Hello, WoW!

Welcome to the website of Women of WACUHO (WoW)!

We are are excited to launch a website dedicated to the WoW group and hope that it will help WoW best serve the needs of our members.

WoW was formed as a WACUHO Committee 2014 in response to the need for an affinity group that represented the interests of women members in the region. The goal of WoW was to amplify the voices of this subgroup and to mobilize to create opportunities within the region.  In the past few years, WoW has offered professional development opportunities like regional Drive-In Conferences, a mentor program, and has offered scholarships/awards to WACE.

As WoW moves forward, the Tri-Chairs and WoW Committee continue to develop programs and initiatives based on the needs of our community.

Our 2016-2017 Goals

As active members of WoW and of the WACUHO region, members will:

  • Take ownership of own experiences and ally-ship of other women.
  • Articulate knowledge about other identities and intersectionality of identity.
  • Explore self-identity and critically think about the various forms of womanhood.