committee Responsibilities
  6. Communication Policy
  7. Exhibitor Present Policy
  8. Fees - Advertising
  9. Fees – Corporate Partnership
  10. Fees – Institutional Membership
  11. Mailing Label Policy
  12. Professional Courtesy Policy
  13. Publication Subscription Policy
  14. Reserve Fund Policy
  15. Smoking Policy
  16. Sponsorship Policy
  17. WACE Discounts Policy
  18. Website Development Policy

Section III: Committee Chair Guidelines and Descriptions

Programming Committees

  1. RAPs: Central, Northern, Southern & Island
  2. Mid-Level Managers Network (formerly Pacific Management Institute)

Operational Committees

  1. Awards & Recognition Committee
  2. Finance Advisory Committee
  3. Historian For The Association
  4. Nominations Committee
  5. Strategic Planning Task Force (ad hoc committee)
  6. Time And Place Committee

WACUHO Annual Conference and Exposition

  1. Annual Conference & Exposition
  2. Corporate Relations Committee
  3. Exhibits & Displays Committee
  4. Host Committee
  5. Program Committee

Affinity Committees

  1. Equity & Diversity Awareness
  2. New Professionals Committee
  3. Religious & Spiritual Issues
  4. Women of WACUHO
  5. ACUHO-I Foundation Representative

Inactive Committees

  1. Academic Relations & Res Life
  2. Apartment & Community Living
  3. Archivist For The Association
  4. By-Laws Committee
  5. Career Development Committee
  6. Conference Services
  7. Facilities Committee
  8. Food Services
  9. Judicial Affairs Committee
  10. Legislative Affairs / Research & Info
  11. Student Conduct
  12. Substance Abuse Task Force
  13. Support Services
  14. Sustainability Initiatives
  15. Technology & Information Systems
  16. Webmaster
  17. Western Training Institute

Section IV: Executive Committee

  1. Executive Committee Responsibilities
  2. Liaison Responsibilities
  3. Travel Policy

Duties of the Executive Committee

  1. Duties of the President
  2. Duties of the President-Elect
  3. Duties of the Vice President
  4. Duties of the Secretary
  5. Duties of the Treasurer
  6. Duties of the Members-At-Large
  7. Duties of the Technology Coordinator
  8. Duties of the Newsletter Editor

Section V: Financial Guidelines

  1. Financial Guidelines
    1. Refund Policy
    2. Proposed Budget
    3. Approved Budget
    4. Final Budget Form
    5. Check Requests
    6. Cash Advances
    7. Personal Services Performed
    8. Credit Card Guidelines
    9. Deposit Form Guidelines
    10. Programmatic Committee Receptions
    11. Invoices And Receipts
  2. Corporate Partner Guidelines
  3. Financial Forms
    1. Travel Reimbursement Request
    2. Budget Form
    3. Check Request
    4. Corporate Relations Sponsorship Request Form
    5. Deposit Form
    6. Personal Services Performed Contract
    7. Reserve Funds Request

Section VI: Appendix

  1. WACUHO E-Mail Directory
  2. Committee Annual Report – Recommended Format
  3. Charles L. Miller Leadership And Service Award Nomination Form
  4. R.W. Gang Award Nomination Form
  5. Outstanding WACUHO Volunteer Of The Year Award
  6. WACUHO Diversity And Affirmative Action Annual Conference Award
  7. Rap Host Institution Responsibilities And Chair Responsibilities
  8. Intention To Attend An Out-Of-Region Rap Form
  9. Requesting Interpreting Services
  10. How To Host Green Meetings/Conferences
  11. WAVES Marketing and Communications Coordinator
  12. Technology and Information Systems Coordinator Application
  13. Executive/Committee Chair Position Calendar

Section VII: By-Laws


Section VIII: Documents

  1. Annual Conference & Exposition History
  2. WACUHO History

Article Sources and Contributors


Image Sources, Licenses, and Contributors

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