Organizational Infrastructure

Current Challenges:    

From assessment data and focus group discussions the Strategic Planning Task Force has determined that:

  • Overall, our membership assessment reveals that the current infrastructure is antiquated and has remained essentially unchanged for almost thirty to forty years
  • The committee chairs indicate the committee structure and areas appear to lack some relevancy.
  • The role of Equity and Diversity Awareness (E&DA) committee in meeting the different needs of Affinity groups within the Association,
  • Many members report communication structures that were developed twenty to thirty years ago that remain unchanged and seem ineffective for our work today.
    • Examples of this would include the way the Leadership Manual is communicated and how we go about selecting host sites for the Annual Conference and Exposition.
  • According to our assessment data, there is more work to be done than the human resources available within the organization.
    • An example of this would include the Executive Treasurer position. Past executive committee members and treasurers report that the responsibilities of the position are unsustainable.
  • Although we are financially stable, there is no long-term comprehensive financial plan to invest in supporting the mission, vision, and purpose of WACUHO.
  • The current economic climate makes it difficult for members to travel to programs, committee meetings, and conferences, and our previous structure was dependent on that support.
  • Our relationship with ACUHO-I needs to be discussed and decisions need to be made about what an affiliation, consolidation and/or partnership with ACUHO-I looks like that will benefit our Association.

Desired Outcome:   

Transformation of our organizational infrastructure to maximize the effectiveness of our available resources

Key Indicators:  

  • Comprehensive long term financial plan
  • Equity & Diversity Awareness committee structure (affinity groups)
  • Executive Committee positions
    • Member at Large positions
    • Treasurer position
  • Finance Advisory Committee annual recommendations
  • Home campus or ACUHO-I support
  • Membership database
  • Membership structure and fees (institution vs. individual)
  • Overall committee structure and composition

Organizational Infrastructure Objectives (In Priority Order):

Key Indicator Objective Task Force Priority Vision Area Implementation
Home campus or ACUHO-I support Investigate and implement strategies for creating a centralized office for WACUHO related work by either utilizing a member campus or resources provided by ACUHO-I. Determine what, if any, functions and processes can migrate to this new administrative process Immediate 2,4
Overall committee structure and composition Evaluate all WACUHO committees for relevancy. Close, reorganize or create committees to better reflect organizational needs and desired impact. Immediate 1, 2, 3, 4
Finance Advisory Committee annual recommendations Implement and/or incorporate annual recommendations of the Finance Advisory Committee into the Strategic Plan Long-range 1,2
Membership structure and fees (institution vs. individual) The membership structure and fee system needs to be assessed so that it reflects long-term financial goals and values of association. Immediate  1,2
Equity & Diversity Awareness (E&DA) committee structure (affinity groups) Evaluate E&DA to be consistent with revised committee structure Mid-range  1,2,3,4
Membership database Create a comprehensive annual membership database that can be shared among all WACUHO members for better networking and tracking purposes. Mid-range  2,3
Executive Committee positions Evaluate Member-at-Large positions to be consistent with overall committee structure and composition Mid-range  3, 4
Executive Committee positions Evaluate the job responsibilities and length of service of all WACUHO executive positions with special attention to the Treasurer position. Mid-range  4
Comprehensive long term financial plan Develop a sustainable long term financial plan that supports the reorganization of WACUHO membership, committee, and administrative structures Mid-range 1,2
Comprehensive long term financial plan Provide a framework of Corporate Partner funding, and management practices for the Reserve Fund. Mid-range 1,2



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